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Welcome Welcome to my class Welcome to my class!.

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1 welcome Welcome to my class Welcome to my class!

2 Learn some sentences:

3 Climb high,climb far, Your goal the sky, Your aim the star. 往高爬,往远爬, 你的目标是天空, 你的目标是明星。 小诗

4 Unit American English Lesson 10

5 The people in the USA speak English.
美 国 地 图 MAP OF U.S.A The people in the USA speak English.

6 There are some differences between American English and British English.

7 Deal with the new words ,pay attention to some difficult sentences.
Britain Europe India Spain 不列颠 欧洲 印度 西班牙 British European Indian Spanish 英国的, 欧洲的 印第安人的 西班牙的 英国人(的) 欧洲人 印第安的 西班牙语 Florida: the name of the state in the USA “land of flowers”

8 More or less 或多或少,“大体上”,用来表示自己的意见不那么肯定。
2.Written English is more or less the same in both Britain and American,though there are some spelling differences. 在英国和美国,书面英语大体上都是相同的,尽管有些拼法上的差异。 More or less 或多或少,“大体上”,用来表示自己的意见不那么肯定。 e.g. The work is more or less finished.这项工作大体上已经完成了。 我认为这多少是一种犯罪行为 I think it’s more or less a crime.

9 3.However,most of the time ,people from the two countries do not have any difficulty in understanding each other. 然而,在多数时间里,英国人和美国人都能很容易地相互听懂对方所说的话。 however, 然而。 I’d like to go with you,however my hands are full. have a difficulty in doing.在做某事方面有困难。 I have some difficulty in speaking English.

10 4.How did the differences come about?
这些差别是怎样产生的呢? Come about 产生,发生 take place . happen. How did the accident come about?

11 6. A great many.许多. a large number of修饰可数名词
7.cent 美分 dollar =100 cents. 8, howl 嚎叫. cry. 9.reason .原因 season季节 10 ,bring in.带进,引进.

12 AE BE film 11 .movie 电影 gas 煤汽,汽油 store 商店 mail 邮政 petrol shop post

13 F Read the passage,choose”T”or “F”
1.Between American English and British English there are more differences in spelling than in pronunciation.( ) 2.American English and British English are so different that people from the two countries can hardly understand each other.( ) . F F

14 T T 3.The English language is always changing.( )
4.The main idea of the last paragraph is that many words from other languages have come into English language.( ) T T

15 BE AE BE 在下列单词后的括号里写AE或BE 1.color.( )2.travelled.( ) ) ( ) 5. Center ( ) 6.autumn ( ) BE AE AE BE AE BE

16 Read the passage again and answer the questions on your workbook.

17 2.Is there any differences in written English in the countries?
1.Do you think that people from Britain and American can understand? Why do you think so? 2.Is there any differences in written English in the countries?

18 3.Can you give some examples to show spelling differences between American and British English?
BE AE favour favor labour labor metre meter theatre theater quarreller quarreler BE AE colour color centre center travelled traveled AE BE vacation holiday fall autumn check cheque

19 4.What differences are there in spoken English? AE BE
dance [dæs] [da:ns] not [nat] [nэ t] fast [fæt] [fa:st] clerk [clэ:k] [kla:k] Class [ cl æs] [kla:s]

20 American English British American Movie.way of away.
5.Where did the word “fall” first come from? 6.Where did the expression”way of life”come from? British English American English I guess I think British American Movie.way of away.

21 8.How did the differences betqeen British and American English come about?
English other countries stayed the same changed differences came about.

22 8.Why has American English changed?
Old French Indian cent To howl American English Florida cookbook German Spanish

23 9.In which countries is English used as the official language?
10.Which do you prefer?American English or British English?Why?

24 本课小结 American English 1.Spelling differences between AE and BE
2.Speaking differences between AE and BE 3.How did the differences come about 4.How did the English change?

25 Thank you! Good bye.

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