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Reading Around the World in Eight Hours Ⅱ. We have learned a game called “Around the World in Eight Hours”. Do you remember how to play the game? Can.

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1 Reading Around the World in Eight Hours Ⅱ

2 We have learned a game called “Around the World in Eight Hours”. Do you remember how to play the game? Can you answer the following questions about the game? 1 What does the game test? 2 How many levels are there in the game? 3 How can you pass each level? 4 What can you learn from the game?

3 1.A new educational CD-ROM called “Around the World in Eight Hours” has just come out. a called “Around The World in Eight Hours” 作 A new educational CD - ROM 的定语, called 可以用 named 替换,两者均为动词的过去分词。 e.g. 一个叫 Tom 的朋友 一部叫哈里波特的电影 b come out 意为 “ 问世,出世 ” e.g. 我的新书很快就要出来了。 当狗进来时,母鸡正在等待她的宝宝们出世。 2. He is a thirteen-year- old boy who loves traveling. who loves traveling 是一个定语从句, 修饰 a boy e.g. The student who answered the question was John. When you have earned enough points, a clod will come down and carry you off to a place you have never visited before. 3. You earned a point every time you answer a question correctly. earn 意为 “ 获得,挣得,赚 ” win 指(在竞赛、战争、比赛中等)获得胜利,也许因此而得奖。但如果你为 赚钱或其他报酬工作,就用 earn.

4 e.g. He _______ $5,000 a year. She _______ her place in the team by training hard. She _______ $1,000 in a competition. I’m sure we will _____ the match at last. 4.Each level will take you about half an hour to finish. 本句同: It will take you about half an hour to finish each level. 常用句型 : It takes sb. Some time to do sth. (sb.) spend some time/ money (in) doing sth. 意为 “ 花费时间 / 金钱做某事 ” (sb.) spend some time/ money on sth. 意为 “ 在某事上花费时间 / 金钱 ” (sth.) cost sb. Some money 意为 “ 花费某人 … 钱 ” ( sb.) pay some money for sth. 意为 “ 为某物支付 … 钱 ” e.g. Chinese students ______ more time on homework/ doing homework than British students. It _____ me 2 and a half hours to get to Shanghai by train. The computer ______ him $3,000. He ______ $200 for his dinner.

5 5. This CD-ROM helps you learn English by testing your knowledge of English grammar and vocabulary. by 为介词, 意为 “ 通过 ” , 后加动词的 -ing 形式。 e.g. We can improve ourselves _________________________. (通过每天的训练) 6. 被动语态 当主语和谓语动词构成被动关系,需用被动语态。基本结构:助动词 be(am,is,are,was,were)+ 行为动词的过去分词,介词 by+ 动作的执行者构成 by 的介词 短语,在句中作状语。如不强调执行者,常不用 by 的介词短语。 e.g. We clean our classroom every day. =Our classroom is cleaned (by us) every day. The police caught the 3 robbers at last. = The 3 robbers were caught (by the police) at last.

6 Do you like this game? Can you design the game by yourself? Try to think of something else to happen after you pass each level.

7 Discussion: Can we play computer games? Are computer games helpful or harmful to us?

8 Practice: Part A : choose the right answer. 1.The city _______ Sydney is famous in the whole world. A. is called B. was named C. calls D. called 2. You have never been to Beijing,_______ you? A. have B. haven’t C. don’t D. do 3. The new educational CD-ROM is designed _____ Nancy. A. by B. of C. from D. in 4. He likes ________ on the grass and ______ at the blue sky. A. lying; seeing B. lying; looking C. lying; sees D. lying; looks 5. He couldn’t _______ because of the noise last night. A. be sleeping B. fell sleep C. fall asleep D. asleep

9 6. It will take me 3 days ______ the book. A. finishing reading B. to finish to read C. to finish reading D. to finish seeing 7. We can learn more by ______ more. A. practicing B. practice C. to practice D. practices 8. We must try our best ________ whose dictionary it is. A. to find B. finding out C. to look for D. to find out 9. As soon as he ________ in Beijing, he _______ me. A. reaches; will call B. arrives; called C. arrives; will call D. gets; has called 10. The idea sounds ______ and I believe we can do it ________. A. well; good B. good; well C. good; good D. well; well

10 Part 2: Fill in the blanks with the right forms of the words. A 1. Do you know something about the computer ____________ (程序) ? 2. Our English teacher likes reading the ___________ (教育) books. 3. Who are the _________ (设计) of the buildings? 4. Every day, many ___________ (游客) come to visit the Great Wall. 5. The ________ (人物) of the film Harry Potter has been very popular with many students. B 1. He heard something strange when he was falling _________ (sleep). 2. His __________ (know) of English grammar made me feel surprised. 3. Listening carefully in class can help you do your homework _________ (correct). 4. The ________ (cloudy) of different colours had some words on them. 5. These shopkeepers look as __________ (friend) as I think.

11 C 1. Look! The computer is __________ (turn) on. 2. You _________ (earn) 1,000 points when you pass a level. 3. We have ________(sell) out all of Jay’s CDs. Please come next time. 4. The game starts with the main character __________( have) dinner. 5. Don’t you know your parents __________ (travel) in Britain at present? 6. If it _________ (snow) tomorrow, we _________ (not go) on a school trip. 7. Kitty _________ just ________ (receive) a letter from her teacher. 8. When his father _________ (come) in, he _________ (sit) on some eggs. 9. Daniel spent half an hour _________(finish) each level. 10. That is for us _______ (find) out.

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