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Unit 3 Module 2 The power of images Colours. Teaching Aims and Purposes:  Develop the students’ ability of reading  Learn the new words and expressions.

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1 Unit 3 Module 2 The power of images Colours

2 Teaching Aims and Purposes:  Develop the students’ ability of reading  Learn the new words and expressions in More Reading  learn more about the real meanings of colours in some certain places More reading

3 New words

4 associationdepend on make a difference wrap circumstanceoffend prosperity embarrass funeral shed mourningbride virtue purity stick to smartBrazil unpack mistake…for…

5 New lesson

6 Different countries have different cultures ----different colours mean different cultures. It is essential that you should remember which colours are used in different circumstances in different places. China---red USA---funeral---black Asian countries---completely white---ruin a party Europe---bride---white Spain, Italy, Brazil---purple--- mourning USA---white coat---a doctor/a nurse

7 wrapping gifts

8 red packets red lanterns

9 wedding dress -- happiness and prosperity

10 USA and Europe –--- black for funerals, darkness and night

11 Asian countries--- white for winter, the time when plants shed their leaves and die, the colour of death and mourning.

12 Europe---only the bride should wear white--- the colour of virtue and purity.

13 Better choice: female -- a smart dress male--- a formal suit and tie

14 Spain, Italy, Brazil --- purple is the colour of mourning in these countries

15 Don’t wear white if you are going to USA, unless you want to be mistaken for a doctor or nurse --- it is a calming and relaxing colour.

16 Answer these questions: 1.What are three examples of the use of the colour red in China? 2.What colour might someone from France wear to a funeral? 3.Why might people in Asia think it unlucky to receive gifts wrapped in white? 4.Why do western brides wear white? 5.What should guests wear to a wedding in Europe?

17 More work: Collect the information about the symbolism of colours in different cultures and report it to the whole class the next day.

18 Language points

19 Avoid using black for gifts in the USA! avoid + sth. / doing sth.  The pilots had to take emergency action to avoid a disaster.  He was always careful to avoid embarrassment.  She eventually had to lock herself in the toilets to avoid him.  We must try to avoid repeating these errors.  You must avoid making decisions in a hurry.

20 Since it is the colour of winter, the time when plants shed their leaves and die. since = as  I'm forever on a diet, since I put on weight easily.  Since we are young, we shouldn’t be too afraid of making mistakes.  Since we’ve no money, we can’t buy it.

21 It is considered to be a colour of death and mourning in some countries. consider + sb. / sth./ (to be / as)…  We don't consider our customers to be mere consumers; we consider them to be our friends.  I had always considered myself a strong, competent woman.  I consider activities such as jogging and weightlifting as unnatural.

22  I had seriously considered telling the story from the point of view of the wives  Consider how much you can afford to pay for a course, and what is your upper limit. consider + n. / doing …/ wh-clause  They are considering our suggestion.

23 wrap v .包装 wrap sth . in sth .把 …… 包在 …… 里面 我先把书用牛皮纸包好,然后邮寄。 I wrapped the book in brown paper before I mailed it .

24 circumstances n . ( 复数 ) 环境, 状况 in / under…circumstances 在 …… 情况下 Under no circumstances should passengers leave the underground platform and get on the tracks . 在任何情况下乘客都不能离开地铁站台跳到铁轨 上去。 在正常情况下,我本会马上辞职的。 In normal circumstances , I would have resigned immediately .

25 offend 冒犯;得罪 我想我从没有触犯过你。 I think I never offend you . offender 冒犯者 offense 冒犯 ; 触怒 She meant no offense by the remark. 她说那句话并无恶意。

26 prosperity n .繁荣 国家现在的繁荣昌盛是改革开放的结果。 The country’s current prosperity is due to the policy of reform and opening up. prosperous adj .繁荣的 我们伟大的祖国以前从来没有像现在这样繁荣 昌盛过。 Our great motherland has never been so prosperous before as it is today. Never before has our great motherland been so prosperous as it is today

27 funeral n. 葬礼 葬礼在山脚下举行。 The funeral was held at the foot of the mountain .

28 mourning n .哀悼 (for) 我们向死者表示哀悼。 we express our mourning for the dead . mourn v .哀悼 (for) 每个人都在为汶川地震中的遇难者哀悼。 Everyone mourned for the people who died in the Wenchuan earthquake .

29 bride n . 新娘;即将 ( 或刚刚 ) 结婚的女子 那位新娘穿上白色的婚纱看上去最美了。 The bride looked her best in her white wedding dress . groom n. 新郎

30 virtue n . 高尚的道德;德行 Edward was a reliable man of good virtue. 善良、诚实和勇敢是他的美德。 Kindness , honesty and courage are his virtues .

31 purity n .纯洁,纯净 尽管他的行为造成了负面影响,却没有人怀疑 他的动机是好的。 Though his actions had a bad effect , no one doubted the purity of his motives . pure adj .纯洁的,纯净的 海边的空气清新又有益健康。 The air by the sea is pure and healthy . purify v .使净化 植物能净化空气。 Plants help to purify the air .

32 smart adj .光鲜的;漂亮的 那位年轻女士穿着红色夹克衫,看上去非常漂 亮。 The young lady looked very smart in that red jacket .

33 unpack v .打开 ( 箱、包等 ) 取出 她到达宾馆后的第一件事就是打开箱包取出 那几件真丝连衣裙。 When arriving at the hotel , the first thing she did was to unpack her silk dresses .

34 depend on 取决于 depend on sb / sth . +for sth(doing / to do) 依靠/取决于某人/某物 ( 做某事 ) 小孩依赖他们的父母供给衣食。 Children depend on their parents for food and clothing. 我们明天能否去公园完全取决于天气。 It all depends on the weather whether we will go to the park tomorrow . It all depends on whether she like the boss or not. 一切都取决于她喜欢还是不喜欢这个老板。

35 depend on sb. to do sth. I can not depend on him to come punctually. Depend on it. 放在句子开台开头或结尾, 表示 : 无疑地 Depend on it, he will pass the exam. It all depends. / That depends. 意思是 : 看情 况吧. 用于口语

36 stick to 坚持做 ( 某事 ) 不管遇到什么困难,他还是坚守信念。 Whatever difficulties he faced , he stuck to his beliefs.

37 Exercises 主语从句跟踪练习

38 I. Complete the sentences : 1. 很明显,她们确实是亲姐妹,她们的脸型很 相似。 _______________________________ was clear from the facial resemblance between them. 2. 毫无疑问她考试成绩会很好。 It is certain __________________________________. That they were in truth sisters that she will do well in her exam

39 3. 很可能他把一切都告诉她了。 __________________ that he told her everything. 4. 据报道中国又成功地发射了一颗人造地球卫 星。 It is reported _____________________________________ _____________________________________. It is probable that China has sent another man- made earth satellite into orbit

40 5. 众所周知, 地球围绕太阳转。 _____________________________________ is known to all. 6. 我们下周是否在户外开晚会还不确定。 ____________________________________ is uncertain. That the earth moves around the sun Whether we will hold a picnic next week

41 7. 物体在水中比在空气中轻,这是大家共有的经 验。 ______________________________________ that objects are lighter in water than they are in air. 8. 这对我们有害还是有利还得看一看。 It remains to be seen ______________________________________. It is a matter of common experience whether it will do us harm or good

42 9. 留几个护士在这儿是很有必要的。 _________________ that several nurses (should) stay. 10. 他是否加入我们,没有太大的差别。 ________________________ won’t make too much difference. It is necessary Whether he will join us

43 II. Choose the best answer: 1. It worried her a bit ______ her hair was turning grey. A.whileB. that C. ifD. for 2. ______ you don’t like him is none of my business. A. What B. WhoC. That D. Whether B C

44 3. ______ she can finish the task or not is still not clear. A. WhetherB. That C. What D. How 4. ______ we will go on an outing tomorrow remains unknown. A. That B. When C. If D. Whether A D

45 5. ______ he will come to the meeting is up to his boss. A. If B. Whether C. WhoD. What 6. ______ we’ll go camping tomorrow depends on the weather. A. IfB. Whether C. That D. Where B B

46 7. It doesn’t interest me ______ you succeed or not. A. whether B. that C. what D. whoever 8. ______ the meeting should last two days or three days doesn’t matter. A. That B. Whether C. If D. Where A B

47 9. ______ he will go abroad next month surprises me. A. What B. If C. Whether D. That 10. ______ more countries can use natural energy in the future remains to be seen. A. Whether B. This C. Who D. If D A

48 Homework Have a review the usages in “language points”.


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