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Unit title: 买东西 - Shopping

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1 Unit title: 买东西 - Shopping
Area of interaction focus Which area of interaction will be our focus? Why have we chosen this? Significant concepts What are the big ideas? What do we want our students to retain for years into the future? Health and Social This AofI was chosen so that students can consider the social benefits of shopping in China. The culture of shopping in China has changed over the years and is different from the West. Chinese people are using their new found wealth in different ways. MYP unit question How has the culture of shopping changed in China?


3 Shopping online LO: Learn the vocabulary related to shopping online; be able to give opinions on shopping online.

4 wǎng​shang​ 网上 online

5 fāng​biàn​ 方便 convenient

6 pián​yi​ 便宜 cheap

7 shí​jiān​ 时间 time

8 ān​quán​ 安全 safe

9 wèi​shén​me​ 为什么 Why?

10 方便 便宜 时间 安全 网上 为什么

11 今天的题目: Shopping online
Write out the 10 new words from 弟七十二页。 EXT:Match the characters below to form a new word from today’s lesson. A. 网 一. 间 B. 时 二. 什么 C. 安 三. 上 D. 方 四. 宜 E. 便 五. 全 E. 为 五. 便

12 阅读 Workbook 第四十三页, 练习一 小丽 方明 玲玲 大华 李京 games convenient books
EXT: What is the structure of the sentence to say you shop online? What key word is needed? Name Goods to buy online Why? 小丽 方明 玲玲 大华 李京 games convenient books cheaper than buying in a shop CDs and DVDs more online than in the shops lots to choose from and also cheap mobile phones clothes and shoes very busy, doesn’t have time to go to the shops

13 写作 Q。 你喜欢在网上买东西?为什么? Q。 Do you like shopping on the Internet? Why? A。
Opinion Reason using 因为 Time phrase 虽然。。。但是 Past tense Future tense Comparison

14 我不喜欢在网上买东西因为很不安全。每个星期六我最喜欢去商店买本子和书, 还吃饭。
Which is better and why? 我不喜欢在网上买东西因为很不安全。每个星期六我最喜欢去商店买本子和书, 还吃饭。 我非常喜欢在网上买东西因为很方便。 每个周末我在网上买衣服因为在网上的衣服比在商店里的便宜得多。上个星期六我买了两条裙子,虽然很漂亮, 但是非常贵, 两条裙子五十块!下个月我要在网上买运动鞋因为和朋友一起去法国散步。

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