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THE ARTICLE. 冠词的用法: 冠词 定冠词 不定冠词 (Definite Article) (Indefinite Article) (Article)

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2 冠词的用法: 冠词 定冠词 不定冠词 (Definite Article) (Indefinite Article) (Article)

3 1. 定冠词的基本用法 1 )定冠词的特指用法 定冠词的特指用法通常都是 确定的特指,比如 重提上文 提到过的人或物时,要用定 冠词:

4 eg.I saw a girl and an old man in the house. The old man must be the girl’s grand-father. eg.He ordered some books last month. The books have now arrived.

5 2) 在名词词组中,如果名 词之后带有限制性定语或 其前带有最高级形容词, 要用定冠词: eg.Is this the train for Shanghai? eg.The flowers in her garden smell fragrant.

6 eg.Here the letter to be posted. eg.This is the most interesting book I have ever read. 3) 当讲到说话人和听话人都 知道的人或物时,要用定冠 词:

7 eg.I’m just back from the market. eg.Has the postman been here? 4) 当名词前带有 first, next, last, same, only 等表示独特 含义的词语时,要用定冠词: eg.When is the next flight to Beijing.

8 eg.He is always the first to come and the last to leave. eg.This is the only copy I have ever collected.

9 2. 定冠词的类指用法 1 )用 “ 定冠词 + 单数名词 ” 可泛指同一类的人和物: eg.The tiger and the cat belong to the same family of mammals.

10 eg.The book is used for the teacher, not for the student. 2)“ 用定冠 + 表示国籍的形容 词 ” 可泛指整个民族或国人。 eg.The Chinese are a great, hardworking, and bravery people.

11 eg.The English have long had trade relations with China. 4 ) “ 定冠词 + 某些复数名词 ” 可泛指一定的阶级,阶层 或外国人。 eg.The Germans are a musical people.

12 eg.He says he keeps away from the lawyers and the doctors. 3. 定冠词的其他用法 1 )在表示某些独一无二的 事物时,要用定冠词:

13 eg.the sun, the moon, the earth, the northern pole,the equator 2 )在表示海洋,江河,湖泊, 群岛,山脉,沙漠,海峡等 的专有名词前,要用定冠词 。 eg. The Sahara, the Atlantic, the Changjiang river

14 3) 在乐器名称前,要用定冠词 eg.Tom played the piano and I played the violin. 4) 在表示某一家人的专有名词 前,要用定冠词。 eg.The Browns have arrived.

15 2. 不定冠词的基本用法 不定冠词 a, an 也可用于特 指和类指。 1 )不定冠词的特指用法 不定冠词的特指用法属于 非确定特指,即指特定的 人和物,

16 但不是很明确,因此不同于 定冠词所表示的确定特指 。 比较: They live in a house. The house was built last year. (前 者仅指一幢特定的房子,至 于什么样的房子没说明,因 而是非确定特指;在后一句 中,

17 The house 则指他们所住的 房子。 eg.I have got a headache. eg.There is a postman at the door.

18 2 )不定冠词的类指用法 不定冠词与单数名词搭配 可泛指一类的任何物,即 指同类的人或物中的任何 一个。 eg.A car must be insured.

19 eg.A child needs love. eg.He will become an actor, not a painter. * 要注意区别 “ 不定冠词 + 单数名词 ” 的类指用法与 非确定特指用法,这要依 上下文来判定。

20 eg.He bought an English dictionary. (非确定特指) eg.He needs an English dictionary. (类指) eg.A car passed just a moment ago. (非确定特指) eg.A car is a vehicle driven by a motor. (类指)

21 eg.A child came to my room. eg.A child must be educated in some way. 3) 不定冠词的指量用法 不定冠词在下列结构中有 “ 一 个 ” 的含义,属于指量用法: eg.I will be back in a day or two.

22 eg.It is a foot long, an inch thick. eg. A car runs 80 kilometers an hour. 3. 零冠词的用法 “ 零冠词 + 复数名词或不可数 名词 ” 可用于非确定特指。

23 eg.There are people waiting to come in. eg.He brought us information about the accident. eg.This morning I only had milk for breakfast.

24 eg.Pencils, pens, and pieces of paper were spread all over the table. 2) 零冠词的类指用法: “ 零冠词 + 复数名词,抽象 名词或物质名词 ” 可泛指一 类的人或事物。

25 * 零冠词也可与表示家庭成 员的单数名词搭配作确定 特指。 eg.Mary asked “Why is Father out of work? eg.Teacher was pleased with our work.

26 eg.Practice makes perfect. eg.Life is hard for every one of us eg.Tractors have taken the place of horses.

27 3 )零冠词的其他用法: * 在表示餐食,交通工具 , 通讯工具的名词之前,通 常用零冠词。 eg.After lunch I usually take a nap. eg.I usually travel by train, not by air

28 eg.He sent the message not by post, but by radio. * 在表示四季,年月,周 日,时间的名词之前,通 常用零冠词。 eg.Spring has come around again.

29 eg.On Sunday I usually take my children to the park. eg.In February, it is already very warm in Hainan. eg.He worked by day and studied by night.

30 eg.She practised on the piano at noon, not at night. * 零冠词还用于以下场合: Go to school, go to hospital, go to work, go to church, go to town, play football, play bridge, play chess, in hospital, at work,in prison, in town

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