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高中进阶 (2347 期 20160524) 头版 Dickens and “Dickensian” Poverty.

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1 高中进阶 (2347 期 20160524) 头版 Dickens and “Dickensian” Poverty

2 Have you ever read Dickens’ Oliver Twist? How do you feel after reading the excerpt of the long novel in your textbook? How much do you know about Charles Dickens? Why do you think he is often called one of the greatest novelists in history? 2 Pre-reading

3 3 BEST QUOTES Pre-reading Here are four of Charles Dickens’ best quotes. Which one impresses you most? Why?

4 4 outspoken adj. 坦率的,直言的 WORD BANK Dickens was an outspoken social critic in general, but especially about poverty... The writer sought to help the poor by highlighting the social inequality in his country. While reading critic n. 批评家,批评者 highlight v. 突出,强调 inequality n. 不平等 in general 大体上,总的说来 especially adv. 尤其,特别是 poverty n. 贫穷,贫困 seek v. 试图,设法

5 5 Despite her criminality, Nancy is portrayed as a sympathetic figure, one who tries to get Oliver out of a life of crime. Readers could see through her character that... Nancy seems to be symbolic of... WORD BANK figure n. 人物 be symbolic of 象征 …… 的 portray v. 描绘,刻画 sympathetic adj. 有同情心的 see through 看透 While reading

6 6 Dickens was a writer who often injected his work with realism and social criticism, and that may be what makes his novels so memorable. We are exposed to..., but in a way that is engaging to us. WORD BANK memorable adj. 难忘的 inject v. 注入,插入 be exposed to 接触 …… ,体验 …… engaging adj. 有趣的,有吸引力的 realism n. 现实主义风格 While reading

7 7 1. Plans for the new airport have drawn fierce ____________ from local people. (critic) 2. Teachers have considerable ____________ over what is taught in the classroom. (influential) 3. We all have great ____________ for the victims of the flood. (sympathetic) 4. We need to have ____________ academic standards for male and female students. (inequality) 5. Police have described the man as a violent and dangerous ____________. (crime) Fill in the blanks with the proper form of the given word. criticism influence sympathy equal criminal VOCABULARY EXERCISES While reading

8 8 Translate the following sentences into English. 1. 汤姆能看穿那个魔术师的戏法。 (see through) 2. 鸽子是和平的象征。 (symbolic) 3. 核电站的工作人员受到大量辐射。 (expose) 4. 他们对我们当前的处境极为同情。 (sympathetic) Tom can see through the magician’s tricks. Workers at the nuclear plant are exposed to high levels of radiation. The dove is symbolic of peace. VOCABULARY EXERCISES While reading They were extremely sympathetic to our current situation.

9 1. According to the article, what poor experiences did young Dickens have? ① He was born in a poorhouse. ② He had to work for a low wage. ③ He spent half a year in a prison. ④ He was once sold to an “infant farm.” A. ①② B. ②③ C. ③④ D. ①④ 9 COMPREHENSION O Choose the best answer.

10 2. We can find answers to all of the following questions in the article except “____.” A. Why did Dickens highlight social inequality in his novels? B. Why did Dickens have to spend six months in a prison when he was young? C. What do most literary critics think Dickens’ most influential work is? D. On what occasions do people nowadays often use the word “Dickensian”? 10 Choose the best answer. COMPREHENSION O

11 3. Which of the following statements about Nancy in Oliver Twist is NOT true? A. Nancy is a woman of high integrity. B. Nancy is sympathetic to Oliver. C. Nancy often commits thefts. D. Nancy is created to criticize Victorian society. 11 COMPREHENSION O Choose the best answer.

12 1. What is the main idea of the article? 12 Answer the following question. COMPREHENSION Dickens often highlighted social inequality in his novels to help the poor. The style has made his novels memorable and exerted influence on modern culture.

13 2. What can we often find in Dickens’ novels? 13 COMPREHENSION We can often find tragedies of inequality and poverty, but they are usually written in an engaging way. Answer the following question.

14 The young Dickens worked in a cousin’s shop, pasting labels on bottles for six shillings a week. 14 WRITING TIP Language study ☞ 此句中的现在分词短语 pasting labels 充当伴随状语,伴随着句 中的谓语 worked 一起发生,其逻辑主语为 the young Dickens 。 伴随状语的特点是:它所表达的动作或状态是伴随着句子谓 语动词的动作而发生或存在的,但其并不充当谓语,而且,和 主句谓语动词相比,表达的含义总是居于次要地位。 现在分词短语和过去分词短语都可以做伴随状语,现在分词 短语表示与主句的主语在逻辑上有主谓关系,即表主动意义; 而过去分词短语则表示与主句的主语在逻辑上是动宾关系,即 被动意义。

15 15 YOUR TURN Language study Translate the following sentences into English. 1. 玛丽生气地指着通知说: “ 难道你不识字吗? ” 2. 他给我发了一封电子邮件,希望得到更多信息。 3. 他匆忙地进了大厅,后面跟着两个警卫。 4. 那位教授在学生的簇拥下,兴高采烈地摆动作拍照。 “Can’t you read?” Mary said angrily, pointing at the notice. He hurried into the hall, followed by two guards. He sent me an e-mail, hoping to get further information. Surrounded by his students, the professor cheerfully posed for photos.

16 What is one of your favorite books? Introduce it to the class and talk about why you love it. Question for further discussion: Hints: After reading I have finished reading two books this year: Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng and The Martian by Andy Weir. Both are great books, but I like Everything I Never Told You better. It’s probably the best contemporary family drama I have ever read. The book offers really subtle storytelling and the tension is built in a really smart way that kept me holding my breath. The story exposes the challenges of discovering one’s identity that teenagers of my age sometimes face. It also reveals how much the burden of expectations can truly weigh. The book is very thought-provoking, and that’s why I believe it is worth a second reading. 16

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