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Betel Nut: Taiwanese Chewing Gum

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1 Betel Nut: Taiwanese Chewing Gum

2 Betel nut, a mild narcotic, has been widely used in Asia for centuries
Betel nut, a mild narcotic, has been widely used in Asia for centuries. It is popular because of its cheap, pleasant buzz, and it’s one of Taiwan’s major cash crops, contributing enormously to the economy. However, betel nut also has many critics. Environmentalists claim that betel nut is responsible for Taiwan’s high rate of oral cancer, and many people dislike seeing the red-stained saliva where it has been spit on the sidewalk.

3 But the loudest objection to Taiwan’s betel nit industry is to “betel nut beauties,” the young girls who sell it. Because these girls wear skimpy clothing and sit exposed in glass booths, politicians contend they give Taiwan a sleazy image. Owners, however, insist that this is a decent job for these girls and argue that sexy images are used to sell many products today. With millions of Taiwanese chewing betel nut, the controversy is not going to go away anytime soon.

4 Vocabulary betel nut 檳榔 narcotic 麻醉品、上癮的 buzz 興奮 cash crop 經濟作物
critic 批評者 environmentalist 環保人士 erosion 水土流失 oral cancer 口腔癌

5 9. stain 漬 10. saliva 唾液、口水 11. spit 吐痰 12. sidewalk 人行道 13. betel nut industry 檳榔業 14. betel nut beauty 檳榔西施 15. skimpy clothing 暴露衣著 16. expose 暴露 17. glass booth 玻璃屋 18. sleazy 低劣的 19. decent 正當的

6 Analysis Narcotic毒品,名詞 可當形容詞 betel nut 興奮劑 economy 經濟 economic 有關經濟的
economist 經濟學者 economics 經濟系 economical 經濟的、省錢的

7 3. spit名詞 也是動詞 4. skimpy 很少的意思 5. expose(主動) be exposed to(被動) 6. sour 酸 sweet 甜 bitter 苦 hot 辣 chewy 有嚼勁(形容詞) bland 沒什麼味道 spicy 味道重

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