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Unit 1 I always like birthday parties.

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1 Unit 1 I always like birthday parties.
Module 8 Choosing presents Unit 1 I always like birthday parties.

2 Sing birthday song

3 Birthday Party What have you got at a birthday party?

4 music hats cake flowers candy presents candles card

5 Birthday Party What do you usually do at a birthday party?

6 eat a birthday cake make a birthday cake

7 cut birthday cakes

8 get birthday presents

9 eat noodles

10 get/give birthday cards
make birthday cards

11 sing Happy Birthday song

12 My birthday get a cake √ presents have a party make a cake always (总是)
usually(通常) often (经常) never (从不)

13 On my birthday, I always get a cake. I usually get presents.
I often have a party at home. I never make a cake.

14 On my birthday, Make sentences of your own I always… I usually…
I often… I never….

15 Listen and number the words as you hear them.
birthday card party present 1 3 4 2

16 Listening Skill: Key words and phrases
Watch the video and check the true sentences. 1. It’s Daming’s birthday party on Saturday. 2. Tony never likes birthday parties. 3. Daming’s family always sings Happy Birthday. 4. Daming never has birthday presents. × × Listening Skill: Key words and phrases

17 Listen and choose the best answers.
( ) 1. Where is Daming’s birthday party? A. At school B. At his house C. At a hotel B ( ) 2. Daming’s mother usually buys a (an) _____birthday cake for Daming’s birthday. A. good B. expensive C. special ( ) 3. What presents does Daming like for his birthday? A. candy B. card C. We don’t know C C

18 Look at the video and answer the question.
What does Daming do at his birthday party? He eats noodles and birthday cakes, cut birthday cakes, sings Happy Birthday song and gets birthday presents.

19 Pair work: Talk about your birthday party
A: What do you usually do at your birthday party? B: I usually…I also…Sometimes… A: Do you… B: Yes./No, but…What about you? A: I usually…I also…Sometimes…

20 本课小结: Words and phrases about birthday parties: birthday, party, present, card, cake, candy, hat, flowers, candles, Happy Birthday song Adverbs of frequency: always, usually, often, never, sometimes A passage about Daming’s coming birthday party.

21 Homework 1. Write 5 sentences about what you do on your birthday, using always, usually, often, never. 2. Talk about your birthday party with your friends. (optional).

22 Language points 1. --- Would you like to come to my birthday party?
--- Yes, l’d love to. would like意为“想,想要”,与want意义相同,但语气更委婉。would like可与任何人称连用,没有人称和数的变化,肯定句中would常在主语后面缩写为’d。 肯定句:主语 + would like … 一般疑问句:Would + 主语 + like …? 特殊疑问句:疑问词 + would + 主语 + like …?

23 基本用法: 1. would like sth. 想要某物。如: — Would you like a cup of tea? — Yes, please. / No, thanks. 2. would like to do sth. 想要做某事。如: — Would you like to go shopping with me? — Yes, I’d like to. / I’d like to, but I have to do my homework.

24 3. would like sb to do sth 想要某人做某事。如:
Jim would like his friend to help him with his English. The teacher would like his students to study hard.

25 [拓展] Let’s 后跟动词原形, 此句型可用来表示邀请、建议。 --- Would you like to go to the cinema? 你想去看电影吗? --- That’s a good idea. 好主意。 --- Let’s go in the evening. 让我们晚上去吧。

26 [Practice] 完成句子,每空一词。 1. 我想要一些苹果。 I some apples. I some apples. 2. 汤姆想打网球。 Tom tennis. 3. 我妈妈想让我早点回家。 My mother home early. would like want would like to play would like me to go

27 常见的频度副词有: always, usually, often, sometimes, seldom, never。
频度副词是表示与次数, 频度有关的副词, 其排列是(由大到小): always (总是), usually (通常), often (常常), sometimes (有时), seldom (不常), never (从不)。

28 频度副词在句中的位置 (1) 频度副词用在be动词后。 It is usually hot in summer. 夏天天气通常是热的。
(2) 频度副词用在主要动词前。 My father usually walks home. 我的父亲经常步行回家。 (3) 频度副词用在助动词与主要动词之间。 I will always love you. 我将永远爱你。

29 频度副词位置记忆口诀: Be后 主动前 助主间 How often是对表示频度副词的时间状语的提问,可翻译为“多久(一次)”。

30 2. I always like birthday parties.
本模块出现了大量的表示不确定时间的副词: often, always, never, usually等, 这些副词表频度。句中位置:在be动词、情态动词或助动词之后,行为动词之前。 He is always late for school. They always help others. You must never tell him about it.

31 3. My mother never makes a birthday cake.
make sb. sth.表示“给某人制作某物”,相当于make sth. for sb.。有类似用法的动词还有buy等。如: I want to buy my brother a T-shirt. = I want to buy a T-shirt for my brother. 类似用法的词还有: give sb. sth. = give sth. to sb. 给某人某物 buy sb. sth. = buy sth. for sb. 给某人买某物

32 4. Daming always gets birthday presents!
On my birthday I get many presents 过生日时我收到了许多礼物。 It’s a nice hat. How do you get it? 这是一顶漂亮的帽子,你是怎么得到它的?

33 get也可用作不及物动词, 意为"到达", 其后须接介词to才能接地点名词。如:
When do you get to Beijing? 你什么时候到北京? 另外, get还可用作系动词, 后接形容词, 意为"变成;变得"。如: It’s getting cold. 天气变冷了。

34 get sth. for sb.表示“为某人弄到/ 买某物”。如:
Who can get some water for the old man? 谁能为这个老人弄点水? [拓展] 与get有关的固定搭配有: get up 起床, 起立 get on 进展 get down 下来,写下 get in 进来

35 Complete the sentences according to the Chinese meaning.
[Practice] Complete the sentences according to the Chinese meaning. 1. 我从父母那得到一些礼物。 I ___ ______ _______ from my parents. 2. 她每天早上七点半到校。 She ____ ___ _______ at half past seven every morning. get some presents gets to school

36 Choose the best answers.
( )1. I get a birthday card _______ Daming on his birthday. A. on B. in C. for D. about ( )2. Do you _______ his name? A. get up B. get down C. get in D. get on C B

37 Complete the sentences with the words from the box.
always never sometimes usually Tony __________ likes birthday parties. We ___________ eat noodles at the birthday dinner. Daming’s mother _________ makes a birthday cake. Lingling __________ gives birthday cards. always usually never sometimes

38 Complete the sentences with Would you like or Let’s.
_______________ to go to the playground and play football? Would you like _______________ to go to the football match? __________ go to a taijiquan class. __________ stay at home. Would you like Let’s Let’s

39 4. _______________ to go to the cinema?
It’s Jackie Chan. 5. ________________ to watch TV? 6. ___________ play basketball. Would you like Would you like Let’s

40 Listen and repeat. cake cut [k] big great birthday thanks [g]
that this sure usually [k] [g] [θ] [ð] [ʃ] [ʒ]

41 Work in pairs. Ask and answer.
A: What do you often / usually / always / … do on your birthday? B: I often / usually / always /… on my birthday. do on Teachers’ Day? B: I often / usually /always /… on Teachers’ Day.

42 Make a survey about what people do on their birthday and fill in the table.
Name always usually often never How often

43 Write a report about birthday.
You can begin like this: Hello! I am the reporter from Class 5. Different people have different habits on their birthday. On …’s birthday, she / he usually gets a birthday card. …

44 Eg: I always have a party …
Say what do you always(+++) / usually(++) / often (+) / never (-) do on your birthday? Eg: I always have a party … eat a birthday cake get a birthday present/card make / send a card make a cake play computer games go to a football match blow off (吹灭) the birthday candles make the birthday wish (许愿) go to KFC listen to music … Group work

45 Our birthday is our mother’s suffering day / Good Friday.

46 M-o-t-h-e-r M is for the million things she gives me,
O means that she's growing old, T is for the tears she shed to save me, H is for her heart of purest gold, E is for her eyes, with the love, R means right, and right she'll always be. M-Million给予我的无数 O-old 她在日渐老去 T-tears为抚育我洒下的泪 H-heart她有金子般的心灵 E-eyes她的眼睛,洋溢着爱的光芒  R-right正确,她永远都是对的

47 Let’s talk. On our birthday, what can we do for mum?

48 Let’s say to all the mothers here and all the mothers in the world:
Mother, I love you!

49 Homework Retell the dialogue as fluently as possible.
Think about what you can do when your good friend has a birthday party.

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