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第三篇 写作 第二章 基础写作 第二节 应用文 专题二 应用文写作之求职招 聘.

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1 第三篇 写作 第二章 基础写作 第二节 应用文 专题二 应用文写作之求职招 聘

2 求职招聘的写作属于应用文的一种,一般针对报纸上的招聘广告而写,常常包括以下部分:写信动机、自我介绍、本人能力、结尾、附件。

3 一、观摩领悟 一、观摩领悟 The English Morning Post is looking for part­time young reporters who can work in this summer vacation from July 25th to August 25th.①The applicants are_supposed_to be out­going,good at communicating with others as well as devoted.②Besides,not_only must the applicants have high speaking,listening and writing ability in English but_also be skilled at attaining information through micro­blogging

4 ③The successful applicants who_have_excellent_performance_in_this_job can get a certificate of “Outstanding Young Reporter”.④Anyone who_is_interested_in_it can fill the form on the website and then upload a photo of life.⑤Don't_hesitate as the deadline for your application is June 10th and the result will be announced on line on June 31st.

5 .【结构分析与解读】 招聘广告的第一部分写出目的,接下来要写出对应聘者的要求和注意事项。句①使用了词组be supposed to(应当、应该);句②运用了not only...but also的倒装句型;句③运用了定语从句;句④同样运用了定语从句;句⑤使用了祈使句。这些都为文章增色不少。

6 二、写作指导 二、写作指导 1.求职招聘写作应注意的问题。
(1)招聘广告的写作属于应用文,写作时往往使用被动语态和第三人称以使文章显得客观、公平。 (2)考生在写应聘信的时候要注意写作语气,不能口气狂妄,但要有自信。 (3)无论招聘广告还是应聘信,都涉及对应聘者的要求,因此考生要多掌握表示技能技巧的短语句子,写作过程中才能显示出语言的多样性,避免过分单调。

7 2.写作要点:写作动机—自我介绍和能力说明—结尾。
即学即练 (一)翻译下列句子。 1.我愿意为贵公司工作。 ________________________________________________________________________ 2.你可以告诉我我能否得到这个工作吗? I'm willing to work for your company. Would you please tell me whether I can get the job?

8 3.申请者应该具备相关的工作经验。 ________________________________________________________________________ 4.不要再犹豫了;机不可失,时不再来。 5.我期待不久收到你的来信。 The applicants are supposed to have relevant experience. Don't hesitate any more;it's now or never. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

9 (二)基础写作。 假设你是李华,将于今年7月从新星外语学校毕业。你从报纸上得知D&B公司要招聘一名英文秘书,你很感兴趣。请给该公司写一封求职信,包括以下要点: (1)年龄。 (2)学习情况及英语水平。 (3)兴趣和特长。 (4)性格特点。

10 [写作要求] 1.信的开头与结尾已给出,不计入总句数。 2.只能使用5个句子表达全部内容。 [评分标准] 句子结构准确,信息内容完整,篇章结构连贯。 Dear sir/Madam, I learned from the newspaper that your company needs an English secretary.I'm really interested in the position and hope I can work for you

11 [参考范文] Dear_sir/Madam, I_learned_from_the_newspaper_that_your_company_needs_an_English_secretary.I'm_really_interested_in_the_position_and_hope_I_can_work_for_you.I'm 18 years old and will be graduating from Xinxing Foreign Language School this July.I'm an excellent student,among the top 5 in my class of 50 students.I'm good at English,especially spoken English,and I often use the computer so I type very fast.In my spare time,I read a lot and I enjoy music and poems _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

12 very much.Being an active young person, I'm easy to get along with and I like to make friends.
I'm_looking_forward_to_your_reply. Sincerely_yours, Li_Hua _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

13 I'm looking forward to your reply.
Sincerely yours, Li Hua

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