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湖州中学微课程 走进定语从句的世界 --初识定语从句 湖州中学 朱筱杭 湖州中学微课程.

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Presentation on theme: "湖州中学微课程 走进定语从句的世界 --初识定语从句 湖州中学 朱筱杭 湖州中学微课程."— Presentation transcript:

1 湖州中学微课程 走进定语从句的世界 --初识定语从句 湖州中学 朱筱杭 湖州中学微课程

2 考纲定位和能力要求: 知识内涵: 掌握引导定语从句的关系词的基本用法; 能够解决单项选择中相关习题。
1.在复合句中修饰一个名词或代词的从句,称之为定语从句; 2. 被修饰的名词或代词称为先行词;

3 3.根据在从句中所做成分不同,我们将引导定语从句的引导词分为
关系代词和关系副词两类; 4. 关系代词分别为that,which,who,whom,whose,as,在从句中 可以充当主语,宾语,表语和定语; 5. 关系副词分别为when,where,why在从句中充当状语; 6. 定语从句可以分为限制性定语从句和非限制性定语从句,区分标志 是非限制性定语从句会有一个逗号将主句和从句分开。

4 例句: 1. Do you know the girl who is standing under the tree?
2. The president paid a visit to the village where he was born. 3. York, which I visited last year, is a nice old city. 先行词 关系代词(主语) 先行词 关系副词(状语) 先行词 关系代词 (宾语)

5 考点透视一 关系代词的用法 一、关系代词 who, whom
考点透视一 关系代词的用法 一、关系代词 who, whom 1. The foreigner who is talking with our teacher will teach us English. 2. The foreigner (who/ whom) our teacher is talking with will teach us English. 3. The foreigner with whom our teacher is talking will teach us English. 总结:当先行词为人时,定语从句缺少主语时可用who; 若缺少宾语时,可用who/ whom , 在限制性定语从句可省略;若直接放在介词后则只能用whom。

6 总结:关系代词whose的先行词既可以为人,也可是物,在定 语从句中充当定语。
1. Many children, whose parents are away working in big cities, are taken good care of in the village. 2. The house, whose windows were broken last night, belongs to a famous judge. 总结:关系代词whose的先行词既可以为人,也可是物,在定 语从句中充当定语。

7 典题直击 C 1. The prize will go to the writer ______ story shows the most
imagination. (2011全国卷I ) A. that B. which C. whose D. what C

8 典题直击 A 2. I’ve become good friends with several of the students in my
school ______ I met in the English speech contest last year. A. who B. where C. when D. which A

9 三、关系代词 that/which 1. I lost my mobile phone that/ which cost me 1,000 dollars . 2. I lost my mobile phone (that/ which)I bought for 1,000 dollars. 3. I lost my mobile phone, which I bought for 1,000 dollars. 4. I lost my mobile phone, which made me very upset. 5. He is no longer the man that he was ten years ago.

10 总结:   关系代词that 的先行词既可以为人也可是物,在从句中充当主语,宾语,表语,作宾语时可省略;但是不可以用在介词后和非限制性定语从句中。   关系代词which的先行词为物,在引导非限定从时,先行词也可为前面整个句子,在从句中充当主语,宾语,做宾语时可以省略,在限制性定语从句中作宾语时可以省略。

11 典题直击 1. Yesterday she sold her car, ______ she bought a month ago.
(08浙江) A. when B. where C. that D. which D

12 典题直击 2. It is the third time that she has won the race, ______ has surprised us all. (2012陕西卷) A. that B. where C. which D. what C

13 总结:当先行词为表示时间、地点、原因的名词,同时又在定语从句作状语时,我们可以选择关系副词when,where,why。
考点透视二、关系副词的用法 1. He will never forget the day when he got married. 2. This is the factory where my father once worked. 3. She didn’t tell us the reason why she took three days off. = on which = in which = for which 总结:当先行词为表示时间、地点、原因的名词,同时又在定语从句作状语时,我们可以选择关系副词when,where,why。

14 典题直击 and plants can be protected. (2013北京) D A. when B. which
1. Many countries are now setting up national parks_______ animals and plants can be protected. (2013北京) A. when B. which C. whose D. where D

15 典题直击 2. The days are gone _____physical strength was all you needed to
make a living. (2011天津) A. when B. that C. where D. which A

16 能力突破 When I arrived, Bryan took me to see the house I would be staying. (2013新课标II卷) A. what B. when C. where D. which 2. After the flooding, people were suffering in that area, ____urgently needed clean water, medicine and shelter to survive. (2012江苏卷) A. which B. who C. where D. what C B

17 能力突破 总结:在解题过程中,需要先找到先行词,然后再根据定语从句缺
3.Ted came for the weekend wearing only some shorts and a T-shirt, ______ is a stupid thing to do in such weather. (2011全国卷II) A. this B. that C. what D. which D 总结:在解题过程中,需要先找到先行词,然后再根据定语从句缺 少何种成分做出选择;注意which的先行词可为一句话的用法。

18 小结 1. 在复习备考的过程中,我们要熟练掌握关系代词和关系副词 的基本用法;除了进行常规的单选练习之外,还应尝试使用
定语从句来书写英文句子,以熟悉和巩固其用法。 年高考对于关系代词which,whose和关系副词where, when的用法考查的可能性稍大。

19 Assignment 找出M1U4&U5 reading中所有的定语从句,并分辨其中的关系代词和关系副词的用法。

20 Thank you!

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