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Unit 7 Not on My Block Designed by Shi Yuan Book Ⅱ The First Two Periods Listening and Speaking.

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1 Unit 7 Not on My Block Designed by Shi Yuan Book Ⅱ The First Two Periods Listening and Speaking

2 Group discussion English song Background information Listening Practice Oral Practice Assignments

3 Group Discussion 1. Please divide yourselves into groups of 4 or 5 students for each. 2. Have a discussion focusing on one of the following questions for 5 minutes. 3. Choose one out of each group to present your group discussion. When the student gives his or her presentation, please come to the front of the classroom. 4. Others listen carefully and grade the performance of the speakers. 5. The speakers grade their own performance. 6. The teacher grades the performance of each speaker. Direction:

4 Discussion 1. How much do you know about drugs? Can you name a few drugs you have heard of? 2. What will you do if you know someone living in your neighborhood is taking drugs or is a drug dealer?

5 Wait Til You Here From You Me by Sarah Connor This song is about Maria A close friend of mine Who lost herself in drugs She told me to wait for her But guess what... She never came back And I'm still waiting She told me: Wait 'til you hear from me Monday, Tuesday it won't be Wednesday, Thursday we will see If only you can wait baby Wait 'til you here from me Friday use your fantasy Saturday you got over me If only you can wait baby [verse 1] She was called Maria and she really was a friend I remember when we were walking hand in hand She was telling me that she understands All the world and every thrill by taking little pills So she was trying everything and more Alcohol and speed, coke and weed and tried to score Tragedy: she didn't feel much better than before So she got away here quick to find a better kick Never let it - wanna find her Can't forget it - to remind her She's my sister - wanna tell her How I miss her - she told me [b-chorus] Wait - don't call you've got to Wait 'til you hear from me Wait - that's all you've got to wait... [verse 2] When she arrived in the city of the stars Blinded by the lights, a burning in the heart She believed to play what she called her part A member of society to satisfy her dreams No one paid attention on her skills So she found crack is another way to fill The emptiness inside right now she got her thrill Guess, who gave his life away? she did it every day [narration-part] Why did she throw her life away? Why did she say don't call just wait? [c-part] If you wanna go to the city of stars Can you help me to find my girl Maria She once was an actress and a beauty queen Then the drugs took over and made her mean I tried to stand by her side make her feel alright But she wished to get over to the other side And since I can't really get her out of my mind I'm asking you, won't you help me to find She told me

6 Explanation pills: 药丸,但在俚语中指的是 “ 安非他明 ” ,一种强力兴奋剂 crack: 快克(一种经过高度化学提纯的可卡因药丸,通过玻璃烟管吸 取,很容易使人上瘾) coke: 可卡因(呈白色晶体状,兴奋作用强) speed: 俚语里指 “ 安非他明 ” weed: 大麻 score: 在俚语中, score 指 “ 走私禁药、购买非法毒品 ” the city of the stars: “ 洛杉矶 ” 的别名,当然,能获得此名得归功于众 星云集的 “ 好莱坞 ”

7 等 我 by Sarah Connor 这首歌是关于玛利亚的 我很亲密的朋友 她死于毒品 她让我等她 但你猜发生了什么... 她一去不回了 我却一直在等 她告诉我 一直等到我给你消息 星期一星期二我们不可能见面 星期三星期四?看情况吧 如果你愿意,等我宝贝 一直等到我给你消息 星期五自己去想吧 星期六你可能会忘了我 如果你愿意,等我宝贝 她叫玛利亚是我真正的好朋友 还记得一起手牵手的日子 她过去一直告诉我 毒品让她无所不知,兴奋异常 所以她一直在尝试各种毒品 酒精,安非他命(兴奋剂),可卡因,大麻, 也走私 悲剧发生了:她没有以前开心 因此她离开这里去寻找新的转折点 从来没有放弃寻找她的念头 并要时时提醒她 她是我的好姐妹 想告诉她 真的很想她 她告诉我 等我,别给我打电话 等我,一直等到我给你消息 等我,你要做的就是等 等我 她来到众星云集的好莱坞 被五彩的世界打动,心中燃烧着欲望和激情 她以为自己会是个好演员 作为社会的成员来实现她的梦想 可是没人注意她的技能 她发现毒品可以填补内心的空虚 立即又开始吸毒 猜,是谁夺走了她的生命?是她自己 为什么她要放弃生存的机会? 为什么她不让打电话只是让我等 ?

8 Sarah Connor 23 岁的莎拉 · 寇娜已经用甜美的嗓音,深入魂魄的音乐动感和非凡的演唱实力征服了欧洲乐坛, 祖父赐予的新奥尔良的血统使她在幼年时期就受到全面的蓝调及灵魂乐的熏陶。 1980 年 Sarah Connor 出生在德国的一个小镇上,据说因为是祖父的奥尔良血统,使她 14 岁便 开始在教堂的唱诗班担任演唱,然后又在父母的安排下学习正统的声乐训练,企图成为一名歌剧女 演员,还在学校的舞台上出演舞台剧、音乐剧。似乎当时的 Sarah Connor 即将走上古典道路,但是 出于对流行歌曲的热爱,她终于还是选择了更能够亲近大众的音乐路线。 2001 年春季, Sarah Connor 以挑动情欲的处女单曲《 Let’s Get Back To The Bed Boy 》, 绽放狂野性格,歌曲强势占领德国排行榜亚军,并挥军直入欧陆各国排行榜 TOP 10 ,抢攻欧洲流 行单曲榜 TOP 15 ;第二首单曲《 French Kissing 》转而释放灵魂乐的性感魅力,同年底改走情歌路 线,推出感人恋曲《 From Sarah With Love 》成绩益发耀眼,光在德国就卖出 75 万张,歌曲轻易摘 下德国榜冠军后座,窜登欧洲 Music & Media 排行榜 TOP 5 ,并在瑞典与奥地利创造金唱片开出销 售红盘;紧接着首张大碟《 Green Eyed Soul 》更上层楼,不但直袭德国专辑榜亚军,也攻克荷兰、 波兰、芬兰、葡萄牙、希腊等国排行 TOP 10 , 2002 年 3 月, Sarah Connor 获颁德国乐坛最高荣耀 的 Echo 音乐奖最佳流行摇滚女歌手大奖,稍后更勇夺 Goldene Europe 音乐奖最成功女歌手奖。 2003 年进军国际乐坛的大碟《 Unbelievable 》展露 Sarah Connor 多样化的流行节奏蓝调风 情,从纯情动人的《 Skin On Skin 》、挑战 Toni Braxton 抒情唱功的凄美恋曲《 From Sarah With Love 》、与嘻哈大将 Wyclef Jean 交手的激爆火辣风情力作《 One Nite Stand(Of Wolves And Sheep) 》、放克艳情劲奏《 He’s Unbelievable 》、抒情创作才女 Diane Warren 执笔的挑情动感之 作《 I Wanna Touch U There 》、弥漫都会浪漫情调的《 The Loving Permission 》、散发复古节奏 蓝调哀情小品《 Where Did You Sleep Last Nite? 》、街舞劲歌《 Bounce 》、《 That’s The Way I’m 》、《 Sweet Thang 》到节奏蓝调美声情歌《 1+1=2 》、《 Beautiful 》,她那收放自如的情感唱 腔马上就要征服你的听觉世界了。

9 Background information  Drug Drug  The Oliver neighborhood of East Baltimore The Oliver neighborhood of East Baltimore  Illegal drug trade and drug dealers Illegal drug trade and drug dealers  Foster care Foster care  The tragic story of the Dawson family in Baltimore The tragic story of the Dawson family in Baltimore

10 Drug 鸦片 (opium)

11 吗啡 吗啡 ( Morphine ) Morphine

12 海洛因 ( Heroin )

13 大麻 marijuana [mær ɪ 'hw ɑ :nə]


15 甲基苯丙胺 ( 又名去氧麻 黄碱或安非他命 ) ,俗称 " 冰 " 毒 methamphetamine [ ͵ meθæ'fetəmin]

16 ketamine

17 摇头丸 dancing outreach

18 The Oliver neighborhood of East Baltimore An area of approximately thirty- two square blocks in east- central Baltimore City. The district consists of brick row houses that are still residential. Interspersed among these structures are quite a few brick and stone churches and public service buildings, such as firehouses and schools. The district contains around 2, 000 buildings. Though the houses have suffered from the neglect of maintenance, they are generally in good shape, and a small amount of restoration activity is occurring in the neighborhood.

19 Illegal drug trade and drug dealers For some drugs, large-scale drug production is not usually located in developed countries where those drugs are illegal — rather, those drugs are often manufactured or harvested in developing nations where corruption and instability allows producers to operate with minimal interference from law enforcement agencies. High demand for illegal drugs on the black market leads to the formation of complex illegitimate production, smuggling, and distribution networks that span national borders and generate billions of dollars of revenue. networks that span national borders and generate billions of dollars of revenue. Illegal supply to consumers is generally via criminal “drug dealers” who purchase drugs in bulk or produce their own. Such dealers are stereotypically associated with organized crime syndicates, though in reality they often work freelance and bear no connection to organized criminal groups. The motivations for participation in the drug trade vary greatly depending on the specific drug. 执法机构 大量 ( 整批散 装 ) 固定地 组织,联合

20 Foster care 看护 A child may need foster care because ☆ he / she is a victim of abuse or neglect ☆ the parent / legal guardian has died ☆ the parent / legal guardian is in jail ☆ the parent / legal guardian abandoned him / her ☆ the parent / legal guardian has an alcohol or drug abuse problem ☆ the parent / legal guardian is unable to care for him / her due to physical or mental illness

21 Children enter foster care when an assessment indicates a child will be at risk for harm if they remain in the home, and need to live outside of the family home to be safe. A child may need foster care because the child is a victim of abuse or neglect, or the parent / legal guardian has died, is in jail, abandoned the child, has an alcohol or drug abuse problem, or due to physical or mental illness, is unable to care for the child. Sometimes a youth may run away from home to escape abuse and neglect or because he / she has conflicts with the rest of the family. Children who are removed from their parents’ or legal guardian’s homes are cared for in out-of-home placement settings such as foster care homes, group residential homes, residential care facilities or with a family member. 法定监护人

22 The tragic story of the Dawson family in Baltimore This shocking event happened in October, 2002. The Dawson family — Angela Dawson, her husband, and five children — were all killed when a drug dealer set their house on fire in retaliation for Mrs. Dawson’s undaunted stand against drug trafficking in their Baltimore neighborhood. On the picture, you can see the local people are commemorating the Dawson family. 报复 勇敢的, 无畏的

23  Do you know the story of the prodigal son? Are there any sayings about the prodigal son?

24 Spot dictation The Prodigal Son A man had two grown sons and the younger came to him and said, “Give me my share of the inheritance now.” So his father divided all his assets and gave the younger son his share. The first born was to inherit a double portion so the younger son now had one third of all his father's property. Soon after this the younger son took everything his father had given him and went away to a country where he lived a debauched life and used up everything. Just as he became poor a great famine spread over that country and the young man began to. Finally he had learned his lesson and it came to him to return to his father, “My father's lowliest servants have food and here I'm starving to death. I will go back to my father and tell him, ‘Father, I have sinned against heaven and before you; I am no longer worthy to be called your son. Please take me on as one of your hired servants.’” So he returned home and while he was still far down the road his father saw him and recognized him and was full of mercy. He excitedly ran out to meet him and hugged and kissed him. He told his servants, “Go and the best robe and sandals and a ring for his finger and clothe him. Go and prepare a banquet; we will have a feast and, for this my son who was dead is alive again — he was lost but now is found.” 遗产 糜烂 的 宴会 浪子回头 饥荒 starve in abundance fetch celebrate distant

25 Listening Practice---Blank-filling People thought Ethel Armstead was crazy to stand up to the young men dealing drugs outside her house. But Ethel had had enough. Summoning up her courage, she went out to talk to the gang. This is the story of what happened. Not on My Block Ethel Armstead liked the gray row house right off. It had an extra bedroom and a big backyard where her grandkids could play. The marble stoop would be a perfect spot to sit on summer evenings. But when Armstead arrived home from work that first night after moving in, she found tough-looking young men sitting on her front steps. “Excuse me,” she said, startled. “I live here.” The group of seven young men rose, staring at her with cold, hard eyes. Once inside, Armstead locked the door and out the window. She was surprised to see that the men had already reseated themselves on her steps. a bunch of reluctantly peered

26 In coming weeks, Armstead learned that her house, long vacant, was used by drug dealers, who hid their drugs under the front steps. As a steady stream of cars and foot traffic passed by, the dealers conducted business on the stoop. Addicts shot up in the path behind the house and urinated in the backyard. Armstead had no about the men who her front steps. Almost every night for the ten years she had lived in the tough Oliver neighborhood of East Baltimore, she lay in bed listening to the sound of gunshots as the drug wars. But this house, with dealers hanging out on her stoop, was the worst. Sometimes she called the police several times a day, begging them to disperse the dealers. But once the police car disappeared down the street, the dealers drifted back. As a 50-something mother of grown children, Armstead had not imagined fighting this battle. But it wasn’t the first time she’d risen to an unexpected challenge. Back in the mid-1990s, when her own daughter drugs and her young grandchildren faced foster care, Armstead got of the three boys and one girl. One night in September 2000, about a month after she moved into her new house, Armstead prayed to God. “I’m gonna talk to these guys tomorrow. Help me.” illusionsoccupied raged was addicted to custody

27 The next day, she confronted the leader of the group, a young man in jeans and a while T-shirt. Armstead’s insides were turning over, but she knew she couldn’t show her fear. “This is my space,” she said calmly and quietly, keeping her face a mask. “I shouldn’t have to say ‘Excuse me’ to get into my own house.” She told the young man that she didn’t want him and his friends dealing drugs in front of her grandkids anymore. They were to stay off her property, off the vacant property next door, off the corner. The man was silent. Armstead’s heartbeat rose into her throat. Then he nodded. The group left. But a few days later, they were back. Armstead repeated her request. She repeated it the next day. And the next. Then a funny thing happened. They began to listen. They moved down to the next block. When winter came, they cleared snow from her walk and checked in on her when she was ill. Before long, they took to calling her “Mom”. Her grandkids could play ball in the street now. Sometimes the young men played with them. And if one of the kids were talking back, someone would say, “Don’t you talk like that. That’s your grandma!”

28 Armstead kept “fussin’,” warning of the dangers of fast money. “You’re gonna get yourselves killed!” She told them. “Do something positive!” People told her she was crazy to talk to those thugs that way. Especially after another mom who had taken a stand was killed just five blocks away. Angela Dawson had her own battle against a different set of drug pushers — and lost. In a tragedy that made the national news, the Dawson house and Angela, her husband, Carnell, and five of their children died. A neighborhood man was charged. Armstead didn’t know Angela Dawson, but she knew her children. After the deadly fire, she was more — but she didn’t stop. And she didn’t just talk. She has been a driving force in the community organization BUILD (Baltimore United in Leadership Development). Together they drove drug dealers off a vacant lot and built a playground. They established an extended-day program at school to keep kids off the streets. They prompted the city and local churches to step up efforts to redevelop houses. Not long ago, Armstead ran into one of the men who used to hang out on her steps. “Hey, Mom!” he exploded, giving her a hug. He got a job, he told her, adding, “I want to thank you for all your fussin’.” Armstead is about the impact she’s had. She says simply, “It makes me feel good to know my message got through to at least one young man.” waged was set on fire cautious abandoned modest

29 Oral Practice Suppose your new neighbor shows criminal tendencies. Would you choose to take no notice of him or get acquainted with him? Why?

30 Assignments Read the new words again and again after class, next time you are supposed to read them aloud in class. Read the text and do Ex. 1-2. Preview Reading skill and do related ex. Do translation work.

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