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Have you ever been to a zoo? zoo water park Have you ever been to a water park?

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3 Have you ever been to a zoo? zoo

4 water park Have you ever been to a water park?

5 history museum Have you ever been to a history museum?

6 space museum Have you ever been to a space museum?

7 art museum Have you ever been to an art museum?

8 amusement park Have you ever been to an amusement park?


10 Has he ever been to a museum?

11 A: Have you ever been to a/an_______? B: Yes, I have./ No, I haven’t. A: Has he/she ever been to a/an _______? B: Yes, he/she has./ No, he/she hasn’t.

12 Sarah Claudia Talk something about the picture.

13 Choose the best answer. 1.When did Sarah visit the National Science Museum? A. Today B. Yesterday C. Last year 2. When did Claudia visit the nature museum? A. Last year B. Last summer C. Last school trip 3. What may the relationship be between the two speakers? A. Friends B. Teacher and student C. Mother and kid. Listening 1

14 Listen. Have these students ever been to these places? Check (√) the boxes. 1b Science museum History museum Art museum Nature museum Space museum Claudia Sarah √ √√√ √√

15 Kuerdening

16 Hetaogou

17 Wetland Park

18 nameGongliu Wetland Park KuerdeningHetaogou A B C D In our group, A has been to Gongliu Wetland Park and Kuerdening, but she/ he has never been to Hetaogou. B has been to _____ and ____,but she/ he hasn’t been to ____. I have been to ____...

19 There are many beautiful places in our hometown. If you have time, you should go somewhere interesting with your parents to relax yourselves. Let’s enjoy our life!

20 Ask and answer questions about the places in 1b. A: Let’s go somewhere different today. B: OK. Where do you want to go? A: Have you ever been to the space museum? B: No, I haven’t. How about you? A: …

21 Listening 2 2a Look at the map of the town. Listen and circle the places you hear.

22 Conversation 1 1. Tina went to the space museum last year. T/F 2. John has never been to the space museum. T/F 3. They are going to take the subway. T/F Listening 2 Listen again and circle T for true or F for false. 2b

23 Conversation 2 1. Linda has been to the amusement park. T/F 2. Linda went to the amusement park yesterday. T/F 3. Linda is going to the amusement park again by bike. T/F

24 Conversation 3 1. Frank had a great time at the water park. T/F 2. Frank’s friend has never been to the water park. T/F 3. Frank and his friend are going skating. T/F

25 Look at the map in 2a and make conversations about the places. 2c A: Have you ever been to the space museum? B: Yes, I have. How about you? A: No, I haven’t. B: Oh, it’s fantastic. Let’s go tomorrow. A: OK. How are we going to get there? B: We can take the subway. 极好的

26 2d Role-play the conversation. I went to the film museum last weekend. Have you ever been there? … Yes, I have. I went there back in April. …

27 1. I learned about the inventions that led to color movies, too. 我还了解了一 些发明,它们成就了彩色电影。 此处 learn 是 “ 了解;获知;得知 ” 的意思, 由介词 about 或 of 引入所获知的具体内 容。例如:

28 The children were all shocked to learn of the death of their headmaster. 得知校长去世,孩子们都十分震惊。 I only learned about the accident later. 我只是后来才得知了事故的情况。

29 2. I’ve never been camping. 我从未野营过。 此句为现在完成进行时。这一时态的结 构为 “have been + 现在分词 ” ,表示从过 去某一时刻延续至今的动作。在本句中, 说话人使用这一时态来强调自己至今从 未有过野营的经历,欠缺这方面的经验。 又如:

30 He’s been watching TV all afternoon. 他一下午都在看电视。 We’ve been living like this ever since the birth of my little brother. 自打我小弟弟出生,我们就一直这样生 活。

31 1. 我去过北京两次。 I ______ ______ _____ Beijing twice. 2. 大声读书是一种学习英语的好方法。 Reading aloud __ ____ ____ ____ to learn English. 3. 昨天他没有去那,我也没去。 He didn’t go there yesterday. _____ _________. have been to a good way to Me neither

32 4. 我了解了一些电影的知识。 I ______ ______ some information about movie. 5. 他的粗心导致了这次失败。 His carelessness ____ ___ this failure. learned about led to

33 选用 have, has 填空 : 1. I _______ told him the news. 2. She ________ come back from school. 3. You ________ won the game. have has have

34 按要求改写下列各句 : 4. They have bought a computer. ( 改成否 定句) ___________________________________ 5. He has lost his book. ( 先改成一般疑问 句,再作肯定与否定回答) ___________________________________ They haven’t bought a computer. Has he lost his book? Yes, he has. No, he hasn’t.

35 1. Practice the dialogue and remember the language points. 2. Preview the next lesson.


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