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Unit 14 I remember meeting all of you in Grade 7..

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1 Unit 14 I remember meeting all of you in Grade 7.

2 Read the passage and answer the questions. A. What kind of writing is this? This is a poem. 3a

3 B. What is the main subject of this writing? The main subject is the writer's memories of school over the last three years. C. Who do you think the writer is? The writer is the student who is just about to graduate.

4 Looking back at these past three years I remember many things Trying to be on time for morning readings Running when the lunch bell rings I remember the excitement Of the school sports day each year The many long hours of training Pride of overcoming fear I Remember 1 1 2 2

5 I remember starting day one The shyest in my whole class Never speaking to anyone And thinking I would not pass Then slowly I made some new friends To remember forever Helping each other with homework Getting better together 3 3 4 4

6 Preparing for art festivals And making a great big mess Having fun at New Year’s parties Wishing everyone the best We have learned a different language That is from a foreign land English brings many challenges We work hard to understand 6 6 5 5

7 And now it’s time to graduate We will leave our lovely school I can’t believe it’s been three years I’m trying to keep my cool But it’s difficult not to cry I’ll miss the school trees and flowers And our kind and caring teachers Wonderful memories of ours 8 8 7 7

8 helping friends sports day learning a language kind and caring teachers preparing for festivals school trees and flowers New Year's parties I remember …

9 Read the poem again. Write the words that rhyme with the words below. things _______ land ____________ year _______ school ______ class ______ flowers ______ rings cool fear ours understand 3b pass

10 3c Have you experienced any of the following things? How did you feel? How does the writer feel about them? 1. trying to be on time for morning readings 2. running to the dining hall when the lunch bell rings 3. training for sports day hard, difficult hungry tired

11 3c 4. starting the first day in Grade 7 5. slowly making some new friends 6. helping classmates with homework 7. preparing for art festivals 8. going to New Year ’ s parties 9. learning English challenging shy happy good happy excited

12 1. At junior high school, I remember a friend helping me with a problem. 在中学时,我记得一个朋友曾经帮助 我解决问题。 help sb. with sth. 意为 “ 帮助某人干某事 ” 。 例如: Lucy often helps her mother with housework on Sunday. 露西星期天经常帮助她妈妈做家务。

13  help 构成的短语: help oneself 自助, ( 进餐时 ) 自己取用 can’t help doing sth. 禁不住做某事 with the help of… 在 …… 的帮助下 例如: Children, help yourselves to some fruits. 孩子们,请随便吃些水果吧。 I couldn’t help crying. 我忍不住哭了。 With the help of the neighbors, the fire was at last brought under control. 在邻居们的帮助下,火势终于被控制住了。

14 2. …remember losing a schoolbag full of homework. …… 记得丢失了装满作业的书包。 remember vt. & vi. 记起;想起。常与 to + n. 及 that 连用。例如: He remembered that he had to finish the homework by the next day. 他想起他必须在第二天之前完成作业。 remember to 与名词连用时,表示 : “ 请向 …… 致意;代向 …… 致意 ” 。 Please remember me to your mother. 请代我向你母亲致意。

15 ◆ remember 句型 remember doing sth. remember to do sth. 1) 当动名词所表示的动作发生在前时,则用 remember doing sth. 。例如: I remember reading about the earthquake in the newspaper . 我记得在报纸上看到过关于这次地震的消 息。 (read 这一动作发生在前, remember 这一 动作发生在后。 )

16 (2) 当 remember 本身表示发生在前的动作 时,后面接不定式。例如: I’ll remember to ring Bill. 我会记得给比尔打电话的。 (remember 这一动作发生在 ring 这个动作 之前。 ) ◇ remember 的此种用法也适用于 forget 句 型。 例如:

17 I’ll never forget waiting for you in the rain for the whole night . 我将永远不会忘记在雨中等了你整整一个 晚上。 (wait 这一动作发生在前, forget 这个动作 发生在后。 ) He often forgets to close the door. 他经常忘记关门。 (forget 这一动作发生在 close 这个动作之前 。 )

18 课时重点回顾 1. Junior high school days are over. Do you have any special memories ?中学生活结束了 ,你有什么特别的记忆吗? 2. I remember I cored two goals in a row during a soccer competition. 我记得在一次足球 比赛 中连续踢进两个球。 3. Which teachers will you miss the most after junior high school? 中学毕业后,你会最怀念哪 些老师?

19 4. She helped you to work out the answers yourself no matter how difficult they were. 她帮助你自己算出答案,无论它们有多难。 5. He always took time to explain things to me clearly whenever I couldn’t understand anything. 无论何时只要是我没听懂的,他总是 花时间给我解释清楚。

20 1. I almost forget the worst thing that _______ me last year. A. happened B. happened to C. took place D. take place 2.The workers were made _____ day and night in the old days. A. work B. worked C. to work D. works Choose the best answer.

21 3. —I hope you ______ my party next weekend. —OK, I ______. A. to come to, will B. come to, will C. can come to, am D. can come to, will 4. He asked me to give up working on this maths problems. It’s too difficult. Here “give up working” means _______. A. go on working B. stop working C. stop to work D. work out

22 5. —Do you still remember _____ me somewhere in Kunming? —Yes, of course. Two years ago. A. to see B. see C. seeing D. saw 6. —There is going to ____ an important meeting tomorrow. —Please try _____ late. A. have, not to be B. have, not be C. be, not to be D. be, not be

23 7. There _____ a teacher and 40 students in the classroom. A. is B. are C. has D. have 8. The painting ______ to a museum in New York in 2000. A. sells B. was sold C. sold D. is sold 9. —Is Jim at home by himself? —No. There’s another boy ______ with him. A. playing B. play C. plays D. to play

24 To make a conversation as 2d's pattern. To talk about the changes during junior high school Homework


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