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Helping my child with reading and writing(II)

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1 Helping my child with reading and writing(II)
学而不思则罔,思而不学则殆 Interpretation of Ontario Language Curriculum

2 学而不思则罔,思而不学则殆 Literacy? 语言
Reading,writing,communication,media and critical thinking 读写讲说媒体和思考 Critical literacy 有自己见解的阅读 thinking critically /Big idea思考大的概念 Focus on questions of 主要集中在 Fairness公平 Equity公正 Social justice社会的正义

3 Kindergarten to Grade 3 Descriptors for stages
Like a reader/print directions/letters/pretend to write/pictures像读者,方向,意识字母,画,线条, 用记忆和画来描述, Aware of stories/match/say out loud/use picture for help/write symbols/ distinguish illustration and writing/see relationship of letter and sounds/match written words and spoken words口头和书面文字相对应,字母写,读出声,感兴趣 More confidence/many words/simple sentences/styles of writing/revision 单词,有信心,简单句,开始写,修改 Initiative/variety of sentences/connections/purpose of reading/predict/use strategies/planning/revision/ editing/research 批判性的阅读,理解范畴扩展,写作技巧发展了(文体、语言,句子,过程)

4 Tips for Parents (K.-Grade 3)
Talk讲说 Make it fun提高兴趣 Daily read每天读 Talk about books讲书上图书馆 Listen注意听 Set example身教

5 Tips for Parents (grade 3-6) (I)
Keep routines 养成读书,作业的习惯 Good relationship (seek for help from teacher)良好的关系 Praise for attempts 表扬愿意学新知识 Discuss 讨论、提问题 Exercise mind 思考(数学,puzzle, 编故事。。。 Enjoy 培养兴趣(有效用internet,有目的的学,出书,研究) Art/play 演剧并用 Role model 榜样交流 Critical literacy at home 思考性阅读

6 Tips for Parents (grade 3-6) ( II)(Bloom Taxonomy)
Help your child in Critical Thinking: Synthesizing 综合,创造 Connection 结合实际 summarizing 提要总结 Picturing 形体思维 figuring out words 独立判断词句意 Questioning 自我思考问题 inference 句子深层的背后的含义和证明

7 General questions to ask your child
What is this book about? Why are you interested in reading it? What does the author of his book want us to know or think? Does he or she want us to believe something? What does the author say about children, teenagers and parents in this book? Are all children like this? How has the author used words and images to communicate his or her message? Are the opinions in this book fair? How to you feel about this book? What do you think the person who wrote this book is like? 这本书是关于什么?为什么你感兴趣阅读它? 他的书的作者要我们知道或相信什么?他要我们相信什么东西吗? 作者说了有关儿童、 青少年和父母什么? 所有孩子都都像这样吗? 作者如何使用文字,图像,图表等来传递他的意见和观点? 这本书的意见公平吗? 你如何感受这本书? 你认为作者是个什么样的人?

8 Something Beautiful Enduring understanding: All humans live their lives in different ways, but our needs and wants are generally the same. Big questions: What are the purpose of structures in our community and how do they meet our social and cultural needs and wants? How to improve the structure to meet our needs and wants? Explain how the young girl’s actions important to the needs and wants of her community, use the text and your own ideas to prove your answers. What have you done to meet the wants of your community?

9 For parent-teacher interview
What are goals for reading and writing? How can I best help my child in working towards these goals? What is my child’s current achievement in reading and writing? What books can my child ready easily? What books does he/she find more difficult? What books or authors might my child enjoy? Does my child seem interested in reading? Does he or she choose to read for enjoyment? What reading strategies is my child using in school? What books or guides can help me help my child to read and write?

10 Understand Teacher’s comments
Think about what words would make sensein he story or senence Sound the word out using phonics Think of a word that looks and sounds similar Look for parts of the word that are familiar Reread Ask for help Check the pictures

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