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CET 4 --- Error Correction 考查重点 解题思路 答题步骤 1 2 3 本张灯片的三个按钮都有链接.

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Presentation on theme: "CET 4 --- Error Correction 考查重点 解题思路 答题步骤 1 2 3 本张灯片的三个按钮都有链接."— Presentation transcript:

1 CET 4 --- Error Correction
考查重点 解题思路 答题步骤 1 2 3 本张灯片的三个按钮都有链接

2 考查重点 反义词 连接性词语 逻辑错误 搭配错误 词法错误 句法错误

3 考查重点 逻辑错误 搭配错误 词法错误 句法错误 介词搭配 成语

4 考查重点 逻辑错误 搭配错误 词法错误 non-finite v.,be, vi./vt., 句法错误
pron., n., article, part of speech

5 考查重点 逻辑错误 搭配错误 词法错误 句法错误 主谓一致 从句引导词 并列句对成 特殊句型 篇章时态语态语气

6 解题思路:短文改错十手段 1 平衡结构 The doctor suggested plenty of food, rest and exercising. She was eating her sandwich and drank her milk at the table when I arrived. exercise drinking 句子不平衡错误

7 2 比较结构 People in the modern world generally live much more longer than people in the past. There are more trees in villages than cities. In some places you can borrow many books as you want. in as a.& adv.的级,程度副词,比较对象,冠词错误

8 3 转折、因果、对比结构 and I like singing, my brother likes dancing. A lady came to the window with the ball and shouted at the boy, and he ran away. His company publishes books and he buys books all over the world. so sells 行文逻辑方面的错误

9 4 多重结构句 I always wanted to return to the village after moving away and it is really great to see most of my old friends again. Tom asks Mary if she knows the man is speaking to her. And whether you pay the cost of sending a postcard, the librarian will write to you. was who if 时态、语态、引导词错误

10 5 特殊疑问句结构 what -How much was the price of your car? -I bought the car at a cheap price, only $ 2,000. low 疑问词使用不当错误

11 6 名词、代词结构 languages Different people speak different language. Some people read the books or watch TV. While others have sports. What a lovely weather we are having today! 数、格、指代不一致错误

12 7 非名词、代词成分作主语的结构 Playing football not only makes us grow tall and strong but also give us a sense of fair play and team spirit. She as well as her brothers are fond of studying English. About $ 2,000 have been spent in buying new dress for his beautiful wife this year. gives is has 主谓不一致错误

13 8 固定短语、词组结构 Suddenly I caught a sight of my English teacher in the crowd. When he came back, he found someone had broken in his house. gives into 副词、介词、冠词错误

14 9 特殊动词结构 He made me to post a letter for him. Don't forget taking your umbrella when you leave here. I suggested to go there with him after class. He ordered that the work must be started at once. to take going should 非谓语动词、虚拟语气错误

15 10 非谓语动词作定、状、表语 If it heated, water can be changed into steam. The box is too heavy for the little boy to carry it. 非谓语动词、逻辑主语不一致错误

16 Exercise I 单句练习 Page 1

17 答题步骤 上下文逻辑 基本时语态 通读全文 查错改正 核对检验 瞻前顾后查名词 与时俱进查动词 起承转合查连词 文理通透查逻辑 逻辑、搭配

18 常见错误方式 1、错词(words mistaken)。 2、缺词(words missing)。
3、多词(words redundant)。   1、错词(words mistaken)。在标有题号的一行中有一词在词法、搭配或词义等方面有错误,要求考生找出错误并换上正确的词(change a word),这类错误在所有错误中占绝大多数。   2、缺词(words missing)。在标有题号的一行的任何位置缺了一词,要求考生按语法、搭配或上下文语义的需要找出缺词的位置并补上所缺的词(insert a word)。   3、多词(words redundant)。在标有题号的一行中有一词按语法、搭配或上下文语义要求纯属多余,要求考生认定该多余的词并划去(cross out a word)。   短文共有10处错误,但究竟哪一行多一词,哪一行缺一词或错一词,则没有任何规律和标记。历年考题的统计资料表明,绝大多数改错设计为错词一类。其主要原因除了命题因素外,更由于这类错误形式难度较大,并更能考查考生的实际语言驾驭能力。 特别需要提醒的是:    1. 必须用规定的符号准确地划出错误所在的位置。未划出错误或划错了位置,则不管答案正确与否,均不能得分。    2. 答案拼写必须正确,答案中有拼写错误则要扣分。

19 Exercise II 短文练习 Page 2-4

20 Homework <强化篇> p error correction Additional materials

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