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Unit 3 The Million Pound Bank-note Warming up and Reading I.

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1 Unit 3 The Million Pound Bank-note Warming up and Reading I

2 Warming up What do you know about Mark Twain? Do you know any of his works?

3 Listening about Mark Twain Mark Twain was a great ____________ writer, and he was also a famous __________. He liked to tell interesting stories to make people laugh. He also liked to play ________ on his friends. Once Mark Twain was travelling with a friend of________. His friend lost his__________, so asked Mark Twain to buy a train ticket for him. “But I don't have __________ money to buy two tickets.”said Mark Twain. His friend didn't know what to do. “You can ________ under my seat when the conductor comes to check the tickets.” Mark Twain said to him. When the conductor came to ________ the tickets, Mark Twain gave him two tickets, one for __________ and the other for his friend. He said to the conductor, ”My friend is a strange man. When he travels on a train, he does not like to sit on the seat. He likes to lie on the ________ under the seat.” Everyone in the train looked at his friend under the seat and laughed. American speaker jokes his money enough lie check himself floor

4 The greatest humorist of the 19 th century American literature. Novels: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1876)( 汤姆 · 索亚历险记) The Prince and the Pauper (1882)( 皇子与贫儿 ) The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1894)( 哈克贝利 · 费恩历险 记 ) Mark Twain: (1835—1910)

5 The Adventures of Tom Sawyer 《汤姆 · 索亚历险记》 He is good at writing about children’s adventures

6 The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn 《哈克贝利 · 弗恩历 险记》

7 his masterpieces 1876 The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

8 his masterpieces 1881 The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

9 his short stories 1. Running for Governor 2. The £ 1,000,000 Bank-Note

10 1. Where does Henry Adams come from?Does he know much about London? 2. What did he do in America? Henry comes from San Francisco. No, he doesn’t know London at all. He worked for a mining company. 3. Why did he land in Britain? He was sailing out the bay when he was carried out to sea by a strong wind and was survived by a ship for London. 4. Why do you think that the brother chose Henry for their bet? It was his first visit to London so nobody knew him. He had no money so he would have to rely on the bank note. They thought he looked honest because he asked for a job and not charity.

11 (1) Henry wandered in London streets. (2) About a month ago Henry Adams was sailing out of the bay. (3) The next morning he was spotted by a ship. (4) Towards nightfall he found himself carried out to sea by a strong wind. (5) On the ship he earned his passage by working as an unpaid hand. Put the following events in correct order.

12 Key: (2) About a month ago Henry Adams was sailing out of the bay. (4) Towards nightfall he found himself carried out to sea by a strong wind. (3) The next morning he was spotted by a ship. (5) On the ship he earned his passage by working as an unpaid hand. (1)Henry wandered in London streets.

13 F (fact) or O (Opinion) 1). Henry wants to find a job in London.( ) 2). Henry is given an envelope by the two brothers. ( ) 3). Henry is an unlucky young man. ( ) 4). The servant is called James. ( ) 5). Henry is foolish to go and meet the two brothers. ( ) F F O F O

14 The million pound bank note Before Henry coming to London A month ago, Henry ______ out of the bay. He was carried out to sea by a strong wind and was _______ by a ship. He earned his ________ by working unpaid, which __________ his appearance. passage spotted sailed accounted for Read Act one again, then fill in the following form.

15 The million pound bank note When Henry coming to London He landed in Britain ____________. He lost his way, _________ on the _________. He went to the American ________ to ______help. pavement wandering by accident embassy seek

16 The million pound bank note How Henry ’ s luck _______ Two ________ brothers made a bet. Henry was _______ to enter their house. Henry was given the letter with a million pound bank note. invited wealthy changed

17 Henry was an_________. One day he had an accident in a___. Luckily he was survived by a ship for_______. He arrived in London by earning his passage without pay. American London bay Retell the story by filling the following passage.

18 He was ___ in the street in____. To his surprise an _________ thing happened. Two rich brothers gave him a million pound bank-note because they had made a____. incredible rags lost bet

19 n. (1) agreement to risk money, etc. on an event of which the result is doubtful 赌博 Make a bet 打赌 咱们赌下次大选好吗? Let’s make a bet on the next election. Language points

20 have a bet 打赌 win/lose a bet 打赌赢 / 输了 accept/take up a bet

21 (2) The money, etc. risked in this way ( 金 钱等 ) 赌注 v. 1)risk (money) on a race or some other event of which the result is doubtful 打赌, 赌博 布莱克夫人把她所有的钱都花在了赌马 上。 Mrs. Black spent all her money betting on horses.

22 2) I bet……=(informal) I’m certain…… 我肯定 … 我敢肯定他去游泳了,他喜爱这项运 动。 I bet he’s gone swimming---he loves it.

23 2. permit (v.) 1) permit sb to do sth.=allow sb to do sth. 允许 她的妈妈是不会允许她晚归的。 Her mother would not permit her to come back late.

24 容我解释一下。 Permit me to explain it. 2) permit sth: allow sth. to exist, happen, or to be done(very formal) 许可、容许 ( 某 事物 ) 存在、发生或被 ( 某人 ) 做 ( 非常正式 ) 在我们的办公室里不准吸烟。 We don’t permit smoking in the office. 犯人每天允许有两个小时的户外活动。 The prisoners were permitted two hours’ outdoor exercise a day.

25 3. go head :be carried out; take place 执行, 进行,举行 1) 尽管天气不好,旅行将照常进行。 Despite the bad weather, the journey will go ahead. 新桥的修建将按计划进行。 The building of the new bridge will go ahead as planned.

26 4. matter n.&v (1) n. affair, topic or situation being considered 事情;问题;情况 我不和同事谈私事。 I don’t discuss private matters with my colleagues. 下次会议我们有几件重要的事情要处理。 We have several important matters to deal with at our next meeting.

27 (2) n. physical substance or things of a specified kind 物质,材料,物品 宇宙是由物质构成的。 (3) v. be important 关系重大,要紧 他来也好去也好,那有什么关系呢? 你做什么我都无所谓。 It doesn’t matter to me what you do. What does it matter whether he comes or goes? The universe is composed of matter.

28 5. by accident =by chance 偶然地, 意外地 我只是碰巧找到 的。 I only found it by accident.

29 6. stare v. (1) look at sb./sth. with the eyes wide open in a fixed gaze 瞪着眼睛凝视 盯着人看是没有礼貌的 It’s rude to stare. 他们都惊讶得瞪大了眼睛。 They all stared in amazement.

30 (2) be wide open with a fixed gaze 睁大眼 睛注视 他瞪着眼睛注视着这场面。 He gazed at the scene with staring eyes. (3) bring sb. into a specified condition 瞪 着某人使其做出某种反应 她把他瞪得不吭声了。 She stared him into silence.

31 她凝视着远方。 She is staring into the distance. 我看了可是看不清楚。 I looked but couldn’t see it clear.

32 7. I didn’t know whether I could survive until morning. [ 考点 ] 宾语从句。 [ 考例 1] You can only be sure of _____ you have at present ; you cannot be sure of something _____ you might get in the future . ( 安徽 2007) A . that; what B . what; / C . which ; that D . / ; that B

33 [ 点拨 ] 做好本题要先弄清句子结构。第 一个空是由 what 引导的宾语从句作 of 的宾语, 并且 what 在从句中作 have 的宾 语。第二空格为关系代词引导定语从 句, 修饰限制 something 。在这个定语从 句中, 关系代词 that 作 get 的宾语, 也可以 省略。

34 [ 考例 2] Having checked the doors were closed, and _____ all the lights were off, the boy opened the door to his bedroom. ( 湖南 2007) A. why B. that C. when D. where B

35 [ 点拨 ] Having checked 之后带了并列的 两个以 that 引导的宾语从句, 即: the doors were closed, and that all the lights were off 。这时可以省略第一个 that, 第二个 that 一般不能省。 Having 短 语在句中作状语。

36 8. spot n.&v. (1) n. small mark different in color, texture 斑点 豹和虎哪一个身上有斑点? Which has spots, the leopard or the tiger?

37 (2) drop 滴 下了几滴雨, 你感觉到了吗? Did you feel a few spots of rain? (3) v. pick out, catch sight of, recognize, discover 找出, 认出, 发觉 杰克最终找到了他想要的衬衫。 Jack finally spotted just the shirt he wanted. 我看不出两者的区别。 I can’t spot the difference between them.

38 9. passage n. 船费(包括食宿) 她的祖父一路在船上打工支付船费 来到美国。 Her grandfather had worked his passage to America.

39 10. account for :be the explanation of sth. ; explain the cause of sth. 做某事的解释; 解释某事物的原因。 他因病缺席。 His illness accounts for his absence. 请你对自己的行为作出解释。 Please account for your own conduct.

40 11. appearance n. 1) 1) arrival 出现,来到 警察突然出现, 小偷就逃跑了。 The sudden appearance of a policeman caused the thief to run away. 2) 外貌,外表 勿以貌取人 —— 外貌不可靠。 Don’t judge by appearances---- appearances can be misleading.

41 12. If this is your idea of some kind of joke, I don’t think it’s very funny. 如果你们认为这是一个笑话,我可不觉 得很可笑。 [ 点拨 ] 此句是一个主从复合句。主句为 I don’t think... ;

42 从句是 if 引导的条件状语从句,即 If this is your idea of some kind of joke ;另外 I don’t think 称之为否定前移或否定转移, 即:当主句中含有 think, believe, suppose, expect, imagine 等谓语动词时, 后面宾语从句中的否定词 not 往往转移到 主句谓语动词之前。

43 如: I don’t believe they will win the game. 我相信他们不会赢得这场比赛。 I don’t think it is fair. 我认为那不合理。 She doesn’t suppose that we have finished the job. 她认为我们还没有完成 工作。

44 [ 即学即用 ] 翻译下列句子。 1) 我认为玛丽的父亲将不允许她熬夜。 I don’t think that Mary’s father will permit her to stay up late. 2) 我不相信史密斯先生是一个画街景的 画家,对吗? I don’t believe that Mr. Smith is a painter of street scenes, is he? 3) 我猜想我永远不会再见到她。 I don’t suppose I’ll ever see her again.

45 13. We know you’re hard-working. That’s why we’ve given you the letter. [ 考点 ] 表语从句。

46 [ 考例 1] The traditional view is __ we sleep because our brain is “programmed” to make us do so. ( 上海 2007) A. when B. why C. whether D. that [ 点拨 ] 通读题目后可以知道表语从句中不 缺少句子成分, 所以用 that 引导, 这时 that 不 可以省略。 D

47 [ 考例 2] Why not try your luck downtown, Bob? That’s _____ the best jobs are. ( 浙江 2007) A. where B. what C. when D. why [ 点拨 ] 考查 where 引导表语从句。句意: 为什么不在闹市区碰碰运气呢?那里是 找好工作的地方。 A

48 Summary of the Million Pound Bank-Note Henry, a San Francisco businessman is rescued at sea by a British ship that takes him to London where he finds himself without money, friends or the hope of finding a good job. Hungry and alone, he walks the streets of the city when unexpectedly he is asked to a large and grand house.

49 Two rich brothers, Roderick and Oliver, have made a secret bet, Roderick believes that a man cannot survive in the city for a month with only a million Pound bank-note in his possession but Oliver believes he can. The play takes us along on Henry’s misadventures with humor and surprise to discover who will win the bet.

50 I. 根据下列各句句意及所给单词的首字母或汉语提示, 写出该 单词的正确形式。 1. We discovered a secret _______ ( 通道 ) behind the wall. 2. I advise you not to do business with that dishonest ___________ ( 商人 ). passage businessman

51 3. We can see a magical view over the calm water of the ____ ( 海湾 ) from our window. 4. People have already gathered outside the ________ ( 大使馆 ) gates. 5. My father is always finding f_____ with the way I do things. bay embassy ault

52 6. The sign says, “No parking on the p________.” 7. Her endless p_______ made her the best nurse in the hospital. atience avement

53 II. 用所给单词的适当形式填空。 1. When I came in, the boy ____________ (wander) around in the classroom. 2. They ___________ (spot) by the police as they were entering the bank. 3. You were wrong to take the car without ___________ (permit). was wandering were spotted permission

54 4. Finally we _______ (seek) her out to tell her of her success. 5. Hearing my words, they all _______ (stare) with astonishment. 6. He could not _________ (account) for his foolish mistake. 7. I think I am quite a _______ (patience) person. sought stared patient account

55 III. 用适当的介词填空。 1. He should have finished his homework ___ this moment. 2. The beautiful house ___ your left is Tom’s. 3. As a matter ___ fact, he is a cheat, so don’t believe him. at on of

56 4. I only found my lost pen ___ accident. 5. He was standing there until the ship sailed out ___ the bay. 6. The little girl stared ___ the little cats in their basket. 7. I didn’t wake up __________ eight o’clock this morning. by of at until / till

57 8. He could not account ____ the time he spent away from his work. 9. The boss once earned his living by working ____ a nurse in a hospital. 10. I never smile ___ those who are rude to me. for as at

58 11. He is unwilling to work ____ such little money. 12. Luckily, I met an old friend of mine ____ my way home. 13. I don’t care _______ the price, so long as the car is in good condition. for on about

59 permit go ahead by accident stare at account for on the contrary 1. The little girl ______________ her toy bear when her mother came in. 2. If you think you can solve the problem, __________. was staring at go ahead IV. 用括号中所给词或短语的适当形 式完成下列句子。

60 3. We do not _______ listening to music at work. 4. He got the news __________ that his old classmate went abroad last year. 5. I’m not ill. _______________, I’m very healthy. 6. He’ll have to ___________ where every cent goes. permit by accident account for On the contrary

61 Homework Review the new words and the key sentences in this part. Preview the words in the second period.

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