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TOEFL Speaking ----Q1&Q2 坚果托福 秀文. 评分标准评分标准 Volume Grammar Fluency Logic / Organization Lexical ability Pronunciation.

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1 TOEFL Speaking ----Q1&Q2 坚果托福 秀文

2 评分标准评分标准 Volume Grammar Fluency Logic / Organization Lexical ability Pronunciation

3 35 46 12

4 Sample Describe a club activity you want to attend. Explain what this club do and why you choose Do you prefer to live in those noisy areas with good transportation and shops or those quiet areas which are relatively secluded? Explain why you hold that opinion.

5 Long term strategy for Q1&Q2 Personal experience Key elements: Pronunciation & Expression Step one : Material Step two: Copy Step three: Make it a reflex

6 Short term strategy for Q1&Q2 Schedule for one month and more Step 1 : Categorize all the existed data 人物性格 (百搭 2 个) 事件经历地点 物品技能 (英语电脑) 书籍文学 (西游记) 兴趣爱好 (动静)

7 Step 2 : Prepare the material 你认为对你最有用的一本书,并解释原因。 describe a book that you think is interesting 杂志, 小说, 诗歌, 喜欢哪个 谈谈写过的 poem/essay/letter ,说它对你的 重要性 The journey to the west Teamwork & Persistence

8 Sample answer I once participated in an environment protecting organization, we had an amazing experience when we climbed the Tai Mountain in China. R1: First, through that activity we protected the environment. D1:For example, on the way we picked up all the litter we saw and throw them into the dustbin there. R2:Besides that, by doing so we made more people realize the importance of protecting the environment. D2:For instance, we talked to other visitors, explained to them the necessity of environment protecting and convinced them to join us, the team became bigger and bigger.

9 Describe the most important decision that you made in your life 描述一件自己印象深刻的 celebration 或者 moment Describe a social or political event celebrated in your country (culture) 描述一件童年很 happy 的 event ,然后 explain why it is memorable 你朋友曾经做过让你开心的事

10 The most memorable and important event of you happened in school 你朋友曾经做过让你开心的事 Challenging experience and how to overcome it. 描述一个最失望的经历 说一个你以前遇到的问题,然 后说 relative/friends/teachers 怎 么帮你解决的

11 Super short term strategy for Q1&Q2 万用理由万用理由 交朋友 放松身心 学的更多 未来梦想 方便省时经济环保安全

12 Expand the social network and deepen the bond between me and my friends Make more friends

13 Relax my self Kill the stress from work and study and ensure the balance between the both, restore energy for further challenge, have some quality time alone and enjoy the day

14 General question 中机经与分数之间关系 万用理由与分数之间关系 语音语调与分数之间关系 复议成功率以及是否复议口语分数

15 Q&A 新浪微博: @ 我是秀文 人人网:秀文 ray 答疑微信: zxwray

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