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The Moon Festival.

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1 The Moon Festival

2 The Moon Festival, also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival, takes place on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month. The most popular legend about this holiday tells the story of Chang E, the wife of the brutal emperor Houyi. After Chang stole and took her husband’s magical elixir, she flew to the moon.

3 On Moon Festival night, Taiwanese families like to get together to eat moon cakes and pomelos, a fruit that is in season around this time. People also enjoy looking at the full moon and imagining that they see Chang E dancing there.

4 Holding barbeques on this night is a popular new tradition
Holding barbeques on this night is a popular new tradition. Everywhere in yards or in parks, people grill chicken legs and pork chops on racks. There days, it seems that food is more important than meaning of the festival.

5 Vocabulary the Moon Festival 中秋節 (又稱the Mid-Autumn Festival) legend 傳說
Chang E 嫦娥 brutal 殘暴 Houyi 后羿 take 服(藥)(take, took, taken) elixir 長生不老藥 moon cakes 月餅

6 Pomelos 文旦 in season 當令的 full moon 滿月 hold barbeques 辦烤肉 yard 院子 grill 在火上烤 pork chop 豬排 rack 烤架、衣服架子

7 Analysis 1. brutal emperor brutal是形容詞,形容名詞emperor。 brutality(殘忍)是名詞。
2. tell lie, take elixir, take medicine, take a risk(冒險)…..英文某些名詞一定要跟某些動詞搭配在一起。 3. magical elixir magical(神奇的)是形容詞 magic(魔術)是名詞

8 4. fly的動詞三態變化:fly, flew, flown
5. fruit in season和seasonal fruit 都是當令的水果 6. 動詞後接不定詞(to+動詞) I want to participate in the speech contest. 動詞後接動名詞(動詞+ing) I enjoy listening to hip-hop music. 7. grill烤肉架, grill烤肉, grilled被烤過的

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