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Unit 3 Families Celebrate Together Lesson 13 I Love Autumn.

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1 Unit 3 Families Celebrate Together Lesson 13 I Love Autumn

2 Words celebrate v. 庆祝 mid lunar adj. 中间的 round celebration n. 月亮
however thanksgiving wonder v. 庆祝 adj. 中间的 n. 月亮 adj. 圆的 adv.周而复始的 n. 庆祝;庆贺 adv. 然而,不过 n. 感恩节 v. 感到疑惑;想知道

3 What Chinese festivals are in autumn?
Mid-Autumn Festival What Chinese festivals are in autumn? National Day

4 Thanksgiving Do you know of any autumn festivals in other countries?

5 感恩节(Thanksgiving Day)是美国和加拿大的节日,原意是为了感谢印第安人,后来人们常在这一天感谢他人。

6   感恩节起源于300多年前一批100多人的欧洲移民到了美国,饥寒交迫很难活下来,大部分人在头一年的冬天就冻死饿死了,剩下的50多人,在当地原居民印第安人的帮助下,学会了钓鱼、打猎、种玉米和南瓜。这些人在第二年喜庆丰收的时候,举行了感谢上帝的庆祝活动,并且邀请印第安人一起参加。 欧洲人没有美洲大陆的那些经历,没必要感谢远在另一大洲的印第安人,所以他们没有感恩节。很多人以为感恩节是欧美地区流传的节日,其实是错误的。

7 Objectives To understand the passage about festivals To learn to talk about festivals with the words and phrases celebrate, round, however, wonder Mid-Autumn Festival, Thank you for…

8 P35 Read the lesson and answer the questions. 1 1. They will watch the moon and look for Chang’e. 1. What will Li Ming’s family do on the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival? 2. Where will Jenny go on Thanksgiving Day? 3. When is Canadian Thanksgiving? 4. Why do Li Ming and Jenny like autumn? 2. She will go to her grandparents’ home. 3. It is on the second Monday of October. 4. Li Ming likes autumn because Mid-Autumn Festival and his birthday are in autumn. Jenny likes autumn because Thanksgiving is in autumn.

9 Listen to the dialogues and tick the correct answers or pictures.
2 When did the girl visit her grandparents? On National Day. On Mid-Autumn Day. On Thanksgiving Day.

10 2. What do people usually eat on that

11 3. What do people usually do that

12 Language points

13 1. In the lunar calendar, it’s on August 15.
在阴历中,中秋节是在八月十五日。 lunar意思是“月亮的,阴历的”;the lunar calendar意思是“阴历,农历”; the lunar new year意思是“阴历新年, 春节”。

14 2. We will watch the moon that night and look for Chang’e.
那天晚上我们会欣赏月亮,寻找嫦娥。 My husband enjoys watching football games. 我丈夫喜欢看足球比赛。 I am looking at the blackboard, but I can’t see anything on it. 我在看黑板,但是上面什么也看不到。 watch作动词,意思是“观看,注视”,与see, look不同。see的意思是 “看到”;look的意思是“看”,后面加宾语时要在宾语前面加at。

15 3. When I was a little boy, my grandma told me the story of Chang’e.
当我还是个小孩子的时候,奶奶给我讲了关于嫦娥的故事。 We chanced to be out when she called. 她来电话时,恰巧我们没在家。 He jumped with joy when he heard the good news. 当他听到这一好消息时高兴得跳了起来。 when意思是“当……的时候”,引导时间状语从句。

16 4. In the story, a beautiful lady named Chang’e lives on the moon.
在这个故事中,在月亮上住着一个叫嫦娥的美丽女子。 The little girl named Emma is very beautiful. 这个明名叫艾玛的女孩非常漂亮。 named Chang’e 是过去分词短语作定语,修饰名词lady,因为和修饰的名词是被动关系,所以用过去分词作定语。

17 5. We will have a seven-day holiday!
我们将有七天的假期。 That ten-year-old boy can speak three languages. 那个十岁的男孩子能说三种语言。 Seattle and Vancouver are both about a two-hour flight away. 到西雅图和温哥华的飞行时间都是两小时。 seven-day为一个合成形容词,注意其中的名词不能用复数形式。

18 接龙 幻灯片上单词出现时,同学应迅速读出该单词并说出意思,说不出时,可有5秒钟的现场求救时间(向其他同学),每名同学接受求救不得超过3次。

19 however round celebration celebrate lunar wonder when watch thanksgiving

20 注:另附word 文档,点此链接

21 Ⅰ. 根据句意及首字母提示写单词。 1. When do people c________ Thanksgiving in Canada? 2. The sun is r______ and bright. It looks like a red ball in the early morning. 3. It’s raining hard outside. H_______, I still want to go there. 4. I w_______ how he has finished so much work in a short time. 5. On M____________ Festival, people watch the moon and eat moon cakes. elebrate ound owever onder id-Autumn

22 Ⅱ. 用正确的介词填空。 1. In China, the summer holidays usually start_____ July. 2. Father’s Day is _____ the third Sunday of June in America. 3. What festivals do you celebrate _____  winter? 4. National Day is coming. What will you do________ the festival? 5. We will go on a school trip _____ the morning of Saturday. from on in during on

23 Ⅲ. 用所给单词的适当形式填空。 1. April is the ________ (four) month of the year. 2. The new movie _______ (name) The Croods is very interesting. 3. They ______ (have) a class meeting yesterday afternoon. 4. We’ll give our teachers some gifts on ____________ (teacher) Day. 5. The restaurant had a___________ (celebrate) for its opening last Sunday. fourth named had Teachers’ celebration

24 Homework Preview the words and expressions in Lesson 14. Write an to your foreign friend about Mid-Autumn Festival. ( words) celebrate lunar moon round delicious watch Chang’e

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