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Learning about language multicultural = multi- + cultural multi- = many eastward (s) = east + ward -ward (s) = in a direction.

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2 Learning about language multicultural = multi- + cultural multi- = many eastward (s) = east + ward -ward (s) = in a direction

3 To save the space, people have to live in the buildings with many stories. In our country, there are altogether 55 minorities. With the development of the hi-tech, we can enjoy various of TV programs through a lot of channels. Try to guess the words with the help of the given situations. Then use the words to make sentences. multichannel multistorey multinational

4 In many countries like America, Republic Party is not the only party. The newly developed software can be used for solving different problems. Our school provides teachers with several medias such as TVs, radios, computers and projects. multipurpose multimedia multiparty

5 Finish these sentences with proper words. 1. His foot caught in a rock and he pitched_________. 2. In winter, swallows that breed in the north and migrate ____________. 3. Young people who like adventure training will join in the __________ Bound Movement. southwards outwards forwards

6 Match the words and expressions with their meanings. to a great degree have a natural ability for stop talking or doing something in an excited way the area where the land meets the sea to be all around someone or something settle down surround extremely have a gift for coast

7 a place where water is calm and ships can be safe think about a problem until you find the answer town with a harbour inside a certain area within figure out port harbour

8 Lily told us the news __________ Miss Xu has won the first prize. that 同位语从句, 用来解释 news 的内容. 类似的名词还有 idea, fact, belief, hope 等.

9 P 34 Line 3 The thought that they would cross the whole continent was exciting. P 34 Line 9 The idea that you can cross Canada in less than five days is just wrong. P 35 Line 26 The fact that ocean ships can go there surprises many people. 来自海洋的船只能到那里这个事实让很多人吃惊. 你能在 5 天内横穿加拿大的想法是错误的. 他们能穿越整个 ( 北美 ) 洲的想法很令人激动.

10 A saying goes that Rome was not built in a day. I’ve got the idea why he didn’t come last night. The question who killed the man was unknown. They usually write the exact how the machine can be used. The question where we should go on Labor Day has not been discussed. 俗语说 :” 罗马不是一天建成的.” 我知道他昨晚为什么没来. 谁杀了这个男人的问题还不知道. 他们通常要为如何使用这个机器写出详细的说明. 我们五一该去哪里的问题还没有讨论好.

11 “ THE TRUE NORTH ” Toronto Montreal to from Look at the pictures on p38. What do they expect to see in Toronto and Montreal?

12 Please underline the time mentioned in this text. Please underline what happened at the time. Please combine these two in the table. Fast reading

13 the next morning around noon late that night at dawn the next morning they spend the afternoon the night they saw beautiful maple trees and realized that fall had come. they arrived in Toronto. the train left. they arrived in Montreal. in the lovely shops and visiting the artists in their workplaces beside the water. the train was speeding down to the East Coast. timeWhat happened

14 What do they see and do in the two cities? In TorontoIn Montreal 1.Went up the CN Tower and look across the lake. 2. Saw the misty cloud 3. Saw the covered stadium 4. Invited to have dinner at The Pink Pearl 1. Spent the afternoon in the lovely shops and visiting the artists in their workplaces. 2. Looked over the broad St. Lawrence River. 3. Chatted with a student careful reading

15 1.Which sentence infers that it is fall in Canada? Further understanding The maple trees outside their windows were red and gold and orange, and there was frost on the ground.

16 Fill in the blanks. Toronto is the most ______and _____city in Canada. There is the tall ___ ______and the famous_____ _____,which is beautiful with_____ cloud that _____from it.There is also ______ stadium and three _________where you can get good Cantonese food. Montreal has a French culture.People speak both ______and English.There were _____and ____in French.It’s nice to sit in a café,looking over the _______Stlawrence River. wealthy biggest CN Tower Niagara Fallsmisty risescovered Chinatowns Frenchsignsads broad

17 1. They were not leaving for Montreal until later, so they went on a tour of the city. 她们要 晚些时候才动身去蒙特利尔, 因此 就在多伦多市内游览了一番。 Language points

18 否定句可用另外两种句式表示。 a. not until … 在句首, 主句用倒装。 Not until the early years of the 19th century did man know what heat is. 直到 19 世纪初, 人 类才知道热能是什么。

19 b. 用于强调句 It is not until … that … It was not until I told him that he knew about it. 直至我告诉他,他才知道这件事。

20 2. We can get good Cantonese food here, because most of the Chinese people here come from South China, especially Hong Kong. especially 表示 “ 尤其, 格外, 特别 ”, 意思 相当于 “ in particular ” 或 “ particularly ” 。多用在介词短语或连 词前面。

21 specially 表示 “ 为了一个特别的目的, 专门地, 特别地 ”, 意思相当于 “ for a special reason or purpose ” 。 I came specially to see you. 我特地来看你。 The weather has been especially cold. 最近天气特别冷。

22 It ’ s always difficult being in a foreign country, _____if you don ’ t speak the language. A. extremely B. especially C. specially D. naturally B

23 extremely 表示程度 “ 极其、非常 ”, specially 表示 “ 特地、专门 ”, 而 naturally 表示 “ 自然地 ”, 均与句意不符。 especially 表示 “ 尤其、特别、格外 ”, 强 调突出性, 用在此处, 句意通顺。

24 3. It ’ s too bad you can ’ t go as far as Ottawa. as far as ( 程度副词 ) “ 远达,远至 ” He walked as far as the railway station yesterday evening. 昨天傍晚, 他一直散步到火车站。

25 5. As they sat in a caf é looking over the broad St. Lawrence River, a young man sat down with them. wide 和 broad 都是 “ 广阔 ” 的意思, 常 可换用, 但说 wide 时, 着重于一边到 另一边的距离, 而说 broad 时着重于 幅面的宽广, 可修饰背、肩、胸, 心胸 等的宽阔, 还有 “ 开朗 ” 之意。

26 The river is 300 feet broad (wide). 这 条河有三百多尺宽。 The door is wide open. 门大开。 We saw the broad ocean. 我们看到了广阔的海洋。 His back (shoulder, chest) is broad. 他的背部 ( 肩膀、胸部 ) 很宽 阔。

27 这两个词的常用搭配如下: wide eyes 睁大的眼睛 a wide mouth 一张大嘴 the wide world 广阔的世界 wide interests 广泛的兴趣

28 the broad ocean 无际的海洋 broad shoulders 宽宽的肩膀 the broad masses 广大群众 broad in size 身材宽大, 体积宽大

29 Homework 1. Read the two passages again and find the main characters of Toronto, Montreal and Iqaluit. What can you see and do in the three different cities. 2. Read Fun Reading by yourself. (P75)

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