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将下列各句翻译成英文 The lesson (which, that) we studied

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1 将下列各句翻译成英文 The lesson (which, that) we studied
 将下列各句翻译成英文  1.我们昨天学的那课书不好懂。  ———— ———————— ——— 主语 定语从句 谓语  The lesson  was hard to understand.  The lesson (which, that) we studied  yesterday was hard to understand. 

2 2.这是本月上映的最好的一部影片。 This is the best film.
 2.这是本月上映的最好的一部影片。  This is the best film.  This is the best film that has been shown this month. 

3 .你可以拿你感兴趣的任何一本书。 You can take any book that interests you best.
  You can take any book that you are most interested in. 

4 People like to live in a place where there’s fresh air and
3.人们喜欢住在空气新鲜,噪声很少的地方  People like to live in a place .   People like to live in a place where there’s fresh air and  little noise. 

5 1949年是新中国诞生的一年。 1949 was the year  when new China was born. 

6 .你在会上看到的那个女孩是个出名的游泳运动员。
(who, whom, that)  you saw at the meeting  The girl    is a well-known swimmer. 

7 他就是我们昨天在报纸上见到照片的那个工人。
 He is the very worker  whose picture we saw in the newspaper yesterday. 

8 when (on which) he entered the university.
.他进大学的那一天非常高兴  He was very happy on the day   when (on which) he entered the university.

9 我总不太明白他犯这样一个错误的原因。  I never really understand the reason  why he made such a serious mistake. 

10 (that) I don’t make clear.
我哪儿没讲清楚,你们只管问我。  You just ask me anything  (that) I don’t make clear. 

11 (that) I met at the exhibition.
.他就是我在展览会上遇到的那个人。   He was the one  (that) I met at the exhibition. 

12 as you cannot understand.
不要读那些你看不懂的书。   Don’t read such books  as you cannot understand. 

13 to whom you lent your dictionary?
这是你借给他词典的那个学生吗?    Is that the student    to whom you lent your dictionary?

14 about which you have talked so much?
这就是你们谈论那么多的那本新小说吗?    Is this the new novel  about which you have talked so much? 

15 . 昨天在动物园我和他说话的那个人是一位工程师,我父亲的一个朋友
. 昨天在动物园我和他说话的那个人是一位工程师,我父亲的一个朋友  (who, whom, that) I spoke to in the zoo yesterday   The man  is an engineer, a friend of my  father’s. 

16 很快,他们来到一座小房子,房子前面坐着一个男孩。
 Soon they arrived at a small house in front of which sat a small boy.

17 这就是我昨天丢的那本书。 This is the same book _____ I lost yesterday.
that 我买了一本和我昨天丢的一样的书。 as I bought the same book ___ I lost yesterday.

18 改错 1.The book that I borrowed it from the library is well written.
2.The house stood at the place which the roads meet.  3.Did you see the young man whom was chosen the League secretary?  4.We shall visit the university where my father teaches there. where who/that

19 worried. 8.This is the girl who practice playing the
5.Can you think of anyone who’s house is on  a pile of rocks?  6.The day which I was to start arrived at last.  7.I have known the reason which she is so  worried.  8.This is the girl who practice playing the  piano everyday.  9.The watch which her mother gave it to her  works very well.  10.This is the shop which keep open till eleven at night.  whose when/on which Why/for which practices keeps

20 11. Is she the girl who her grandfather was a Red Army man. 12
 11.Is she the girl who her grandfather was a Red Army man?  12.The worker who repaired our house live next door to Li Hua’s.   13.The girl studies music plays the violin very well.  14.The house in where we live is very large. 15.The street which lead us to the Beijing Station is wide and long.  whose lives ^ who/that which leads

21  16.This is the one hundredth letter which 
she has received from that boy.   17.This is the woman to who my mother  talked just now. 18. Who is the driver who caused the accident? 19. Which books are his which are on the table? 20. He is such a clever boy that I like. 21. Which is known to all, the earth is round.

22 22 Mary married Tom, as is true.
23 It is such a hot day as I want to go swimming very much. 24. He is the only one of the students who are good at dancing. 25. This is the word that you should pay attention. 26. I have a book, whose the cover is very beautiful.

23 27. He beat me, as I have never expected.
28. Which is known to all, Lu Xun is dead.

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