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牛津高中英语牛津高中英语 ( 模块六 · 高二上学期 ). Reading 板块:教学设计 — 课件 Unit 1 Stand-up for your health.

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Presentation on theme: "牛津高中英语牛津高中英语 ( 模块六 · 高二上学期 ). Reading 板块:教学设计 — 课件 Unit 1 Stand-up for your health."— Presentation transcript:

1 牛津高中英语牛津高中英语 ( 模块六 · 高二上学期 )

2 Reading 板块:教学设计 — 课件 Unit 1 Stand-up for your health

3 Unit 1 课件描述: 本课件主要对 Reading 文章部分 涉及的一些语言上的难点和重点进 行梳理和罗列,并设有相关的活动 和练习帮助教师指导和组织学生对 知识点进行有效巩固。

4 Revision 1. What are the main characteristics of stand-up? One person Stand directly in front of the audience and communicate with the audience Improvise 2. Complete the passage of Part E on Page5.

5 Language focus 1. A stand-up comedian may make fun of an audience member, or he or she might decide to tell different jokes in response to the reactions of an audience. make fun ofmake jokes about It is cruel to make fun of people with disabilities.

6 in response to Millions of people gave freely in response to the appeal for the Wenchuan earthquake. respond v. respond to responsible adj. be responsible for

7 Fill in the blanks using the phrases above 1.During Beijing Olympic Games, they ______________________ the safety of the players. 2.Don’t _______________ your classmates like that, or you’ll be punished. 3.______________ their hospitality, we wrote a thank-you note. 4.I wrote him many letters, but he never ________________ any of them. were responsible for make fun of In response to reponded to

8 2. Each time, he performs his stand-up routine in front of millions of people when the show is broadcast live on TV. live adv. 现场地;直播地 With all the news broadcast live, the pressure on the announcers is becoming heavier. live adj. 现场的,直播的;有生命的,活的 We are watching the live coverage of the Olympics.

9 区分 alive, live, living( 形容词,做 “ 活的 ” 讲 ) Who is the greatest man alive? She must be alive. Let’s keep the fish alive. Have you seen a live whale? She was frightened at the sight of a live snake. Many living thins are dying out because of the global warming. Maybe he is the finest living pianist.

10 alive: 既可以指人,也可以指物。在句中 做表语或宾语补足语。做定语时应放在所 修饰的名词之后。 live : 常做定语,放在所修饰的名词之 前,一般不指人。 living :用作定语或表语,即可指人, 也可指物。作定语时前置。

11 3. He talked for several minutes, but forgot to first turn on the microphone. Practice My former English teacher, who ______ in out school for over 20 years, now lives in his hometown in Yangzhou. A.Has worked B. worked C. Had worked D. works B

12 4. Crystal’s popularity with all age groups and his ability to amuse people all over the world prove that stand-up can be enjoyed by everyone. amuse vt. My funny drawings amused the kids. She thought out several ideas to help Laura amuse the twins.

13 amused adj. 感到好笑的 amusing adj. 逗人笑的,有趣的 amusement n. 可笑,娱乐 to one’s amusement =to the amusement of sb

14 5. Doctors have been researching what effect stand-up and other forms of comedy have on us. have an effect on 注意词组在具体语境中的使用

15 活学活用 You will find what great benefit the computer you own can be _____ each time you use it to help you work. A.for B. at B.C. on D. of be of benefit of = be beneficial D

16 More phrases lose weight queue up later on make up give a speech with laughter follow in the footsteps of

17 Story telling Tell a story using at least 5 phrases mentioned today.

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