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1 Nickname(s)

2 尼克的名字 Knicks’ Name?

3 What’s a Nickname? 綽號﹐外號; 諢名


5 你自己有什麼綽號﹐外號(包括英文名字)? 家裡的人都叫你什麼呢?
What is your nickname? 你自己有什麼綽號﹐外號(包括英文名字)? 家裡的人都叫你什麼呢?

6 Importance of Nicknames
假如有人問你: “What is your name?” 你會回: “My name is Hsieh-Jen Tseng(曾謝仁)” 95% 的時間他會答: “What? Can you repeat that?” 今天如果是一個帥哥或美女這樣問也就算了,但如果每個人都這樣問,你會不會累? 當他回: “What? Can you repeat that?” 你就可以說: “My nickname is ________.”

7 Warm-up Activity 熱身活動 In any language you want (用英文最好,但用中文也行)
Share your nickname with the person next to you (英文名字也算是綽號) Write down what you and your desk mate’s nicknames are. ie. “My name is Chia-Chin and my nickname is Panda. His name is 凱文 and his nickname is The Rock.” Be prepared to tell me “What is your nickname?”

8 What is your nickname? “My name is ______ and my nickname is ______.”
“His/Her name is ____ and his/her nickname is _____.”

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