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第3版 Mini-world 万花筒.

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1 第3版 Mini-world 万花筒

2 随着全球气候变化,几百乃至几千年后人类会进化成什么样呢?
How We Could Look in the Future (I) Now we are facing climate changes such as global warming and the second ice age. So our earth may become very different after thousands of years. Then what would we look like in the future? Here are some ideas from experts.

3 随着全球气候变化,几百乃至几千年后人类会进化成什么样呢?
How We Could Look in the Future (I) ● If global warming keeps melting ice away, it will finally put us all under water. We’re likely to have webbed fingers and toes to help us swim better. ● Artificial gills will help us breathe in the water, so we don’t need as much space for our lungs. As a result, our rib cage will become smaller.

4 随着全球气候变化,几百乃至几千年后人类会进化成什么样呢?
How We Could Look in the Future (I) ● In order to see better underwater and protect our eyeballs, we may develop nictitating membranes. You know, like alligators have.

5 Memobottle 便于携带的扁平水壶——
Water bottles are usually round and fat, but this one is flat and slim. It is called a Memobottle. It looks like a book, so it is easy for you to put it in a bag.

6 Word Bank 超纲词汇 expert /'eksp+:t/ n. 专家 breathe /bri:8/ v. 呼吸
space /speIs/ n. 空间 lung /l29/ n. 肺 protect /pr='tekt/ v. 保护 develop /dI'vel=p/ v. 发育,(使)成长 alligator /'7lIGeIt=/ n. 短吻鳄 slim /slIm/ adj. 纤细的,修长的 in the future 在未来 climate change 气候变化

7 such as 例如 global warming 全球变暖 ice age 冰河时代 melt sth. away 将某物融化 be likely to ... 有可能…… webbed fingers and toes 有蹼的手指和脚趾 artificial gill 人造鳃 as a result 因此,结果 rib cage 胸腔 in order to ... 为了…… nictitating membrane 瞬膜,一种半透明的眼睑, 又称“第三眼睑”。

8 第4-5版 Super Classroom 超级课堂

9 寓“运动”于“游戏”——借助简单小玩具,一起动起来吧!
Play With Balls Today our toys are a yoga ball and a balloon. Ask a friend of yours to join the game. It’s sports time!    You lie on the yoga ball and let your friend hold the balloon above your head. Get up and push the balloon away with both of your hands. Then quickly lie back on the ball and don’t let the balloon touch you. Most importantly, try to lie down and get up using your tummy muscles. Don’t use your hands to help.    Now it’s your friend’s turn to lie on the ball and do some exercise!

10 在疯狂动物城里, 居住着一群可爱的动物。他们性格迥异, 却也和平相处。 考考你:请根据文字描述,在图中找出相对应的动物。 ● Judy is a little rabbit with grey hair and two big ears. She is proud to be the first police officer as a rabbit. Now she is taking a selfie of her wearing a policeman uniform!

11 在疯狂动物城里, 居住着一群可爱的动物。他们性格迥异, 却也和平相处。 考考你:请根据文字描述,在图中找出相对应的动物。 ● Lionheart is a tall and big lion. He is the mayor of Zootopia. He says, “In Zootopia, anyone can be anything.” He cares a lot about the city and all the animals here.

12 在疯狂动物城里, 居住着一群可爱的动物。他们性格迥异, 却也和平相处。 考考你:请根据文字描述,在图中找出相对应的动物。 ● Chief Bogo is the head of the Zootopia Police Department. He’s a cape buffalo and has two big horns. He loses his temper easily, but he really tries his best to keep Zootopia safe.

13 在疯狂动物城里, 居住着一群可爱的动物。他们性格迥异, 却也和平相处。 考考你:请根据文字描述,在图中找出相对应的动物。 ● Nick is a fox with red fur. He is smart because he has lots of ideas. Look at the sly smile on his face!

14 考考你:请先根据文章 In Zootopia 的内容,完成填空,再将动物与其对应的脚印连线。

15 I’m a c _ p _ b _ ffalo. ae u I’m a gazelle. I’m a f _ x. o I’m a sloth. I’m a r _ bb _ t. ai

16 讲学指导 Science 瞪羚 瞪羚 (gazelle) 是羚羊的一种。之所以称它们为“瞪羚”,是因为这种动物的两只眼睛特别大,眼球向外凸起,看起来就像瞪着眼一样。瞪羚是一种群居动物,以容易消化的植物为食。它们动作非常敏捷,奔跑的速度能达到每小时80公里。 电影《疯狂动物城》(Zootopia )中的瞪羚是一位唱跳俱佳的超级明星。她身材高挑,满头金发,是全民追捧的人气天后哦!

17 周周练 请拿出彩笔,为下图中的 Nick 填上你喜欢的色彩。

18 Word Bank 超纲词汇 lie /laI/ v. 躺,平卧 hold /h=Uld/ v. 拿,抓,握
above /='b2v/ prep. 在……之上 turn /t+:n/ n. (依次轮到的)机会 mayor /me=/ n. 市长 head /hed/ n. 首脑,领导;头部 horn /h6:n/ n. (牛、鹿、羊等动物的)角 fur /f+:/ n. (浓密的)软毛 sly /slaI/ adj. 狡猾的,狡黠的

19 track /tr7k/ n. (车辆、人、动物等行走时留下的)踪迹,足迹
sloth /sl=U0/ n. 树懒,一种产于南美洲、行动缓慢的动物。 gazelle /G='zel/ n. 瞪羚 yoga ball 瑜伽球 most importantly 最重要的是 tummy muscles 腹部肌肉 be proud to (do sth.) 因(做某事)而感到自豪/得意的 take a selfie 自拍

20 policeman uniform 警服 care about 在意,关心;喜欢 police department 警察局 cape buffalo ['b2f=l=U] 非洲水牛,主要产于南非。 lose (one’s) temper (某人)发脾气 try one’s best (to do sth.) 某人全力以赴(做某事)

21 第6版 Playground 英语操练场

22 都说家是心灵的港湾,不过世界各地的“港湾”可真是形态各异呢!
Living Places Around the World ←Chinese quadrangle (=siheyuan) ←yurt stilt house house cave (=yaodong)

23 都说家是心灵的港湾,不过世界各地的“港湾”可真是形态各异呢!
Living Places Around the World ←apartment building ←villa castle igloo

24 Grandma's House Grandma’s house is very small,
Just a bedroom and a hall. Inside the kitchen stays a cat, Fast asleep upon a mat. But I love to go to call. And to share a cup of tea, Just my grandma and me!

25 a sitting duck Meaning: a person or a thing that is an easy target or is easy to attack 易被击中的目标;易被欺骗的对象 Story: a sitting duck 字面解释为“一只坐着的鸭子”。猎人打猎时,要打到一只正在飞的鸭子并不容易,不过一只浮坐在水面上的鸭子就是一个很容易击中的目标了。因此 a sitting duck 就被用来形容“很容易上当受害的人”,很形象吧? Example: My grandma is a sitting duck for salespersons. 我的奶奶很容易被推销员所欺骗。

26 Word Bank 超纲词汇 quadrangle /'kw^dr79Gl/ n. 四方院子
yurt /j+:t/ n. (游牧地区用兽皮或毛毯所盖的)圆顶帐篷 villa /'vIl=/ n. 别墅 igloo /'IGlu:/ n. (爱斯基摩人用坚硬雪块砌成的)拱形圆顶小屋 inside /;In'saId/ prep. 在(向)……里 mat /m7t/ n. 小地毯,垫子 call /k6:l/ v. (去某地)拜访;打电话;称呼

27 Chinese quadrangle 四合院,其格局为一个方形院子四面建有房屋,从四面将庭院围在中间。
stilt house 吊脚楼,是中国少数民族的一种传统民居,特点为正屋建在实地上,其余三边悬空,靠柱子支撑。 house cave (=cave dwelling) 窑洞,是中国西北黄土高原上特有的古老居住形式,人们在山崖里挖出山洞或土屋以供居住。 apartment building 公寓大楼 fast asleep 睡得香甜

28 第7版 Story Zone 故事地带

29 The Pea Blossom (II) 最年轻的那粒豌豆跳得最远, 落在了一位患病女孩的窗台上。
The first green pea fell down on a roof and became food for a pigeon. The second pea did too. The third pea fell into a sewer and lived in the mud. The fourth pea remained in the boy’s hand and was locked in the boy’s treasure box. The youngest green pea jumped out as hard as he could and went the farthest. It landed on the windowsill of a house in a street. It was full of dust and moss.

30 The Pea Blossom (II) 最年轻的那粒豌豆跳得最远, 落在了一位患病女孩的窗台上。
An ill girl and her mother lived in the house. They were so poor that the mother had to work all day. So the ill girl had to stay in her bed all the time by herself.

31 Word Bank 超纲词汇 pea /pi:/ n. 豌豆(粒) blossom /'bl^s=m/ n. (尤指果树或灌木的)花
roof /ru:f/ n. 屋顶 pigeon /'pId3In/ n. 鸽子 sewer /'su:=/ n. 下水道,阴沟 mud /m2d/ n. 泥,淤泥 remain /rI'meIn/ v. 留下;剩下 land /l7nd/ v. 着陆,跌落(地面)

32 be locked in ... 被锁进…… treasure box 宝箱,藏宝盒 as ... as sb. can 尽某人最大可能地……, could为can的过去式。 windowsill 窗台(=sill) be full of dust and moss 布满灰尘和苔藓 so poor that ... 如此贫穷以致于…… have to 不得不,必须 stay in one’s bed 卧床,待在床上

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