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(Reading). Would you like to name the artists? Pablo Picasso Van Gogh.

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1 (Reading)

2 Would you like to name the artists? Pablo Picasso Van Gogh

3 Fast reading Go through the passage as quickly as possible and try to find answers to the following questions. 1.Which countries has Li Ming visited on his trip? 2.How many days did they spend in Paris? 3.Where are they going next? Spain,France, Netherlands Four days They are going to another museum in Amsterdam.

4 ArtistNationalityMasterpiece School and type of art Pablo Picasso SpanishSelf-portraitCubism Leonardo da Vinci ItalianMona Lisa Van Gogh Claude Monet French lotus flowers Dutch The Potato Eaters Starry Night Impressionism abstract artwork Rembrandt Dutch The Night Watchman

5 Read the e-mail carefully and answer the Questions in part C1. Detailed reading 1.He thinks Malaga is a lovely city and that the architecture there is beautiful. 2. Cubism is a type of art developed by Pablo Picasso that represents things as geometric shapes. 3. He went to the louvre Museum and the Musee d’Orsay. 4.Mona Lisa. 5. He was also a sculptor, an architect, an engineer and a scientist. 6.Musee d’Orsay. 7.It is in Amsterdam. 8. In Amsterdam.

6 Language points

7 1. talent: noun [C or U] (someone who has) a natural ability to be good at something, especially without being taught: Her talent for music showed at an early age. 她的音乐天赋在很小的年龄就显示出来了。 His artistic talents were wasted in his boring job. 他的艺术才能浪费在他的令人厌烦的工作上了.

8 talented adjective a talented footballer/pianist 一个有才能的足球运动员 / 钢琴家 2. amaze verb [T] to cause someone to be extremely surprised: 他看上去气色很好我感到很惊异. I was amazed by how well he looked. amazement noun [U]

9 3. represent: verb [T] (1) to speak, act or be present officially for another person or people: They chose a famous barrister to represent them in court. 他们选择了一个著名的律师代表他们出庭。 (2) to be a sign or symbol of something: In this dictionary the word ‘noun’ is represented by the letter n. representation noun [U] representative noun [C]

10 4. calculate: verb [T] to judge the number or amount of something by using the information that you already have, and adding, multiplying, subtracting or dividing numbers: At some stage we need to calculate when the project will be finished. 在某个阶段我们需要估计一下这项工程将 在什么时候完成。

11 5. range: noun 1) [C] a set of similar things: I offered her a range of options. 我给了她很大的选择范围。 2) verb [I usually + adverb or preposition] 价格在 50 美圆到 250 美圆之间变化。 Prices range between $50 and $250. in the range of =within the range of out of / beyond range

12 6. distribute: verb [T] to give something out to several people, or to spread or supply something: The books will be distributed free to local schools. 这些书被免费送给了当地的学校。 distribution noun [C or U] an unfair distribution of wealth 财富的不公平分布

13 7. negotiate: verb [I or T] I’m negotiating for a new contract. 我正在谈判签一个新的合同。 negotiation noun [C or U] 在一系列的艰难的谈判之后终于达成了 这一协议。 The agreement was reached after a series of difficult negotiations.

14 8. adore: verb [T not continuous] FORMAL (1) to worship: We adore him for all his works. 我们崇拜他所有的作品。 (2) to love someone very much, especially in an admiring or respectful way, or to like something very much: 我非常喜欢吃巧克力。 I absolutely adore chocolate. adoration noun [U]

15 9. appetite: noun [C or U] a desire for food: The children all have healthy/good appetites (= they eat a lot). 孩子们都有好的胃口。 noun [C]a strong desire or need: 她冒险的欲望 her appetite for adventure

16 10. abandon: verb [T] to stop doing an activity before you have finished it: 他们不得不放弃了爬山的尝试。 They had to abandon their attempt to climb the mountain. abandonment noun [U]

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