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Unit 1 Reading School life in the UK (Period 2) Aims and demands:

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1 Unit 1 Reading School life in the UK (Period 2) Aims and demands: Revision Language points

2 excite 刺激;使兴奋;使激动 exciting excited 令人兴奋的,使人激动的 感到激动的,兴奋的 1. Spider-Man is an ______ film and I liked it very much. 2. The boy felt ______ when he saw his favorite basketball star---Yao Ming. 3. The ______boy quickly ran forward when Yao Ming got off the bus. 4. His idea ______ me very much. exciting excited excited excited

3 ________ ---a very enjoyable and exciting experience
1. Please tell me your exciting experiences in Africa. 2. Though our new teacher in only 24, he has already had two years’ teaching experience. 3. I was lucky to experience this different way.. 4. We have a modern medical centre and experienced nurses “经历”, 可数名词 “经验”, 不可数名词 “经历” , “体验”, 及物动词 “有经验的”, 形容词

4 I was very happy with the school hours ….
be happy with be satisfied with be pleased with 对……满意 She is not happy with her present position as a typist. I’m not happy with your explanation.

5 …because school starts around 9 a.m….
at school after school out of school leave school 在上学 放学后 出校门, 毕业 毕业,辍学

6 attend join join in join sb. in sth. take part in 参加 今天下午请准时参加会议. 他去年参军了. 刘翔将参加2008奥运会. 他加入到我们的讨论中.

7 He also told us that the best way to earn
respect from the school was to work hard and achieve high grades. _________________ 做……的方法 The doctor told us that the best way to lose weight is to have a healthy diet and take regular exercise. I don’t know Jack’s address. The only way of getting in touch with him is by telephone. I don’t like the way you talk to your mother. I don’t know the way he looked at me. _________________ ____________________

8 做……的方法 the way to do sth the way of doing sth
the way +attributive clause

9 achieve v. achieve grade/ one’s goal n. achievement make (great) achievements

10 ________ 听上去像 This sounded like my school in China. 这听起来倒是像我在国内就读的学校。
1. The story sounded like my experience in Africa. 2. It sounds like there is something wrong with the fax machine. 后接名词 后接从句

11 It was difficult to remember all the faces and names.
It is necessary for us to practise English every day.

12 …the homework was not as heavy as
what I used to get in my old school. used to do be/get used to doing be used to do 过去常常 习惯于 被用于 竹子被用来做纸。 Bamboo is used to make paper.

13 “as” 因为 This means I could get up an hour later than
usual as schools in China begin before 8 a.m. (line 4-5) I felt lucky as all my teachers were very helpful and I enjoyed all my subjects. (line 22) My English improved a lot as I used English every day and spent an hour each day… (line 26) Cooking was great fun as I learned how to buy, prepare and cook food. (line 31) “as” 因为

14 …the homework was not as heavy as
what I used to get in my old school. China is not what it used to be. We can learn what we do not know from TV programs. 3. Northern Chinese usually sleep on what is called Kang.

15 Cooking was really fun. _____ it is to swim with your friends in the summer! A. What a great fun B. What great fun C. How great fun D. How a great fun It is fun to do sth. What fun it is to do sth!

16 ___ …but can drop some subjects if they don’t … 戒掉,革除(坏习惯等);
结束(问题的讨论等) He has dropped smoking. Shall we drop the subject? 他已戒烟了。 我们不谈那件事行吗?

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