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What does he/she look like? By Liu Meili Sencun Middle School.

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2 What does he/she look like? By Liu Meili Sencun Middle School


4 long hair short hair bald

5 long,curly,black hair Long,straight,blond hair short,curly,red hair

6 short medium height tall

7 medium height medium build tall fat heavy long hair curly hair short thin short hair straight hair

8 A :What does she look like? B:She has long hair. She has two big eyes. She is short. She is thin.

9 Summary

10 Hair 头发 short hair long hair curly hair straight hair 描述头发 漂亮 + 长短 + 形状 + 颜色 blond 金黄色 brown 褐色 她有一头短的金黄色的卷发。 She has short, curly,blond hair 一头漂亮乌黑 的长发 beautiful,long black hair.

11 描述人的长相用动词 be 还是 have/has What does your friend look like ? He /she is He /She has tall short heavy thin fat (of ) medium height bald 秃头的 long/short/curly/ straight hair a medium build 身材 a beard 胡须 glasses 眼镜

12 Key Words for describing people:( 描述 人的词汇 ) 1)height( 高度 ):tall,short,medium height( 中 等高度 ) 2)build( 体格 ):fat,heavy ( 重的 ), thin, strong ( 强壮的 ), a medium build ( 中等体格 ) 3)hair( 头发 ): bald( 秃头的 ), short hair, long hair, straight hair( 直发 ), curly hair( 卷发 ), black hair, brown hair( 棕色头发 ), blonde hair( 金发 )

13 4)clothes( 服装 ): sweater, T-shirt, dress( 连 衣裙 ), skirt( 短裙 ), uniform( 制服 ), coat, pants( 裤子 ), shorts( 短裤 ), jeans( 牛仔裤 ), shoes( 鞋子 ) 5)glasses ( 眼镜 ) 6)good-looking 相貌好看的 ordinary-looking 相貌平平的 ugly-looking 相貌不好看的, 相貌丑的

14 Key sentences for describing people: ( 描述人的重点句型 ) 1)What does he/she look like? 2)He/She is medium height /tall/short/fat/heavy/thin/strong/bald 3)He /She has a medium build/short straight hair/long curly hair/blonde curly hair /a beard/a mustache 4)He/She wears glasses/a T-shirt

15 1.She is good-looking 2.She has short,black straight hair. 3.She has a medium build. 4.She wears a black coat.

16 1.He is ordinary- looking 2.He is tall and strong 3.He has short straight hair. 4.He has a mustache 4.He wears a sport T- shirt and shorts.

17 Ask and Answer : Ask and Answer : A: What does he/she look like? B: He/She is … and …. He/She has … hair /eyes. A: Oh, his/her name’s … ….

18 He is tall. He is short. She is medium height. ( 中等高度)

19 She is thin. She is fat / heavy. She is medium build. (中等体形)

20 She has curly hair.She has straight hair.

21 She has long hair.He has short hair. He doesn’t have hair. / He has no hair. /He is bald.

22 f/d a a d h e… b… g/a… e/c… 返回 3

23 tall curly hair 1b Listening



26 游戏 : 考考你的记忆力 快速记忆下列图片中的人物特征, 然后回 答问题. What does the … person look like?






32 What does the third person look like?







39 What does the fourth person look like?







46 What does the second person look like?







53 What does the last person look like? 返回

54 Groupwork : Describe your classmate or your favorite teacher, actor, singer , player …. Ask your classmates to guess who you ’ re describing. (小组合作:描述你的同班同学或最喜爱的 老师,演员,歌手,运动员等,让其他同 学猜出你所描述的人。)

55 Guess who she is. Describe your friends! I have a friend in our class. She is warm-hearted. She has two big eyes She is of medium height. She is of thin build. She has short straight hair. She likes playing balls after class, and she helps me a lot. Game time!

56 He is my favorite singer. He is short and a little heavy. He has long straight hair. He has small eyes and big ears. He always wears a black T-shirt and black pants. He is very smart. His song is very popular. I like him very much. Who is he?

57 Ask about his Height/Build/Hair/ Eyes/Wearing: Is he tall /… ? Does he have … … ? Does he wear … … ? He always( 总是 ) wears a black T-shirt and black pants. Don’t judge people by their appearances! 人不可貌相!

58 Help each other Cheer each other Love each other And win together 互助 互勉 互爱 共赢 Everyone is special! Everyone is important! 人人都很特别! 人人都很重要!

59 If you are warm - hearted, then you will be very lovely and popular.

60 . 我综合,我发展 1. 你的姐姐长什样? What_____ your sister_____ _____? 2. 我爸爸是中等个,黑头发。 My father is and.. 3. 他喜欢与人交谈,从不停止谈话 。 He likes people.He never _____. 4. He always ______ (wear ) ( glass ). 5. I’m tall and heavy.( 画线提问) _____ _____ you_____ ______? 6. Jim looks like his brother.( 变否定句) Jim like his brother. like does look has of medium height blackhair talkingto stopstalking wears glasses Whatdolikelook doesn’tlook

61 1.Copy the key words and key sentences and memorize them. 2.Describe your friend,your parent, your teacher or any other person,and then write it down in your exercise book

62 Thanks for listening!

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