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the difference between Chinese poetry and Foreign poetry

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1 the difference between Chinese poetry and Foreign poetry
中外诗歌比较 the  difference between Chinese poetry and Foreign poetry

2 中国诗词The Chinese poetry
菩萨蛮 韦庄 (一)红楼别夜堪惆恨,香灯半掩流苏帐。残月出门时,美人和泪辞。琵琶金翠羽,弦上黄莺语。劝我早归家,绿窗人似花。   (二)人人尽说江南好,游人只合江南老。春水碧于天,画船听雨眠。垆边人似月,皓腕凝霜雪。未老莫还乡,还乡须断肠。   (三)如今却忆江南乐,当时年少春衫薄。骑马倚斜桥,满楼红袖招。翠屏金屈曲,醉入花丛宿。此度见花枝,白头誓不归。   (四)劝君今夜须沉醉,樽前莫话明朝事。珍重主人心,酒深情亦深。须愁春漏短,莫诉金杯满。遇酒且呵呵,人生能几何。   (五)洛阳城里春光好,洛阳才子他乡老。柳暗魏王堤,此时心转迷。桃花春水渌,水上鸳鸯浴。凝恨对残晖,忆君君不知。

3 菩萨蛮·其二 人人尽说江南好,游人只合江南老。春水碧于天,画船听雨眠。垆边人似月,皓腕凝霜雪。未老莫还乡,还乡须断肠。

4 【评解】 韦庄的《菩萨蛮》其二,是写作者身在江南,回忆他47岁时春天从长安到洛阳,次年离开洛阳这段生活的。多写回忆,洛阳的春日美景,回忆起来,勾起令人迷惘的乡思。 其中“洛阳才子他乡老”又流露了作者的无限伤感。下片写江南春景,抒发内心的感慨。全词写景妍秀,抒情自然,二者巧妙地结合,写景采用白描写法,通过具体事物来展现感情,颇能体现韦词的风格。 This poem is about the author‘s feeling of homesickness because of the poet’s personal experience that makes this poem sad。 Besides ,Chinese poets are often implied (含蓄的),It also make the poem attractive。

5 中国情诗 青青子矜,悠悠我心。纵我不往,子宁不嗣音? The poem review
青青子佩,悠悠我思。纵我不往,子宁不来? 挑兮达兮,在城阙兮。一日不见,如三月兮。 The poem review This poem expresses the girl‘ love to the person and what the girl does,is always praised(称颂)by the modern people 。Just like the lovely fawn(小鹿) 。 Sometimes she is dejected(沮丧)。 Sometimes she is disappointed . Sometimes she is perturbed(忐忑).


7 国外诗歌The Foreign poetry
When you are old    William Butler Yeats   When you are old and grey and full of sleep,   And nodding by the fire, take down this book,   And slowly read, and dream of the soft look   Your eyes had once, and of their shadows deep;   How many loved your moments of glad grace,   And loved your beauty with love false or true,   But one man loved the pilgrim Soul in you,   And loved the sorrows of your changing face;   And bending down beside the glowing bars,   Murmur, a little sadly, how Love fled   And paced upon the mountains overhead   And hid his face amid a crowd of stars. 当你老了 当你老了,白发苍苍,睡意朦胧,  在炉前打盹,请取下这本诗篇,  慢慢吟咏,梦见你当年的双眼  那柔美的光芒与青幽的晕影;  多少人真情假意,爱过你的美丽,  爱过你欢乐而迷人的青春,  唯独一人爱过你朝圣者的心,  爱你日益凋谢的脸上的哀戚;  当你佝偻着,在灼热的炉栅边,  你将轻轻诉说,带着一丝伤感,  逝去的爱,如今以步上高山,  在密密星群里埋藏着它的赧颜。

8 《当你老了》是威廉·巴特勒·叶芝于1893年创作的一首诗歌,是叶芝献给女友毛特·冈妮热烈而真挚的爱情诗篇。
When you are old and tired and gray Wear you overcoat on sunny days When your brave tales have all been told Ill ask for them when you are old When you are old and full of sleep And death no longer makes you weep When your body aches with cold Ill warm your heart when you are old Youll still be the same to me A comfort and a mystery And I will be old too you see Ill need someone to comfort me When you are old and pale and gone A gentle hand is all you want I will give you mine to hold And Ill be here when you are old Yes I will give you mine to hold 《当你老了》是威廉·巴特勒·叶芝于1893年创作的一首诗歌,是叶芝献给女友毛特·冈妮热烈而真挚的爱情诗篇。

9 The Poetry review The poet expressed his deep love for his lover. Though other people might love the beauty when she was young, they left her when she was old. But the poet is different--he still loves her very much. It is a true love. Reading what the poet writes, we feel true love is so touching and moving. How happy that beauty will be if she gets to know all this! So true love can stand the test of time--that is what the poem conveys to us through his poem. If we can have such memorable experience, we will regard it as the best gift in our life. I love this poem and hence love the poet, who presents to us such a beautiful and enlightening poem!

10 the difference between Chinese poetry and Foreign poetry
Now,we talk about the difference between  Chinese poetry and Foreign poetry 。Just like what we exampled,Chinese poetry often are implied(含蓄的) while the Foreign poetry are straightforward(直白的)。And foreign poetry express deep feeling while Chinese poetry seem like to express shallow(浅) feeling。But in fact,Chinese poetry also express deep love。 the feeling of love is same to everyone,no matter where you are from or no matter what language you speak。 We are all sentient。(有感情的) We love the people who love us。the poetry is just a expression,when we miss our hometown or our lover

11 something That’s all 谢谢欣赏···( ^_^ )/~~拜拜 小组成员: ←杜雅睿(主讲人) 徐小瑜(纠错队长) ↗
小组成员: ←杜雅睿(主讲人) 徐小瑜(纠错队长) ↗ 周佳(吉祥物)→ 黄洁( 总策划)→ 陈聪(腹黑总制作)↘ 歌: 阙风沙——怪物 when you are old ——玛蒂娜 麦克布莱德 the piano song——Meiko 背景人物——Micheal Walsh

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