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摘要的开头: The passage mainly tells us sth.

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1 摘要的开头: The passage mainly tells us sth. The passage mainly tells us that从句 The article talks about sth. In this passage, the writer tells us a story about… From the passage, we can learn that… According to the passage, we can see that… The passage mainly talks about sth. …… In the passage, the writer mainly tells us that…… / sth.

2 依我看来 In my opinion, / in my view, / in my point of view, as far as I am concerned, 一些人认为 Some people think… / Some people hold the view that… 我同意作者所说的话。 I quite agree with what the author says.

3 句型 1. …在…中起重要作用 …play(s) an important part / role in … 2. 做某事容易/难 It is easy / difficult (for sb. ) to do sth. 3. 做某事(不)是一个好主意 It is (not) a good idea to do sth. 4. 做某事是每个人的责任 It is everyone’s duty to do sth. 5. 做某事很方便 / 可以节省时间 It is convenient (for sb.) to do sth. / It can save time to do… 6. 做某事是浪费时间 It is a waste of time doing sth.

4 7. 毫无疑问… There is no doubt that… 8. …有几个原因 There are several reasons for sth. There are several reasons why… 9. 没必要做某事 There is no need to do sth. 10. …既有利也有弊 …has both advantages and disadvantages. 11. 然而,事物总是有两面的。 However, every coin has two sides. 12. 众所周知 As we all know,… / It is known to us all that…

5 对…有影响 对(健康)有害 对…有好处 造成 依靠,依赖,取决于 养成…的习惯 have (bad) effects on have an influence on affect influence be bad for (our health) be harmful to do harm to be good for do good to sb. / do sb. good bring us a lot of benefit cause sb. to do sth. / cause sth. lead to sth. / doing sth. result in depend on get into the habit of doing sth.

6 努力学习 取得进步 为了提高英语水平 尽力做某事 鼓励某人做某事 充分利用 适当利用 互相学习 帮助某人某事 在某人的帮助下 给某人…的建议 建议某人做某事 处理 study hard Sb. make (great / rapid) progress in… to improve my English try one’s best to do encourage sb. to do sth. make full use of / take advantage of make proper use of learn from each other help sb. with sth. , help sb. (to) do sth. with the help of sb. give sb. advice on sth. / how to do sth. advise sb. to do sth. (how) deal with

7 给某人提供… 花时间做某事 做笔记 独立思考 分享经历 遭受巨大压力 学会放松自己 最有效的学习方法 教学的方法 使课堂生动有趣 与某人相处得好 受某人欢迎 provide sb. with sth./provide sth. for sb. Sb. spend time doing sth. make notes think by oneself share one’s experiences suffer from great pressure learn to relax oneself the most effective way to learn ways of teaching make his classes lively and interesting get on well with sb. be popular with sb.

8 (是)放松的好方式 增长我们的知识 拓宽我们的视野 在许多方面 交流的方式 以生动有趣的方式 保持平静/镇定 保护环境 采取措施/行动做某事 喜欢做某事 对…上瘾,迷恋于 (be) a good way of relaxation enlarge / enrich our knowledge broaden our horizons in many ways / aspects ways of communication in a lively and interesting way keep calm protect the environment take measures / action to do sth. like doing (very much) /enjoy doing be interested in sth. be addicted to (doing) sth.

9 一方面…… 另一方面…… 然而 此外, 再者, 总之 一般说来 On the one hand, … on the other hand… However, Besides, What’s more, In addition, Furthermore, In a word, To sum up, Generally speaking,

10 lie(s) in / be located in
cover(s) an area of …square meters has a long history has a history of 100 years attract(s) a lot of visitors from home and abroad with the development of … Great changes have taken place in… 位于… 有(多大)面积 历史悠久 有100年的历史 吸引了大量国内外 的游客 随着…的发展 …发生了很大的变化

11 …will be held +地点+时间 There will be an evening party / a lecture / a basketball match… make a speech give a talk put on performances watch the football match have a good time Sb. are required to do sth. 将在…举行 演讲 讲话 表演节目 观看足球赛 玩得开心 要求要…

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