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1 TVU ENGLISH Course BookⅠ

2 Study Chart Present Simple Tense 肯定、否定、疑问,描述事件。 人称代词、形容词性物主代词
Introducing self 国家、国籍、地名、人名、职业等 Greetings

3 At the Party Present Simple Tense
At the party Kate meets James .She thinks he is Canadian.He is Scottish.He comes from Edinburgh in Scotland.They talk about Scotland and Australia.Kate comes from Australia.She lives in Sydney. Present Simple Tense

4 At the Party Also at the party Henry talks to Peter.Henry is Welsh and Peter is English.Peter asks Henry about Wales .he talks about Wales.Henry asks Peter about London.He talks about London. An Irish woman and a man from Hong Kong talk in the corner.Her name is Katherine and his name is Baoling .She comes from Dublin in Ireland.He lives in Kowloon

5 Simple Present Tense 表示现在时间在内的经常重复发生的动作或存在的状况
经常发生的动作、存在的状态或日常习惯。常与every day \often \always \sometimes 连用 eg.I go to Britain every year. 表示主语的性格、能力、特征等 eg.My daughter sings very well. 表示客观事实或普遍真理 eg.The sun rises in the east . 故事和叙事中有时用一般时叙述情节 eg.It is around 11 in the evening

6 Ex: Katherine is from Dublin. ________ _______(come)from Australia.
James ______(talk)to __________. Peter_____(be)English,Henry____(ask)him about London. ______is Scottish.He _____(come)from_____. Henry ___(be)Welsh.He ____(talk)to _____.

7 Verb to be I am a worker You are He She is We They workers Are Is
一般疑问句是将动词be担至主语前。用yes 或者no 来回答 not 否定名在动词to be 后加

8 Verb to work I You We They work He She It works plays
一般疑问句: Do Does don’t doesn’t

9 行为动词的一般疑问形式在主语前加助动词 do 或does
Do you live in Sydney. Yes I do.Not,I don’t Does Kate meet James Yes ,she does Not ,she doesn’t

10 行为动词的否定形式由 or 动词原形构成 I do not(don’t) like swimming.
does not (doesn’t) I do not(don’t) like swimming. Water does not( does n’t) boil at 80 centigrade degree 练习

11 特殊疑问句:5W+H 疑问词 一般疑问句 Where is he from When do you work? What
does he like? Why bother to write? Who am I? How can you get there 职业 回答时要对提问的内容进行具体回答。 练习SP5

12 否定句 、用适当人称代词 Mary meets John.John likes Mary.
_______________._____________ I talk to Peter because I like Edinburgh _________________________________ Henry and I ask James about London .James lives in England._______________________________________________________. Kate and Brian come from America,Kate works with Brian._________________________________

13 World map

14 England Scotland Wales Ireland Edinburgh London

15 Australia Sydney

16 Nationality British Chinese American England China America

17 Country Japan Spain France

18 人称代词、形容词性物主代词 Our school his books their sister 主语:I like sports.
宾语:My father knows him well. 形容词性物主代词在句子中只能作修饰语 Our school    his books  their sister Family tree sp7

19 Jobs teacher engineer What does Kate do? student doctor

20 Write sentences that tell the story

21 an old shoe the shoe with their dog his shoe in the park Peter& Paul They Peter The dog He A man It chases Find are throws runs up brings back is

22 词性 动词 名词 形容词 代词 冠词 介词、副词小品词和短语动词 副词

23 句子 主语部分 动词部分(谓语) The dog bit the man 主语部分 动词部分(谓语) 主语 动词 宾语 状语
主语部分 动词部分(谓语) The dog bit the man 主语部分 动词部分(谓语) 主语 动词 宾语 状语 (方式、地点、时间) I bought a hat yesterday. A girl walked confidently .

24 四种形式: 陈述句:The shops close at 7 tonight
疑问句:Do the shops close at 7tonight? 祈使句:Shut the door! 感叹句:What a slow train this is !

25 感叹句 How+形容词+主谓结构 How beautiful the flowers are!
The flowers are beautiful. What +名词+主谓 What beautiful flowers (those are ).

26 人称代词/反身代词/物主代词的形式 人称代词: 物主代词 反身代词 主格 宾格 形容词性 名词性 单:I me my mine myself
人称代词: 物主代词 反身代词 主格 宾格 形容词性 名词性 单:I me my mine myself you you your yours yourself he him his his himself she her her hers herself it it its itself one one one’s oneself 复:we us our ours ourselves you you your yours yourself they them their theirs themselves



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