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P42) be dying to do渴望做某事 L2) hear from sb 收到某人来信

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1 P42) be dying to do渴望做某事 L2) hear from sb 收到某人来信 L3) go to the gym去健身房锻炼 L3) three times a week 一周三次 L4) work out 锻炼 L4) stay slim 保持苗条 L5) a slim figure 苗条的身材

2 L6) lose weight 减肥 L7) prepare to do 准备做 L7) take weight-loss pills 服减肥药 L8) be popular among/with sb 受某人欢迎 L9) take two pills a day 一天服两片

3 L13) at the moment 现在,此刻 L18) be in hospital (生病)住院 L18) recover from 从…中痊愈 L18) liver failure 肝衰竭 L19) a harmful chemical 有害的化学物质 L19) cause sb to do sth导致某人做某事

4 L21) insist on doing 坚持做 L21-22) medical treatment 医疗;治疗 L23) follow one’s advice take accept listen to 听从某人的建议

5 L24) at (the) least 至少 at (the) most 至多 P43/L25) fruit and vegetables 水果和蔬菜 L25) look after 照料(看) take care of tend (to)

6 L26) damage/harm one’s health 损害健康
L27) be ashamed of 对…感到羞愧 L33) hear about/of 听说 L34) be embarrassed about 对…感到尴尬

7 L39) go on a diet (去)节食 be on a diet 在节食 L40) learn from 向…学习;从…吸取教训 [Reading strategy] L1) come across meet with run into 偶遇

8 P42/L2 Is everything OK with you? 你一切还好吗?

9 P42/L4 Looking good is important to women, isn’t it? P43/L27 We shouldn’t be ashamed of the way we look, should we? 反义疑问句,为本单元语法,略

10 P42/L7 … Fat-less, which are quite... P42/L11 My mother, who you met … P42/L21 to the hospital, where I … 非限制性定语从句,标志为从句与主句间有逗号,本单元语法 。

11 P42/L6 Since I’m preparing to act in a new TV show, I’m taking weight-loss pills called … since = now that 既然(引导原因状语从句)

12 P42/L9--- I take two pills a day and don’t need to exercise.
don’t need to = needn’t 情态动词,否、疑 need needn’t do/Need I do..? 行为动词,肯、否、疑 ~ to do/don’t ~ to do/Do I need to do..?

13 P42/L10 --- The pills really work! (vi.奏效,起作用)
P42/L I regret taking those weight-loss pills. regret 后悔 doing/having done做过的事 to do 要做的 not doing 没做的

14 P42/L19 They contain a harmful chemical that caused … contain 包含(某成分)

15 P42/L20 … if I continue taking them. *continue doing to do 皆可

16 P43/L26 It isn’t worth it. = It isn’t worth doing so. doing * sth be worth a visit 500 yuan

17 P43/L32 My computer was broken so I couldn’t read… until today. not … until … (直到…才…)

18 P43/L34 I think you look great as you are, … (我认为你现在的样子看上去挺好的,…) as you are (像你现在的样子), as引导方式状语从句 eg. Leave it as it is. 别动它。

19 P43/L38-39 …, are always going on a diet or taking … 表示“总是”的副词如always/ constantly/continuously用进行时时,表示某种感情色彩(或好或坏)

20 P43/L39 …, which are often dangerous. which引导非限制性定语从句,它指代前面主句的意思。 She spoke ill of me behind my back, which made me annoyed.

21 P44 C1- 3) do great harm to 对…有极大危害 C1- 4B) do/take exercise [U] 锻炼 do exercises [C] 做操 C1- 5B) hear about/of 听说

22 P44 C1- 6C) like that of some people in China that代替前面出现过的不可数名词。 eg. The weather in the south is better than that in the north.

23 P44 the one或one代替前面出现过的单数可数名词。 eg. The story she told is more interesting than the one he told. (the one为定指) I want to buy a house, one with a garden. (one为不定指)

24 P44 those或the ones代替前面出现过的复数名词。 eg. The stories in this book are more interesting than those(或the ones) in that book.

25 P45 D2) feel bad/good about 对…感觉差/好 full of life 充满生机(活力) E) laugh at / make fun of 取笑,嘲笑 behind one’s back 背地里

26 ride/take the underground搭乘地铁
go for a walk 去散步 prefer to do 更喜欢做 end in failure 以失败告终 in truth 事实上=in fact / as a matter of fact / in reality not … at all 根本不

27 P45 E) However, no matter what I do, my efforts … 可不可以用whatever替代? …who suffered liver failure … 患(某病)

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