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Unit title: 爱好 Hobbies Area of interaction focus Significant concepts

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1 Unit title: 爱好 Hobbies Area of interaction focus Significant concepts
Which area of interaction will be our focus? Why have we chosen this? Significant concepts What are the big ideas? What do we want our students to retain for years into the future? Health and Social Do I take responsibility for my own health and wellbeing? What are the health and social issues that face different parts of the world and how are they different to that of the UK? The hobbies that you choose to have can directly determine how healthy your lifestyle is. The culture you live in may affect your choice of favoured hobby. MYP unit question What factors affect the choice of hobbies that teenagers have?

2 Sports LO: Learn the words for some sports
Be able to talk about what you can and can’t do.

3 pǎo​ bù 跑步

4 yóu​ yǒng 游泳

5 tī zú​qiú 踢足球 踢 kick 足球 football

6 dǎ lán​qiú 打篮球 打 to hit 篮球 basketball

7 dǎ pīng​pāng​qiú 打乒乓球 乒乓球 Ping pang ball

8 dǎ wǎng​qiú 打网球 网球 tennis

9 yóu​yǒng​ pǎo​bù​ tī​ zú​qiú​ lán​qiú​ dǎ ​ pīng pāng ​qiú​


11 Write out the new words in your vocab book and practise the characters on your sheet.

12 听力 第四十页, 练习一。 For each question write down the number of the person and sport they like and the sport they dislike.

13 huì can; be able to Only used when talking about skills; something you have learnt how to do. To negate put 不 in front – 不会。

14 Q. 你会 huì … 吗? Can you….? A. 我会 / 不会… I can / can’t….. 你会 吗?

15 Write out the character and grammar for 会 and then write a sentence to describe what you can or can’t do. EXT: Write a report about what your neighbour can and can’t do.

16 阅读 A 他会踢足球。B 她喜欢打乒乓球。C 他会打篮球。 D 他不会游泳。E 他喜欢打网球。 F 他不会玩儿滑板。

17 Fill the sentences using 会 and 喜欢
Yao Ming________________________. David Beckham___________________. Williams sisters___________________. Deng Ya ping_______________. Rebecca Adlington____________.

18 中国人喜欢… 英国人喜欢…


20 老师 vs 学生

21 打 网球

22 打 乒乓球

23 打 篮球

24 踢 足球

25 打 篮球

26 游 泳

27 打 网球

28 打 乒乓球

29 打 篮球

30 踢 足球

31 打 篮球

32 游 泳

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