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Unit 9 Have you ever been to an amusement park? Section A.

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2 Unit 9 Have you ever been to an amusement park? Section A

3 space museum

4 amusement park

5 aquarium

6 zoo

7 water park

8 1a Which of these places would you like to visit? Rank them from 1 to 5. space museum _____________ amusement park _________________ aquarium____________________ zoo_____________________ water park_____________________

9 1b Listen. Have these students ever been to these places? Amusement park Water park Claudia Sarah

10 1b Listen. Have these students ever been to these places? Space museum AquariumZoo Claudia Sarah √ √ √ √√

11 现在完成时:表示过去发生或已经完成的某一动作 对现在造成的影响或结果,或从过去开始一直延续 到现在的动作或保存的状态。 结构: 主语 + have / has + 动词的过去分词 一般疑问句: have / has … ? Yes, I have. No, I haven’t. Yes, she has. No, she hasn’t.

12 区分 have been to / have gone to 现在完成时态中 : have been to 和 have gone to 都是指已经去了 某个地方,但是 have been to 强调的是曾经 去了某个地方并回来了; have gone to 强调的 是去了某个地方还没有回来。

13 eg. Have you ever been to Anqing? 你去过安庆吗? Yes, several times. 是的,去过几次。 -- Where is Mr Wang? 王先生在那里? -- He has gone to Anqing. 他去了安庆。

14 Have you ever been to an aquarium? No, I haven’t. How about you? …… Ask and answer questions about the places in the picture above.

15 2a Look at the map of the town. Listen and circle the places you hear.

16 2b Listen again and circle T or F. Tina went to the space museum last year. John has never been to the space museum. They are going to take the subway. Conversation 1 T F F F T T

17 2b Listen again and circle T or F. Linda has been to the aquarium. Linda went to the zoo three times last year. Linda is going to the zoo again next week. Conversation 2 F T F FT T

18 2b Listen again and circle T or F. Harvey had a great time at Water World. Harvey’s friend has never been to Water World. Harvey and his friend are going skating. Conversation 3 F T T T F F

19 Have you ever been to an amusement park? Yes, I have. Look at the map and role play conversations. Talk about where you have been, where you want to go, and how you are going to get there.

20 3a Read this article about a theme park. Circle the places things, and activities you think are interesting. Underline the ones you think are boring.

21 Have you ever been to Disneyland? Most of us have probably heard of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and many other famous Disney characters. Perhaps we have even seen them in movies. But have you ever been to Disneyland? In fact, there are now four different Disneyland amusement parks around the world. Two are in the United States, one is in Japan, and the other is in France. Disneyland is an amusement park, but we can also call it a theme park. It has all the normal attractions that you can find at an amusement park, but it also has a theme. The theme, of course, is Disney movies and Disney characters. For example, you can find a roller coaster in most amusement parks, but in Disneyland, the roller v. 听说,听到 也许我们在电影中见到过他们. 在周围,附近 在乐园里你可以见到所有的有吸引力的形象,当然还是 有主题的.

22 coaster is themed with Disney characters. This means that you can find Disney characters all over the roller coaster. You can also watch Disney movies, eat in Disney restaurants, and buy Disney gifts. And you can see Disney characters walking around Disneyland all the time! Have you ever heard of a Disney Cruise? These are huge boats that also have the Disney theme. You can take a ride on the boat for several days, and you can sleep and eat on board. There are also many attractions on board, just like any other Disneyland. You can shop, go to Disney parties, and eat dinner with Mickey Mouse! The boat rides all take different routes, but they all end up in the same place. That is Disney’s own island. It is just so much fun in Disneyland! 这就意味着你会在旱冰场上到处见到迪斯尼知名人物. see sb. doing sth. 看见某人正在做某事 你可以在船上游览几天,可以在船上睡觉、吃饭。

23 Have you ever … YouYour partner studied with more than three friends? traveled to another province of China? said something you didn’t want to say? helped someone you didn’t know? lived in another place? argued with your parents? 4 Pair work Answer the survey and then interview your partner.

24 Finish off the exercises in 3b in Section A.


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