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UNIT 3 Let’s celebrate Reading. How much do you know about Halloween?

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1 UNIT 3 Let’s celebrate Reading

2 How much do you know about Halloween?

3 When children parents family eat October 31st play a game called “trick or treat” dress up wear special costumes with masks paint faces make pumpkin lantern have a party candies and chocolates hot drinks and nice food

4 Read the article carefully and answer the questions 1. What is Wendy’s favourite festival? 2. When do people usually have a special party for Halloween? 3. What game do children play for Halloween? 4. Do you know how to play the game ‘trick or treat’? knock, shout, give, not give, play a trick Halloween. It is on October 31st. They play a game called ‘trick or treat’

5 5. What costume will Wendy wear for Halloween this year? 6. What do Wendy and her friends make for Halloween? 7. How do they make special pumpkin lanterns for Halloween? 8.When do Wendy’s family have a party? 9.What do people usually eat at a party for Halloween? A tiger costume. Pumpkin lanterns. cut out, eyes, nose & sharp teeth On the evening of October 31st. They have a lot of special Halloween chocolates and candies, hot drinks and hot food.

6 1. Thank you for telling me about the Mid-Autumn Festival. Thank you for sth doing sth b. Thank you for ______________( 帮助我). Language points a. Thank you for _________( 你的自行车). your bike helping me

7 2. We play a game called “trick or treat” b. Do you know the dog called Hobo? a. 一个叫 Simon 的男孩 a boy called Simon called “ 被叫着 ……” 被称为 …… named 或 with the name of =Do you know the dog named/ with the name of Hobo.

8 3. If they do not give us a treat, we can play a trick on them. give sb. a treat 意思为 “ 招待某人 ” Mr Wang often gives us a treat of fruits. 王老师经常用水果招待我们。 give sb. a treat of sth. =give sb. sth. as a treat Mr. Wang often gives us fruits as a treat.

9 3. If they do not give us a treat, we can play a trick on them. play a trick on sb 对某人做一个恶作剧 那个小男孩经常对同学恶作剧。 The little boy often plays tricks on his classmates.

10 4. 他穿着一套带有面具的服饰. He ____ ___ costume _____ masks. wears a with

11 1.Today is very cold. We would like ____________ our warm coats. 2.Look, Lucy is____________ her best dress. She looks beautiful. 3.Must I _______ my younger brother? He is too young. 4.They enjoy _________________ ghosts at the party. 5.The woman _____ red is my mother.

12 5. 李小姐不知道他是谁. Miss Li______know who___ ____. doesn’t he is 你知道她叫什么名字吗? Do you know _____ ___ ____ __? What her name is We don’t know ______ _____ _____. (他们住在哪里) where they live

13 6. make …out of 用 --- 做成 --- 我们用玻璃做成瓶子。 We make bottles out of glass. 美国人用南瓜做灯笼。 American people make lanterns out of pumpkin. 7. one’s own 某人自己的 这是我自己的卧室。 This is my own bedroom. 那些是他们自己的漫画书。 Those are their own comic books.

14 ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ 8. 在 …… 的早晨 / 中午 / 下午 / 晚上 / 夜晚 ____ the on ____ …… of morning noon afternoon evening night 在国庆节的早上,Millie 发邮件给我. ___the morning of___Day, Millie___ _____.

15 9. 在聚会上. 我们能吃好吃的粽子和 火鸡. __the party, we can eat nice___ ________ and_____. ricedumplings turkey At

16 Exercise 1 。谢谢你告诉我有关万圣节的情况。 Thank you for ______ ___about Halloween. 2 。你住在一个叫察哈尔路的地方吗? Do you live in a place ______Cahier Road? 3 。 你经常用美味款待他吗? Do you often ____him nice food as_ _____? 4 。请不要对老人搞恶作剧。 Please don’t ____ _ ____ __the old. 5 。在万圣节他喜欢装扮成鬼怪。 He enjoys _______ __ __ a ghost at Halloween. telling me called dressing up as play a trick on givea treat

17 一、选用合适词组的正确形式填空。 Hot drinks, dress up, play tricks on, make … for, give … as a treat, very much, thank … for, cut … out, knock on, tell … about  1. The naughty students love ________ their teachers.  2. He likes football ________. You can see him play football every afternoon.  3. He comes from the USA. His classmates always ask him to ________ them ________ the country.  4. If you feel cold, you can have some ________.  5. Please ________ the door before you come in.

18  6. When the Spring Festival comes, all children ________ and wear new clothes.  7. His mother is very friendly. She always ________ us some candies ________.  8. We are ________ some beautiful paper flowers ________ the coming new year.  9. This part of the apple is bad. Please ________ it ________.  10. We should ________ the policeman ________ his help. 一、选用合适词组的正确形式填空。 Hot drinks, dress up, play tricks on, make … for, give … as a treat, very much, thank … for, cut … out, knock on, tell … about

19  二、根据中文意思完成句子。  1. 在美国,我们不庆祝中秋节。  We ________ Mid- Autumn Festival in ________.  2. 我和我的朋友在万圣节总是打扮一番。  ___________________ always___________________ Halloween.  3. 有时我们在脸上涂油彩,人们不知道我们是谁。  Sometimes we ___________________ and people ________ who we are.  4. 在 10 月 31 日的晚上,人们经常举行一次晚会。  People often ___________________ of October 31st.

20  5. 你们在中秋节吃月饼吗?  ________ you ________ mooncakes at the ___________________?  6. 我们敲门并喊道 “trick or treat” 。  We ___________________ people’s ________ and ________ ‘trick or treat’.   7. 他怎么制作一个南瓜灯笼?  How ________ he___________________?  8. 她给我们许多热的饮料和食物作为招待。  She ______________________________________.

21 Read together and fill in the blanks. The people in the USA do not celebrate ___________________, but they celebrate __________.They have a special ______________ on ____________. The children play a game called ____________.Usually, people give them ________________. If they don’t, the children can ___________ on them. Mid-Autumn Festival Halloween Halloween party October 31st ‘trick or treat’ candies as a treat play a trick

22 The children always __________ at Halloween. They wear _____________ with masks. They sometimes ________ _____and people do not know who they are. This year, Wendy will wear _______________.They make their own _______________. They cut out_______________________ __________. dress up special costumes paint their faces a tiger costume pumpkin lanterns the eyes, the nose and the sharp teeth

23 The family always have a _______ on the ___________________. It usually starts at ______. They eat _______________________ __________________. They have _________and eat ________________. They do not eat ___________. party evening of October 31st 8 p.m. lots of special Halloween chocolates and candies hot drinks lots of nice, hot food mooncakes

24 What do we do at Halloween? Choose one topic to say something to your partner. Trick or treat Trick or treat Dressing up Dressing up Pumpkin lanterns Pumpkin lanterns Halloween party Halloween party

25 Retell the text play, ‘trick or treat’, knock, shout, give, treat, give, trick

26 dress up, wear, costumes, masks, paint, tiger coustume

27 pumpkin lanterns, cut out, eyes, nose, teeth, candles

28 have a party, Oct. 31st, starts, eat, chocolates, candies, drinks, food

29 Homework Write a letter about the Mid-Autumn Festival

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