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一个独特智库的要素 Arthur Hanson.

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1 一个独特智库的要素 Arthur Hanson

2 T.T. General Characteristics 智库的一般特性
Independent perspectives, high value-added, well-networked 独立的视角、高附加值、广泛的联系 Clear focus addressing priority demands 明确聚焦于优先需求 Capacity to self-renew & adjust interests 有能力自我更新及调整方向 Quality control 质量掌控

3 CCICED has been labeled a Think Tank (T. T
CCICED has been labeled a Think Tank (T.T.) ever since it began a quarter century ago. Now it is challenged to become a permanent body capable of consistently high quality work relevant to China and to the world. This opportunity comes as China invests in forming an ecological civilization. What are some characteristics of CCICED now and for the future?

4 国合会成立四分之一个世纪以来,一直被标为智库。现在国合会面临一项挑战,要成为一个永久的机构,在其相关中国和世界的工作中,能够始终保持高质量。 这个机遇的产生正逢中国要实践生态文明。现在的国合会与其未来都有那些特征呢?

5 CCICED’s Unique Characteristics (1) 国合会的独特性(1)
Recognition as a senior-level advisory source to China’s cabinet apparatus & leaders 承认国合会为中国最高领导提供高级咨询 Access to outstanding expertise int’l & Chinese 有来自中外方卓越专家的参与 Continuity – since start of Chinese SD interest (1992 Earth Summit) 连续性 – 自从中国开始可持续发展至今 (1992年的地球峰会)

6 CCICED’s Unique Characteristics (2) 国合会的独特性(2)
Cooperation across sectors – government, enterprise & social organizations/NGOs 跨行业合作 – 政府、企业和社会机构/非政府组织 Testing of policy recommendations at operational level (e.g, policy pilot projects) 在操作层面试行政策建议(例如政策示范项目) Influence beyond primary purpose (e.g, int’l negotiations, conduit to understand China) 影响力超越最初目标(例如国际谈判、理解中国的渠道)

7 ‘Think Tank of Think Tanks’ 智库中的智库
Access outstanding expertise and draw on existing studies from all parts of the world and in China 有卓越专家参与并从中外各方的研究中汲取经验 Formal agreements with leading T.T. research partners & other leading organization cooperation 与领军智库的研究伙伴和其它先进机构建立正式合作关系 Capacity to set recommendations in context of Chinese situation & characteristics 有能力给出与中国国情相关的建议 Continue this approach in future 将来继续以此方式工作

8 Looking Ahead: New Types of Advice 展望未来:新形式的建议
Broader array of subjects – finance, I.T., innovation 更广泛的课题 – 财政、信息技术、创新 How to reach turning points, close gaps 如何达到转折点,消除差距 Environmental social policies 环境社会政策 Enabling laws & regulations – market instruments 有效的法律和规章 – 市场工具 Implementation policies 政策实施

9 Essential Features for Future 未来的重要特点
Continued recognition by Chinese leaders as senior voice on environment & development 中国领导人继续将国合会视为环发领域的高级发声者 Continuity & understanding of China based on combined Chinese & international expertise 延续性及基于结合中外经验对中国的理解 Relevant, timely, high quality, & respected work (including flagship products widely disseminated) 相关、及时、高质量和受尊重的工作(包括广泛传播的旗舰成果) Diverse funding sources 多元资金来源

10 Issues 问题 Balancing domestic China improvement and China & world in CCICED future work 在未来国合会内平衡国内进步和中国与世界的关系 Adjusting advice to policy-setting rather than policy-taking approach 向制定政策而不是采用政策方向调整建议方式 Capacity development for CCICED 国合会的能力发展 Institutional arrangements for permanent organization 为成立永久组织做机构安排

11 Conclusions 结论 CCICED Phase Six will be the key time to transform CCICED. But the process needs to begin in 2016. 国合会第六届将是进行改革的关键时期,但此项工作需在2016年开始。 Must have strong buy-in from both Chinese & international community 必须得到中外方社会的有力支持 Institutional strengthening means greater continuity, refreshed work model, nimble response capacity; very strong affiliations with other T.T.s 强化机构意味着延续性,工作模式的更新,灵敏的反应能力;与其它智库的有力联系

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