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1 冠词

2 a 、an 不定冠词: 冠词 定冠词: the 零冠词: 不用冠词

3 不定冠词的用法(用不定冠词a和an填空) ⑴ Give me apple, please. My father is doctor
不定冠词的用法(用不定冠词a和an填空) ⑴ Give me apple, please My father is doctor. There is ___ “u” and __ “s” in the word “use” ⑵There is picture on the wall. It is fine day today. 指某一个人或事物。当说话人______提及某人或某物时,通常用不定冠词。 ⑶ friend comes to see me. He studies in middle school. 指某人或某物,但不具体说明何人或何物,带有_______的意思。 an a a an a a 第一次 A a 不确定

4 (4) There are 24 hours in a day. Take the medicine three ____ day
(4) There are 24 hours in a day Take the medicine three ____ day. 用来表示数量“一”,还可以用来表示“_____” (5) It’s such ___ important meeting. I can’t miss it. Two months is quite ___ long time. 用在 quite, rather, what, half, such等词的后 (6) I have read the books twice, but I want to read ___ third time. 用于序数词前,表示“_____,_____”。 a 每一 an a a 又一 再一

5 competition 玩得开心 散步 感冒 咳嗽 头痛
玩得开心 散步 感冒 咳嗽 头痛 have a good time take a walk have/catch a cold have a cough have a headache = have a pain in head

6 Exercise I have ___ apple. He has ___orange . This is ___ egg. Jim is ___ honest boy and he is ___ university student . 4. Do you have ___ computer ? 5. There is ___ car in front of the house. English is ___ useful language. He is ___ unhappy boy. My father will come back in __ hour . There is ___ beautiful flower. There is ___ “u” and __ “s” in the word “use” Please take ___ seat and have ___ rest an an an an a a a a an an a a an a a

7 This is an apple. ____ apple is mine.
定冠词 the的用法 1. 第二次提到 This is an apple. ____ apple is mine. 2. 特指 ____ boy in red is my brother. 用在独一无二的名词前 The sun is much bigger than ____ earth. 4. 用在最高级前 He is ____ tallest student in our class. 5. 用在序数词前 Sunday is ____ first day of the week. 6. 用在乐器前 I can play ____ piano. 7. The +姓的复数 表示一家人 the Smiths / the Greens 史密斯一家 / 格林一家 8. 用在方位名词前 in the south / on the right The The the the the the

8 competition 白宫 长城 第13中学 黄河 太平洋 在下午 最后 顺便说一下
白宫 长城 第13中学 黄河 太平洋 在下午 最后 顺便说一下 the White House the Great Wall the No.13 middle school the Yellow River the Pacific Ocean in the afternoon in the end by the way

9 ____ earth goes round ____ sun.
Jim is ___ tallest and ___ most interesting 3. ___man over there is my teacher. 4. There is ___ orange on the table . ___ orange is mine . 5. I live on ____ twelfth floor. 6. ____ Great Wall is ____oldest building. 7. I have ___aunt . ___ aunt is ____ doctor. 8. In this exam ,he is ___ second. Jim is ___ boy . He is ___ American boy. ___Yellow River is one of ___ longest rivers. Beijing is in ___ north of China The the the the The an the the The the an The a the a an The the the

10 首先 在中午 在家 步行 生病住院 去上学 踢足球 下棋 在周二 在夏季 吃早餐 教师节
at first at noon at home on foot in hospital go to school play soccer play chess on Tuesday in summer eat/have breakfast Teachers’ Day

11 1.This is ___ orange , ____ orange is orange
2.English is __useful language. 3.My brother is ___usual boy but ___ honest boy. 4. He is holding ___umbrella. 5. __man in red is his father. He’s at __dinner 6. Who is ___ strongest and ___ most friendly? 7.___girl over there is ___ university student. 8. I have ___ cat . __ cat’s name is Mimi. 9. Monday is __ second day of a week. 10 __ sun is bigger than__ moon 11. I like playing __ basketball and ___ piano. 12. He was born in ___ May. 13. I saw ___ old man pass by and ___old man looked sad. an the a a an an The / the the The a a The the The the / the / an the

12 多久一次 一周3或4次 至于,关于 去滑滑板 多少 饮食习惯 尽力做某事 当然 和…一样 和…不同 对…有益 传统中医 头痛 看牙医 躺下休息 带蜂蜜的水 how often three or four times a week as for go skateboarding how many eating habit try to do sth. of course the same as be different from be good for traditional Chinese doctor have a headache=have a pain in head see a dentist lie down and rest water with honey

13 What do you usually do on weekends?
你周末经常做什么? 你多久钓一次鱼? 多吃水果对健康有好处。 你怎么了? 我喉咙痛。/ 我压力很大。 我应该做什么? 你最好早点睡觉。 What do you usually do on weekends? How often do you go fishing? It’s good for health to eat more fruit. What’s the matter? I have a sore throat. I am stressed out. What should I do? You had batter go to bed early.

14 get married 结婚 come for dinner 来吃晚饭 be polite 有礼貌

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