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Unit 1 This is me! Grammar. SimonMillie Sandy Daniel.

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1 Unit 1 This is me! Grammar

2 SimonMillie Sandy Daniel

3 Hi, I’m. I am __________(12 岁 ). I’m ____________________________( 阳光中学的新学生 ). I have _________( 短发 ). I ____________( 喜欢阅读 ). Now _________ ( 让我们见见 ) my new classmates. Hello, my name is. I _______ ( 长得高 ). I like _____( 运动 )..I __________________ ( 喜欢踢足球 ) ____________( 放学后 ). short hair 12 years old a new student at Sunshine School am tall love reading love playing football after school sports Hi, I’m. I’m __________ ( 又高又苗条 ). I have _________ ( 长头发 ). I like _____ ( 音乐 ). let’s meet tall and slim long hairmusic Hi, I’m. I _________ ( 来自 )Nanjing. I ________ (长得矮). I _____________ (擅长) Maths. am from am shortam good at

4 To use the simple present tense when we talk about : Things are true now. 目前存在的事实 e.g. I am from China. Things are always true. 客观存在的事实 e.g. The sun is bigger than the earth. Grammar Simple Present Tense( 一般现在时 )

5 Simple present tense of the verb ‘to be’ am, is, are Iyouhesheitweyouthey are is am

6 I ____ a new student. You ____ a student in Class1, Grade7. He ____ 12 years old. She ____ not tall. It ____ a cute dog. am I’m are You’re is He’s is She’s is It’s 你

7 We _____ good at singing. You_____ students at LongPao Middle School. They _____ my new classmates. are We’reYou’re 你们 They’re

8 否定形式: Be +not I am not = is not = are not = I’m notI amn’t isn’t aren’t 我不在教室里。 Simon 不矮。 Lucy 和 Lily 不是双胞胎。 I’m not in the classroom. Simon isn’t short. Lucy and Lily aren’t twins.

9 一般疑问句 Are you in Grade7 ? Is Tom your classmate ? Are they under the tree ? :将 Be 提前至句首 Yes,I am./No,I am not. I’m not Yes,he is./No,he is not. he isn’t Yes,they are./No,they are not. they aren’t Yes, I’m. Yes, he’s. Yes, they’re.

10 The dog ___ tall and fat. (变否定句, 一般 疑问句且否定回答. ) The bottles of water ____mine. (变否定句, 一般疑问句且肯定回答. ) 1.The dog isn’t tall and fat. 2.Is the dog tall and fat? No, it isn’t. 1.The bottles of water are not mine. 2. Are the bottles of water mine? Yes,they’re. is are

11 My friend ____ in the playground. (变否 定句, 一般疑问句且否定回答. ) Lucy and I _____in Class3,Grade7. (变否 定句, 一般疑问句且否定回答. ) 1.My friend isn’t in the playground. 2. Is your friend in the playground? No,he/she isn’t. 1. Lucy and I are not_in Class3,Grade7. 2. Are Lucy and I in Class3,Grade7? No,we aren’t. are is

12 特殊疑问句:特殊疑问词 + 一般疑问句结构 E.g. 1.My friend is from China. Where is your friend from? 2. My father is a teacher. What is your father?

13 Exercises 1. Lucy and I ____ twins.( 否定,一般疑问及肯定否 定回答,划线提问 ) Lucy and I aren’t twins. Are Lucy and I twins? Yes,we are./No,we aren’t. Who are Lucy and I? 2. My hometown ____ Nanjing.( 划线提问 ) Where is your hometown? are is

14 3.Amy ____ tall and slim. ( 划线提问 ) What is Amy like? = What does Amy look like? 4. They ____ some birds.( 否定,一般疑问及肯 定否定回答,划线提问 ) They aren’t any birds. Are they any birds?Yes,they are./No,they aren’t. What are they? is are Amy 怎么样?

15 My twin sister _____ 13 years old. ( 划线提问 ) How old is your twin sister? Lily’s birthday is on 5th May. When is Lily’s birthday ? This is my brother’s pen. Whose is this pen? Whose pen is this? is

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