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matter 事情 ; 麻烦 What is the matter? 怎么了 ? Advice (n) 建议 Give sb some advice 给某人一 些建议 Arm (n) 胳膊 Back (n) 后背 Head (n) 头 Leg (n) 腿 Mouth (n) 嘴 Neck (n)

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Presentation on theme: "matter 事情 ; 麻烦 What is the matter? 怎么了 ? Advice (n) 建议 Give sb some advice 给某人一 些建议 Arm (n) 胳膊 Back (n) 后背 Head (n) 头 Leg (n) 腿 Mouth (n) 嘴 Neck (n)"— Presentation transcript:




4 matter 事情 ; 麻烦 What is the matter? 怎么了 ? Advice (n) 建议 Give sb some advice 给某人一 些建议 Arm (n) 胳膊 Back (n) 后背 Head (n) 头 Leg (n) 腿 Mouth (n) 嘴 Neck (n) 脖子 Stomach (n) 胃 ; 肚子 Nose (n) 鼻子 tooth (n) 单 牙齿 Teeth (n) 复 牙齿 Dentist (n) 牙医 Throat (n) 喉咙 Sore throat 咽痛 Start (v) 开始 ago (ad) … 以前 Soon (ad) 很快 Lie down 躺下 Rest (n: v) 休息 Tired (a) 累 Hungry (a) 饿 Thirsty (a) 渴

5 Stress (n) 压力 Stressed out (a) 压力大的 Traditional (a) 传统的 Believe (v) 相信 Balance (n) 平衡 For example 比如 : Weak (a) 虚弱的 Too much+ 不可 数 太多 Herb (n) 中药 Also (ad) 也 Should 情态 应当 ; 应该 Be good for 对. 有好处 More (a; ad) 更多的 Western (a) 西方的 Western country 西方国家 Improve (v) 改善 ; 提高 Stay (v) 保持 Easy (a; ad) 容易的 A balanced diet 膳食平衡 Sometimes (ad) 有时 A few (a)+ 可数 一点 For a few nights 持续几个晚上


7 1. 你怎么了 ?( 四种常用方式 ) 1.What is the matter to you? 2.What is wrong with you? 3.What is up? 4.What happened to you? 注意点 1,2,4 中的介词搭配问题. 3 组中, 必须用过去时, 必须加 to

8 happen  公式 : sth happened to sb  考点 :  主语必须是物, 一定不能是人 ( 颠倒汉语习惯 )  不能不加 to  例 : 昨天, 他发生车祸 accident 了.  Yesterday, an accident happened to him.  例 : 你怎么了 ?  What happened to you?


10 2.“ 感觉 ” 的用法  因为只有人和动物才能感觉到饿, 渴, 压力等 等, 所以句子主语必须是人  人 + feel/be ( 感觉 )+ 感觉 / 情绪词  Sb feel/be hungry  Sb feel/be thirsty  Sb feel/be stressed out  Sb feel/be interested in…  Sb feel/be tired 璐

11 练习 : 请翻译下列句子  在夏天人很容易地感 到渴  昨天晚上我很饿.  我对美味的食物很感 兴趣.  我常常感觉到压力.  In Summer, people very easily feel thirsty.  I felt hungry last night.  I am interested in delicious foods.  I usually/often feel stressed out.


13 Advise+ Ving I advised starting at once 我建议立刻开始 Advise+ 从句 I advised that it start at once 我建议立刻开始 Advise(v) 建议, 忠告 Advice(n) 建议, 忠告

14 讲解  汉语的建议 : 只有一组无区别  英语的建议 : 有两组  考点 : 四个词, 二个名词, 二个动词 1.Advise + to do, 它的名词是不可数 2.Suggest +doing, 它的名词是可数 3. 你们建议我应当减肥, 然后你们给了我很 多非人的建议

15 建议 ( 不同点 )  Advise (v) to do…  Doctor advised me to eat food  Advice (n) 不可数 – a piece of advice  I give you a piece of advice  Suggest (v) doing  Doctor suggest me eating food  Suggestion (n) 可数  I give you a suggestion.

16 4. 某人生病  Sb have a + 一种病  Sb get a + 一种病  He had a cold yesterday.  He got a cold yesterday.

17 5. Improve (v)  Improve (v) 改善, 提高  You must improve your English quickly.  His English is improving.  He got to the cinema as soon as possible

18 AgoBefore 时间段 +ago A month ago 一个月之前 Before+ 具体时间 Before 1999 1999 年之前 He lived in here a month ago. 他一个月以前住在这里 He lived in here before 1999. 他 1999 年以前住在这里

19 时间段 --- 具体时间  8.50  十分之前 10 mins ago  8:40 八点四十之前 before 8:40  我建议他应当天黑 dark 之前回家  I suggest that he go back home before dark

20 7. Should ( 情态 ) 应当 ; 应该  情态动词基本用法 :  主 + 情态动词 +V 原 + 其他  你应当努力提高你的成绩  You should improve your grades/scores hard  你不该上课睡觉  You should not sleep in class.  我建议你应该去看牙医.  I advise you should see a dentist.

21 . The boy is __ in __ on the ice. A. interesting; skating B. interesting; to skate C. interested; skating D. interested; to skate 考点分析 :a: sb be interested in … 某人对 … 感兴趣 b: prep+ ving ( in skating)( 基本语法 ). You don’t need ___ if you feel sick. A. to come B. come C. coming D. comes 考点分析 : need 的两种用法. need 及物动词, 完全 v 使用 He needs some water 情态动词 完全情态动词使用 He need have some water.

22 . --Must I clean the cage today? --No, you___. A. must not B. can not C. need not D. may not 考点分析 : 回答 must 开头的疑问句, 用 needn’t( 基础题 ) -- May I take my pet to school? -- no, you__. A. may not B. might not C. need not D. can not 考点分析 : 回答 may 开头的疑问句, 用 can not( 基础题 ) –May I put my bike here? --No, you __ A. may not B. can’t C. might not D. mayn’t 考点分析 : 回答 may 开头的疑问句, 用 can not( 基础题 )

23 8.“ 疼 ” 的两种构词法 1.Head 2.Stomach 3.Back 4.Tooth 1.Headache 2.Stomachache 3.Backache 4.Toothache 1.knee 2.throat 3.eye 4.foot 1.sore knee 2.sore throat 3.sore eye 4.sore foot

24 9 soon  Fast—quickly  Soon 时间的飞快  Very soon, you will become an adult 很快, 你们 就要变成成年人  考点 : 1.As soon as… 一 … 就 … I will leave as soon as he comes 1.As soon as possible 尽可能快的 Please finish it as soon as possible

25 10 stay  Stay— 系动词  后要 + 形容词  例 : he stayed healthy  意思 :  保持  呆  He stays in the city for his life 他在这个城市里一 背子了

26 11 easy  容易 it is very easy  放松 : take it easy! 口语用法 — 放松 !  易错 : 形容词和副词  虽然这道题不容易, 但是他很容易地做出了  Though the question wasn’t easy, but he work it out easily  不用 but; 时态 ; easy---easily



29  Traditional Chinese doctors believe we need a balance of yin and yang to be healthy. For example, are you often weak and tired? Maybe you have too much yin. You should eat hot yang foods, like beef. Eating Dangshen and Huangqi herbs is also good for this. But people who are too stressed out and angry may have too much yang. Chinese doctors believe that they should eat more yin foods like tofu. Chinese medicine is now popular in many western countries. It is easy to have a healthy lifestyle, and it’s important to eat a balanced diet.

30 1.Traditional doctors believe that … 2.We need … to do… 3.For example= such as=like 4.You are weak ( 注意与 week 的区别) 5.You may be right= Maybe you are right. 6.Too much+ 不可数 – much too+ 形容词 7.Eating dangshen is good for this 8.People who are stressed out and angry. (短语) 9.Take a medicine 吃药 10.In western country 11.It is 强调内容 for sb to do… 对某人来说, 做 … 很重要

31 特殊句式的总结  祈使句 :  Don’t do…( 必须 don’t 开头 ) don’t eat in class.  Let us do…---let’s go!  建议  Sb should do…  强调  It is … for sb to do…/ it is important for me to finish the job on time.  感叹句  What + n + 陈述句 ! What a hot day it is!  How + adj+ 陈述句 ! How hot it is!  反意疑问句 …. 是吧 ? … 不是吧 ?

32  It is important for sb to grow higher.  How slim she is!  what a slim girl she is!  反意问句  He hardly came late, did he?  你没有把你的 … 忘家了, 是吗 ?you don’t leave your…at home, do you?  不, 我忘了 yes, I leave.

33  Well, I hope you are enjoying my school in New York. I like your school in BeiJing, but I am not feeling very well at the moment. I am tired and have a lot of headaches. And I am stressed out because my Putonghua is not improving. I study late every night, sometimes until 2 a. m., but I don’t think I am improving. I really need some conversation practice! I think I have a cold, too. Oh, dear! But my host family is really nice. Yesterday they…

34 Maybe--- may be  Maybe (adv) 也许, 可能 =perhaps  位置 : 用于句首  例 : 也许你是对的  Maybe, you are right.  May be 也许是 / 可能是  May 情态动词 + be  例 : 野人也许是人  Ymen may be a human.  区别 : maybe 句首, may be 句中  Maybe 是副词, may be 情态动词表推测, 充当谓语动词  Maybe they are thief. They may be thief

35 动名词作主语  以前见到 V1… to V 原 ; 英语中的动词在不同位置 有不同的形式  当动词用于句首, 并做主语, 要把动词 ing; 谓语用 单数  例 : 食物是必须的 ; 吃食物是必须的  Food is necessary. Eating food is necessary  例 : 音乐有益健康 Music is good for health.  听音乐有益健康 enjoying music is good for health.  饭后百步走, Walking 100 steps after a dinner

36 课文知识点总结 1.Chinese doctors believe that we need sth to be healthy. (that 可省略, 无意义 ) 2.Need sth to be healthy( 动词不定式 + be 原型 ) 3.For example= such as= like( 前面要用逗号 ) 4.Maybe 与 may be 的区别 5.People who are angry 易怒的人 ( 主意后置修饰 ) 6.Eating Dangshan and Huangqi is good for this 动名词作主语 7.In western country 在西方国家

37 练习  1. I met my old friend when I __ to hotel.  Go back / come back/ went back/ came  解析 : 真正去理解时态的概念  2. the man sat ___ the bus.  At the back of/ at back of/ after/ in front of  解析 : in front of… 在 … 的前面 --- at back of… 在 … 后面  例 :The screen is in front of us. 屏幕在我们的前 面  In the front of… 在 … 内部的前面 --- at the back of  例 : He sat in the front of the class. 他坐在教室 的后面

38  3 区别 :Mouse 老鼠,鼠标 mice/ month 月 / mouth 嘴巴  4. at last, they were ___ in the match. 比赛  shoulder and shoulder/ hand in hand/ neck and neck/ step by step  5. –what is the matter to you?  -- I __.  Get a headache/ have a headache/ got a stomachache/ have good grades  解析 : get a headache/ have a headache

39  6. She went back home __.  3 days ago/ before 3 days/ ago 3 days/  解析 : ago 过去时标志,  用法 : 一段时间 + ago.  例 : long long ago 很久以前, a week ago 一周以 前.  区别 : before+ 准确说出的时间  例 : She went back home before Sunday.  造句 : 你昨晚 9 点以前睡觉了吗? Did you sleep before 9 clock last night?  不,我在这个节目结束之前睡的 No, I slept before the end of the show.  例 We started the class three minutes ago, and we will finish before ten

40  7. Don’t speak so __, I can’t understand you.  8. Liuxiang doesn’t run __ as before.  9. It is so __, let us dismiss.( 下课 )  10. __, or 否则 you will come late  请用 fast, quickly, soon 填空  区别 : soon 时间快 fast 动作快 (run, speak), quickly 匆忙  11. some men __ down on the sand last summer.  Lie/ lay/ lied/

41  12. before the important test, I felt __.  Stress/ street/ stressed out/ happy  解析 : 系动词的扩展  The apple is red. It is hot  结构:主 系动词 形容词  He is a student.  考点 : 系动词 (be) 后必须配形容词  除了 be 之外,熟练掌握其他的系动词  I am hot– I feel hot---become--- keep—stay  13. it becomes __ from spring to summer.  Hot/ hotness/ hotly/ cool  14. Don’t arrive at the station too ___!  Quick/ fast/ soon/ quickly

42  15. It is important for us to ___ of life and work.  keep balance/ move balance/ keep balanced  解题思路 : 因为 of, 所以决定了 名词 of 名词,  Balance of life and work 生活和工作的平衡  16. every day, we have ___ food, so many of us lose health.  Much too/ too many/ too much  常见不可数 : food, milk, fruit.  17. though the herb is so strange, you must __ it.  Have/ eat/ take/ drink  解析 : take the medicine 吃药,服药,切忌用 eat!

43  18.Drinking water in summer ___ your health.  Is kind to/ is good at/are good for/ is good for  解析 : 复习好  Ving 位于句首,谓语用单数  Eating less food is better. 少吃点会更好  Sleeping late is bad for body. 睡得太晚有害健 康  19. How long do you ___? 多  live KF/ live in KF/ stay in KF/ life KF  解析 stay in 地方 = live in 某地  20. If you want to __, you must have more exercises.  Keep health/ keep in healthy/ stay health/ stay healthy  解析 保持健康 stay in health, stay healthy

44  21. The old man gave me ___.  A advice/ a suggest/ a suggestion/ 2 pieces of advices  22. He advised me ___.  Have a good rest/ to have dinner on time/ walking after dinner  解析 : advise me to do… -- advise that sb should do  23. he suggests that___.  I should have a good rest/ to have dinner on time/ I walking after dinner  24. 翻译 她建议它应当玩。 She suggested that it should play  她建议去玩 she suggested playing  如何判断是句子?看其后是否有主语  翻译: 他们建议你们应当待在家里 they advised that you should stay at home.  They advised you to stay at home

45  25. __, you are right.  may be/ maybe/ can be  26. you ___ right 多  may be/ maybe/ can be  解析 : You may be right.  Maybe, you are right  May be 是谓语动词,用于句中, maybe 用于句 首  27. __ water is good for you body.  Drinks/ drink/ drinking  解析 : 喝水对身体好。水对身体好  如果动作做主语,要把其 ing

46  28. last night, I __ a bad dream, I hardly __ at night.  Make; dreamed/ made; dreamed/ am making; dreams/ made; dream  29. ___ you walk outside alone when you were a child?  Do/ were/ Did  30. __ the decision 决定 is so hard.  Makes/ make/ made/ making  31. __ so fast on the street.  Don’t run/ doesn’t run/ running  32. the singer enjoy __ the film.  To see/ seeing/ looking  33. “___!” the teacher said angrily  Stop talking/ stop to talk/ Don’t talk/ talking  34. ---How about __ this night?  Going shop/ go shopping/ going shopping/ to go shopping

47  35. the __ man may leave us.  ill/ sick/ illness/ disease  36. the __ lady likes living __.  不填, alone/ alone; lonely/ long; lonely  37. the baby is __.  Sleep/ asleep/ wake  38. he stayed in Kaifeng 5 years __.  Before/ ago/ in front of/ in front  39. He stayed __.  Before/ ago/ in front of/ in front  40. Tom ___ work it out before dark.  Have to/ has not to/ didn’t have to/

48  Don’t be asleep!  Don’t fall asleep!  He does it  He can do it  He can’t do it  He needn’t do it  He needs he doesn’t need  He can not have some water

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