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Chapter 5 精华内容 By Lucia.

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1 Chapter 5 精华内容 By Lucia

2 关于男人or女人 A nice-looking girl caught his eye. 注意:不用eyes
Mr. Lin has been considered a prince of charming. They have fallen in love with each other for years.(他们相爱多年)

3 Tom really turns me on. (汤姆真让我神魂颠倒。) I'm trying to get a date with her. (我打算和她约会。) You broke my heart. (你也太狠心了。) I didn't mean to... (我不是那个意思……)

4 Are you seeing anyone now?
(你现在有朋友吗?) Yeah, kind of. (嗯,怎么说呢……) What do you think of me? (你觉得我怎么样?) I think you're great. (我觉得你挺棒的。) You are very unique. (你是如此独特。)

5 实用例句 My boyfriend and I just started dating a few weeks ago.
我和我的男朋友几星期前开始约会。 His name is Brandon. He's pretty cute! He has brown hair and blue eyes. We met through friends when we all went out to dinner one night. 他叫Brandon。他长得很帅!他有着棕色头发和蓝眼睛。我们是通过朋友认识的,在有一天晚上出去吃饭时认识的。

6 实用例句 He said his parents are coming to town soon, I am so nervous to meet the parents! 他说他父母很快要来看他…… 要见男朋友的父母我很紧张啊! We have so much in common. I think we are a match made in heaven. 我们有很多共同点。我觉得我们是天作之合。

7 实用例句 have a crush on 迷恋某人
A: I'm having this huge crush on Ted. I'm going to try and see if I can ask him out this weekend. A: 我最近好喜欢Ted 喔! 我想看看能不能约他这个周末出来。 B: Well...But I heard that he is already seeing somebody. B: 嗯……但是我听说他已经有了交往的对象了诶!

8 Will you marry me? (愿意和我结婚吗?) 用于求爱时,男女都可以用。 I want to share the rest of my life with you. (我愿今生今世和你在一起。) I want to grow old together. (我愿意和你白头到老。)

9 我还不想订婚。 I don't want to get engaged yet. 我还不想结婚。 I don't want to get married yet. 那你想什么时候呢? When will you be ready? 我还没准备好安定下来。 I'm not ready to settle down yet.

10 我们俩很般配。 We're a well-matched couple. 我是个顾家的人。 I'm a family-centered person. 她想要个孩子。 She wants to start a family. 我怀孕了。 I'm pregnant.

11 “You are the apple of my eye.”
很多单身男女寻寻觅觅都是为了找到那个perfect match (完美的相配) 当他们在世界某个角落找到了他们的另一半,他们会对对方说:“You complete me.” “You are the apple of my eye.”

12 异地恋叫做“long distance relationship”
那“距离产生美”英文怎么说? “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” (直译为“人不在更加使得两心相悦”) “眼不见,心没你”英文怎么说?” Out of sight, out of mind”

13 wedding Paper wedding 纸婚(一周年) Wood wedding 木婚(五周年) Tin wedding 锡婚(十周年)
Crystal wedding 水晶婚(十五周年) china wedding 搪瓷婚(二十周年) Silver wedding 银婚(二十五周年) Golden wedding 金婚(五十周年)

14 “We just broke up. (我们刚刚分手)
“He/she dumped me(他/她把我给甩了) “I was dumped (我给甩了)” “I don‘t deserve you (我配不上你)” 纯粹是废话!这句话从来真正的意思都是 You don't deserve me (你配不上我)

15 refusing I am sorry to turn you down. I'll think about it.
我很抱歉必须拒绝你。  I'll think about it. 让我再想想看。 There is nothing to talk about. 没什么好说的了。

16 refusing Anywhere but here. Anyone but him. Anything but this.
「除了这里,哪里都好」 Anyone but him. 「除了他,谁都好」 Anything but this. 「除了这个,什么都好」

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