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It has been raining cats and dogs since yesterday.

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3 It has been raining cats and dogs since yesterday.

4 1.snow globe fact out of 6.particularly 7.anyone the way 9.hobby 10.penguin 11.a birthday cake 12.collector 雪球 怪物 事实上 用完 储存 特别的 任何人 顺便说 爱好 企鹅 生日蛋糕 收藏者(家)

5 snow globe 内有雪花的球型玻璃器 (装饰品)

6 Look at these snow globes. I have been collecting them for a few years.

7 The last supper ghost giraffe dolphin Mickey mouse

8 Different angels Building snowman popsicle Christmas bears butterflies

9 monster polar bears penguins birthday cake

10 3a Read the following message. Then draw lines to match the snow globes with their descriptions. n. 球状物;球体 Dear Jack, Thanks for sending me the snow globe of the monster. I love it. In fact I think it’s probably my favorite. I’ve been collecting snow globes for seven years, and now I have 226 of them. My mom says I have to stop, because we’ve run out of room to store them. They’re all around our apartment. I even store them in boxes under my bed. monster n. 怪物;妖怪 run out of 用完;用尽 store v. 储存 send sb sth = send sth to sb 送给某人某物

11 The first one I ever got was a birthday cake snow globe on my seventh birthday. I particularly love globes with animals. I have a big one with bears in it, and another one with penguins. If you know anyone else who collects them, please tell me. I’d like to start a snow globe collectors’ club. By the way, what’s your hobby? Love, Ellen cake n. 蛋糕 particularly adv. 独特地;显著地,特别地 anyone pron. 任何人 collector n. 收藏家 by the way 顺便;附带说说 start v. 发起;开办

12 1.What’s the subject of the E-mail? 2.How long has Ellen been collecting snow globes? 3.How many does she have now? 4.When did Ellen receive her first snow globe? 5.What kind of snow globes does Ellen particularly love? 6.What would Ellen like to start? Read 3a and answer the following questions. Snow globes She has been collecting them for seven years. 226 (Two hundred and twenty-six) On her seventh birthday. Globes with animals She’d like to start a snow globe collectors’ club.

13 1.thanks for + n./doing 为 … 感谢某人 Thanks for helping me.=Thanks for your help. 2. run out of 用完, 用尽 He’s always running out of money. 3. room=space 空间 不可数 There is no room for us on the bus. Section B 3a We’ve run out of room to store them 我们缺少储存它们 ( snow globes )的空间 4. If you know anyone else who collects them, … 如果你知道谁 也(喜欢)收藏它们, …… 这是一个由 if 引导的条件状语从句, if 在这里解释为 “ 如果 ……” , 在这个状语从句中又含有一个由 who 连接的定语从句, who 在这 里指 anyone 。

14 5. three and a half yeas 数词 +and+a half+ 复数名词 = 数词 + 单数或复数名词 +a half He ate one and a half apples.=He ate one apple and a half ( 正 ) He ate one apple and a half apple. ( 误 ) 两个半 …, 三个半 … 等类似说法, 也都用这两种结构, 如 : two and a half oranges= two oranges and a half 6. would like=want 想要 ( 不能解释为喜欢 ), 为一种习惯用法, would 不是过去式, 通用于所有人称, 不可改用为 will. would like sth 想要某物 would like to do sht 想要做某事 7. because 是从属连词, 引导原因状语从句, 通常表示直接原因, 用于 回答 why 引导的疑问句, 不可与 so 连用. Because he hadn’t/didn’t have enough money, so he didn’t buy a car.( 误 ) Because he hadn’t/didn’t have enough money, he didn’t buy a car. ( 正 ) He hadn’t enough money, so he didn’t buy a car. ( 正 )

15 3b Look at activity 2a on page 47. Write an e-mail message from Bob, Marcia or Liam. Tell about his or her collection. Dear, I want to tell you about my hobby. I collect. I’ve been collecting them Linda kites for four years, and I have 123 of them now. I collect them because they are beautiful and interesting. I have a kite with the face of Monkey King, which is a present from China. And I have some kites like butterflies. They are just like real animals in the sky. Every sunny Saturday I’ll go and fly one of them. They bring me so much fun. If you know anyone else who collects them, please tell me. I’d like to make friends with them. Yours, Bob

16 1 . His hobby is _____ _____( 收集 ) stamps. 2 . Mr Liu _____ _____ _____( 对 …… 感兴趣 ) making kites. 3 . I’ll _____ _____ _____( 尽力 ) to help you with your English. 4 . He _____ _____ _____( 用尽 ) his strength to save the boy out of the water. 5 . Let’s _____ ( 共用 ) my umbrella if you don’t bring yours.

17 4a GROUPWORK Go around the class and make a list of everyone’s hobby. Find out how long they’ve been doing their hobby. NameHobbyHow longMore information Wen Liflying kitesfor about 2 yearsin the park A: What’s your hobby, B: I like flying kites. Wen Li? A: How long have you B: For about two years. been doing that? A: Where do you fly them? B: In the park.

18 2 Read the ad. Then write a letter to apply for the job. Writer wanted The school newspaper needs a writer. We will give you free topics to different things. To get the job, please answer these four questions: 1. How long have you been listening to music videos? 2. How long have you been watching English movies? 3. How long have you been watching sports? 4. How long have you been writing in English? topic n. 话题;主题 writer n. 作家;作者

19 Dear Editor, I am interested in the writer job. I have been listening to music videos since I was seven years old. I have Yours sincerely, Bob been watching English movies since two years ago. I have been watching sports for about five years. And I have been writing in English since 2001. I love writing. And I hope I can be a writer for our school newspaper. be interested in 对 … 感兴趣

20 将下列句子翻译英语 1 . She has been skating for four hours. 到现在为止她滑冰已经有四个小时了。 2 . I have been collecting stamps since I was ten years old. 我从十岁起就一直在集邮。 3 . How long have you been studying English? 你学英语有多久了? 4 . How long has your father been working in the company? 你父亲在这个公司工作有多长时间了? 5 . She has been skating for four hours. 到现在为止她滑冰已经有四个小时了。 6 . I have been collecting stamps since I was ten years old. 我从十岁起就一直在集邮。 7 . Have you been doing your homework since this morning? 从今天早晨起你就一直在写作业吧? 8 . I haven’t been seeing films for a long time. 我有很长时间没有看电影了。

21 一、用括号中给出的词回答问题 1What do you collect? (stamps) _______________________________________ 2.How long have you been collecting stamps? (two years and a half) ________________________________________ 3.How many stamps do you have now? (275) _____________________________________ 4.How long have they been studying English? (ten years old) __________________________________ 5.How long has she been playing the piano? (forty-five minutes ) 6. When did she begin playing the piano? (9 o’clock in the morning) ____________________________________ 7. How long have you been reading that book? (last week) ____________________________________ 8.How long has Tim been swimming in the pool? (2 p.m.) ____________________________________ 9.How long has Lucy been dancing in the room? (one and half hours)_______________________ 10.How long have you been surfing the Internet? (6 hours)

22 二、选择填空 ( ) 1. A: You look exhausted! B: Yes. I ______ tennis for two hours. A. played B. was playing C. have been playing ( ) 2. It ______ for the whole week. It is wet everywhere. A. is raining B. has been raining C. rained ( ) 3. I ______ the English story book last night. A. have been reading B. read C. reading ( ) 4. She ______ letters since two o’clock. A. wrote B. is writing C. has been writing ( ) 5. He ______ since ten o’clock. It is time to wake him up. A. has been sleeping B. was sleeping C. is sleeping ( ) 6. I ______ a lot in American. I know much about that continent. A. traveled B. have been traveling C. am traveling ( ) 7. He ______ the whole night. Is there anything wrong with him? A. has been coughing B. coughed C. is coughing

23 三、用所给词的正确形式填空 1 . It is ________ today. ( sun ) 2 . Look at these ________. ( cloud ) 3 . Playing on the thin ice is ________. ( danger ) 4 . The ________ ( wind ) is ________ strongly. ( blow ) 5 . The question isn’t hard. I can answer it ________. ( easy ) 6 . September 10th is ________ Day. ( teach ) 7 . The man liked living there. Because it was usually very ________. ( quietly ) 8 . Mother always tells me to be ________ when I cross the street. ( care ) 9 . Look! The children are playing ________. ( happy ) 10 . Be ________! We must walk ________. ( quick )

24 四、动词填空 1 . —I _____ (buy) a beautiful pen. —When _____ you _____ (buy) it? 2 . He _____( not post) the letter for me? It is still on his desk. 3 . While the Reads _____ (have) supper, the bell rang. 4 . He _____ (fall) off the bike last week, so he _____ (feel) terrible. 5 . He _____ (ride) his bike this time yesterday. 6 . He _____ (look for) his lost brother these years. 7 . —What have you done with the apples? —We have just _____ (eat) them.

25 五、作文 学校歌咏队要参加一个歌咏比赛,故而要招聘新成员,请 你帮歌咏队写一个招聘广告。 应聘信 Dear Mike, I’m from Class Two, Grade Two. I’m an outgoing boy. I am interested in singing songs. I have been singing songs since I was five years old. I have been studying English for six years, so I can sing many English songs. I am studying English songs now. Every Saturday I go to singing club to study singing and English songs. Yours sincerely John


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