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7 詢價(Inquiries) Chapter 詢問信的內容及結構大致為: 1. 開頭部份

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1 7 詢價(Inquiries) Chapter 詢問信的內容及結構大致為: 1. 開頭部份
1. 開頭部份 (1) 若之前未有聯絡,未曾寫詢問信函,開頭部份仍如詢問信函所述 ,告知如何得知對方資料。 (2) 若已有聯絡,賣方已給目錄或樣品,則於開頭部份感謝對方的提 供。 2. 承接部份 (1) 未聯絡者,仍先簡略介紹公司,並明確提出自己有興趣的產品 (Ex:品名,品號…等)。 (2) 已有聯絡者,則直接告知對方自己感興趣的產品,表達欲知其 價格、品質、交易條件及最低訂購數量…等資料,請賣方提供。

2 7 詢價(Inquiries) Chapter (3) 若對產品有任何疑問之處,應一一提出,以便賣方能針對問題回 答。
(4) 另外,可表達彼此若能合作的前瞻性及有利之處,請對方報最 好的價格。 3. 結尾部份 請其關注以上事項,並盼回覆。 下一章

3 MR-70 pocket screwdriver w/belt clip
詢價信函 –未聯絡過 Dear Sir, We are one of the leading companies here in Kuwait in dealing with D.I.Y tools. We learn your name from “tool magazine” and would like to know your prices for the following items shown in the advertisement, so that we can order them directly. Please kindly quote us C&F Kuwait. D.I.Y tool combination MR-70 pocket screwdriver w/belt clip PS-25BK pocket screwdriver with key chain We kindly request you to send catalogues, brochures and price list for all your products. Our mailing address is as following: …………….. We look forward to your prompt reply and favorable quotation. Truly yours,

4 7 詢價(Inquiries) Chapter 詢價信函 –有聯絡過 (感謝賣方寄來的目錄,研讀後,對MRI系列極有興
趣,請賣方報最好價格,並請寄一套樣品來)。 Dear Sirs, Thanks for your cooperation in sending us your latest catalogues which we just received. After going through them, we are very interested in your MRI-series. Please kindly quote your best prices and forward a set of samples further. We look forward to a favorable business with you. Your prompt cooperation about the above will be highly appreciated. Best regards,

5 8 報價(Offer or Quotation) Chapter 1. 報價書信的表達方式有 :
(1) 在FAX或 上直接報價-項目少時 (2) 製作報價單 – 正式.正確的做法.會有開頭&結尾語.交易條件名細 (3) 製作報價簡表 – 老客戶 (4) 依照客戶的報價單(有時稱Offer Sheet)填寫 2. 報價書信的內容與結構: (1)開頭部份:感謝對方的詢問。 (2)承接部份: 報價信函,最好多介紹產品的好處及強調此報價的利基點(如品質 優、價格好、現正熱賣中……等),讓其有購買慾望。 在FAX或 上報價。 如附報價單,請客人參考。

6 Chapter 8 報價(Offer or Quotation) 3. 結尾部分:希望對方滿意,盼客人告知意見或訂單確認。

7 8 8.2.1 運輸的方式 Chapter 貨物運輸方式有 1.海運(By Sea) 2.空運(By Air)
3.快遞(Express, also by Air, 如:DHL, Federal Express, TNT, UPS, EMS……等)

8 8 報價(Offer or Quotation) Chapter 在信文中,告訴客人,報價單如附,請客戶參考,並早告之意見 或下訂單。
◆範例參考: Dear Sirs, Thanks for your of June 29 which has been handled with our best attention. As requested, we enclose our price list for the items you are interested for your reference. Hope you are satisfied with our offer and can tell us your comments or place an order in return. We look forward to the opportunity of serving you further. Best regards,

9 Dear Mr. Brown, Thank you for your dated Jan.23 expressing your interest in our ceiling and stand fans. Attached please find our price list for them. The answers to your questions about the conditions are as follows: Delivery: within30-45 days after receipt of your L/C or T/T Payment : By irrevocable L/C at sight in our favor or T/T before shipment. Minimum:US$6000 per shipment. Otherwise, we must request US$250 as handling charge to cover our cost. Discount: 20’ container – 3% discount We have offered our best price in the enclosed price list. We hope that you agree that our offer is extremely favorable for this excellent quality and we may cooperate in the near future. We look forward to your comments or your first order confirmation soon. Sincerely yours,

10 8 報價(Offer or Quotation) Chapter 感謝其歷年來的訂購,對其購買的產品,更
新價格,期待2001年,彼此業績成長,關係更加密切。 Dear Sirs, We appreciate a lot your support during these years and hope our cooperation will be reinforced for the coming new year At our side, we will continue improving ourselves no matter in new product research, prices, delivery or service. We hope we can bring you more and more satisfaction. Regarding to our cooperation for the year of 2001, we are glad to offer you much better prices as the updated price list we enclosed. Hope it's helpful to boost our sales and we cooperation is getting closer and closer.

11 報價信函常用句 As requested, we quote our best FOB prices as the quotation attached. We are please to quote you as follows and can promise delivery within 40 days on receipt of your payment. Our prices are subject to change without notice. Payment: By irrevocable L/C at sight in our favor or T/T before shipment. By cash with order 30% T/T upon order confirmation70%T/T before shipment Delivery: 1. Within days upon order confirmation. 2. Within days after receipt of your L/C or T/T 3. Around July 10, 2009 Minimum: 1.Minimum order quantity ( MOQ): 1000 sets 2. This quotation is for a minimum order quantity of 1000 sets. 3. US$10,000 per shipment. Otherwise, we are sorry that we have to charge US$250 as handling fee. Discount: We will be glad to offer you a discount of 5% for any quantity over 2000 sets. For quantity over sets, we will grant you a discount of 5%. For quantity of units or more, we can offer you a discount of 3% on list prices.

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