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Planes, ships and trains

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1 Planes, ships and trains
Module 4 Planes, ships and trains

2 He lives the farthest from school.
Unit 1 He lives the farthest from school.

3 比一比,看谁能快速说出下面的单词。 road n. 路; (尤指) 公路 accident n. 交通事故; 意外事件

4 classmate n. 同班同学

5 Learn more new words. except prep. 除……之外 e.g. I like every subject except math. 除了数学我每个学科都喜欢。 choice n. 选择 e.g. They may have no choice. 他们可能没有别的选择。

6 far adv. 远;遥远 adj. 远的;遥远的 e.g. He took his journey into a far country. 他到一个遥远的国家去旅行。 How far can you throw? 你能扔多远? 短语 far from 远离 e.g. The school is far from my home. 学校里离我家很远。

7 close adj. (距离上)近的;接近的 adv. (距离上)接近地 e.g. The church is close to the school. 教堂在学校附近。 They live quite close. 他们住得很近。

8 crowded adj. 拥挤的; 人数过多的 e.g. It is so crowded that there is not even stand room. 挤得几乎没有站立的地方。

9 all the time 一直;不断地 e.g. He is a businessman all the time. 他一直是个生意人。

10 Work in pairs How do you go to school?

11 bus Look at the pictures, and say something about the pictures.
My father goes to work by bus.

12 bike Most of our classmates go to school by bike. It’s very cheap.

13 train It’s the fastest train in the world. It’s modern.

14 taxi Mum often goes to work by taxi. It’s the most comfortable way.

15 ship The Blacks are going to travel to London by ship.

16 underground Many people take the underground to work. It’s crowded. subway

17 plane They travel to Beijing by plane. It’s the most expensive way.

18 Listen and read.

19 Now complete the table. Ways to go to school Betty Tony Lingling Daming by bus by underground walk / on foot by bus

20 Language points 1. Maybe I should go to school by taxi. 或许我应该坐出租车去上学。
任何冠词)连用,意思是“乘、坐”。 例如:travel by train/car/ship/ underground/boat/bus/taxi 乘火车/汽车/轮船/地铁/小船/ 公交车/出租车出行

21 形容词、副词的最高级 两者比较用形容词或副词的比较级,当我 们要将三个或以上的事物进行比较时,要用它 们的最高级。例如:
1. Lingling’s home is the closest to school. 玲玲家离学校最近。(形容词的最高级前要用the) 2. It is the most comfortable way but it’s the most expensive. 这是最舒适的方式,同时也是最贵的方式。

22 3. Tony lives farthest from school. 托尼住 得离学校最远。(副词的最高级前可以 不用the)
4. Of all the students in my class, Macy writes most carefully. 班上所有的学生 中,梅西写得最仔细。

23 注意:在表示“A比B……”时,我们用A is
… than B,但最高级表达的是三个及三个 以上的事物的比较状况,所以后面通常用 in/of/among… 来表示比较的范围。例如: Tom is the tallest in our class. Tony lives the closest to school of all my classmates.

24 写出下列单词的最高级形式: shortest 1. short → _________________ nicest
biggest thinnest earliest most slowly 1. short → _________________ 2. nice → _________________ 3. big → _________________ 4. thin → _________________ 5. early → _________________ 6. slowly→ _________________

25 中考链接 1. —The girls are talking about the art festival _____. —Yes. They have so many fun things to share. A. easily B. angrily C. sadly D. happily

26 2. —Our school bus will leave at 8 o’clock
tomorrow. Don’t be late. —OK. I will be there ten minutes ________. A. sooner B. slower C. faster D. earlier 3. Debbie is growing fast. She is even ________ than her mother. A. tall B. taller C. tallest D. the tallest

27 4. — Dad, would you please drive ______?
— No hurry. We have enough time before the plane takes off. A. faster B. more slowly C. more carefully 5. — Do you know Lin Shuhao? —Yes. He is one of _____ basketball players in the NBA. A. popular B. more popular C. the most popular

28 Homework Remember the new words, then finish your workbook.


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