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否定句 黃勇仁.

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1 否定句 黃勇仁

2 規則 be 動詞後面可以直接加not He is not a good teacher. Mary was not very happy when she was young. They are not strong boys. Peter is not coming. John is not going to work.

3 規則 助動詞後面可以直接加not He has not written any letter. They will not come. He cannot swim. They should not cry very often. Tom had not eaten any thing before you came. He may never eat cakes in the future. John has not lived here.

4 規則 一般句子的動詞必須加入do或他的變形 He does not smoke. He did not go. I do not love sports. You do not like to eat fish. They do not swim very well. We did not see that movie.

5 規則 含有have to的句子,如要改成否定句子,必須在have to前面加do He does not have to eat a lot of food. He did not have to leave. I do not have to write that letter.

6 練習 將以下的肯定句子改成否定句子 1. I saw your brother last night. 2. I like apples. 3. She is a beautiful girl. 4. They can play violin very well. 5. Mr. Chang must answer the following questions. 6. He went to see his brother last night. 7. He could sing many songs. 8. He will buy this car. 9. It rained heavily last night. 10. I have lived here for three years He has to see his mother He had to stay here yesterday.

7 No, Never和Any的用法 要達成否定的意思,有時我們也可以用no和never這些字,no必須跟一個名詞 I saw no students here. There are no lakes in this country. I have no money. I have never gone there. He has never written any song. They have never washed their clothes.

8 練習 用no,not和never造句 我沒有錢 自私的人沒有朋友 沒有人住在這裡 他從未去過美國

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