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Section B Period 1 ( 1a— 1e ). Enjoy a song Days of My Past.

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1 Section B Period 1 ( 1a— 1e )

2 Enjoy a song Days of My Past.

3 Talk about the pictures using used to and now.



6 P.E. class Did you use to like this when you were a child?

7 painting pictures Did you use to like this when you were a child?

8 music class Did you use to like this when you were a child?

9 spider insects Did you use to like this when you were a child?

10 What other things did you use to like to do when you were a child? Write and then discuss them with a partner. I used to play football. I used to eat candy a lot. I used to live with my grandmother. I used to chew gum a lot. I used to raise a big dog. I used to spend a lot of time playing games with my friends.

11 1c Listen and check the sentences you hear. 1. I didn’t use to like tests. 2. We used to walk to school. 3. I used to hate P.E. class. 4. I used to be on the soccer team. √ √ √

12 1d Listen again. What do the girl and the boy say about things in the past and now? Fill in the chart. In the pastNow I didn’t use to like. We used to to school. We used to every day after school. I used to hate. I don’t worry about We have to to school. We all the time. I P.E. class. tests play tests study walk gym take the bus love Girl Boy

13 You are in Grade 9 now. Is your life quite different from before?

14 What did your parents use to do when they were children? How is it different from what you do?

15 all the time 一直;总是 I've kept on thinking about that all the time. 我一直惦记着这件事。 I have a dog and a cat, but they fight all the time. 我养了一只猫和一只狗, 但它们老是打架。 Our life is changing all the time. 我们的生活一直在变化着。 Language points


17 He _______ gets up early every morning. A. all the time B. all time C. always D. never 【点拨】选 C 。 all the time 意为 “ 一直; 总是 ” ,在句中作状语,多用于句末。

18 辨析: at times / at all times / all the time Ⅰ. at times 不时 ; 偶尔 I make mistakes at times when I speak English. 我说英语偶尔会出错。 Ⅱ. at all times 随时 ; 任何时候 ; 总是 He has a cool head at all times. 他随时都有清醒的头脑。 Ⅲ. all the time 一直 ; 始终 (time 用单数形式 ) The baby cries all the time. 那婴儿一直哭。

19 It’s rather cold in most of South China ______ in spring. A. on time B. at a time C. at times D. all the time on time 按时, at a time 一次, at times 有 时, all the times 总是。 C

20 A: I used to be nervous about tests all the time. Did you? B: Yes, I did. And I used to... Compare yourself with your partner.

21 A: I used to … B: Yes, I did. And I … Compare yourself with your partner.

22 A: I used to … B: Yes, I did. And I … Compare yourself with your partner.

23 Ⅰ. 单项选择 1. Some parents just ask their children to study _______. A. all time B. the all time C. all the same D. all the time 2. Please tell me what you _______ when you were a child. A. used to like B. used to liking C. used to liked D. used like

24 3. He used to _______ the school soccer team. A. be B. be on C. was on D. on 4. I don’t worry _______ tests anymore after working hard. A. with B. about C. at D. in 5. It’s not good to chew gum _______. A. a lot of B. lots of C. a lot D. lot

25 Ⅱ. 完成句子 1. 她喜爱美术课,因为她喜欢画画。 She _______ art class because she likes _______ pictures. 2. 我小时候每天放学后都和朋友一起玩耍。 I used to _______ _______ friends every day after school. loves painting play with

26 3. 过去这儿冬天常常下雪。 It _______ _______ _______ here in winter. 4. 他在担心明天的工作面试。 He is _______ _______ the job interview of tomorrow. 5. 当你是孩子时,常常做些什么? What _______ you _______ _______ do when you were a child? used to snow worrying about diduse to

27 根据括号中的汉语提示完成句子。 1.He doesn’t like speaking English because he _______________ ( 害怕 ) making mistakes. 2. If you can’t __________ ( 入睡 ) at night, you can listen to some light music. 3. Most boys _______________ ( 对 …… 感兴趣 ) watching football games. 4. There is a red car __________ ( 在 …… 的前 边 ) the house. is afraid of go to sleep are interested in in front of

28 用括号中所给单词的适当形式填空。 1.My brother is used to ______ (take) a walk after supper. 2. He is always ________ (friend) to people around him. 3. Please remember ________ (bring) your ID card to the party. 4. How about _______ (fly) kites in the park? taking friendly to bring flying

29 根据句意, 用 used to 或 be used to 完成句子。 1.I ________ get up late, but I get up early now. 2. The boy is hard-working and he _________ doing his homework late at night. 3. There _______ be a garden next to the building. Now there is a new library. 4. Though he just started the new job, I’m sure that he’ll ___________ it soon. used to is used to used to be used to

30 5. She ______ live with her parents, but now she __________ living with her classmates at school. 6. These robots in the factory _________ do dangerous work instead of man. used to is used to are used to

31 根据汉语意思完成句子。 ( 每空一词 ) 1. 她过去经常穿黑色的衣服。 She _____ ______ _____ black clothes. 2. 我昨天晚上开着收音机睡着了。 I fell asleep last night with _____ ______ _____. 3. 他过去喜欢晚上工作, 不是吗? He used to enjoy working at night, _____ ______? used to wear the radio on didn’t he

32 4. 你过去经常和朋友去河里游泳吗? ____ you ____ _____ swim in the river with your friends? 5. 他擅长打篮球, 并且是校篮球队的一员。 He is good at _________ _________, and he is _____ ______ ______ _____________ _____. Did use to playing basketball on the school basketball team

33 同义句转换。 1.He is scared of big dogs. He ____ _______ _____ big dogs. 2. I have joined the school sports team. I _____ _____ the school sports team. 3. He doesn’t know how he can get to the train station. He doesn’t know _____ ______ ______ to the train station. is afraid of am on how to get

34 4. My brother will eat no more candies. My brother _____ eat candies ____ _____. 5. I spent twenty dollars on this pair of shoes. I _____ twenty dollars _____ this pair of shoes. 6. He often played football with his friends in the past. He ______ _______ play football with his friends. won’t any more paid for used to

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