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Unit 11 Western festivals.

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1 Unit 11 Western festivals

2 Listen and match: Christmas Thanksgiving Easter Halloween

3 Read and spell: Easter Halloween Thanksgiving Christmas

4 Pre-reading: Festival When Easter a Sunday in March or April
What do people do Easter a Sunday in March or April eat chocolate eggs Halloween 31st October get candy from their neighbors Thanksgiving the fourth Thursday in November eat turkey Christmas 25th December give presents to each other

5 While-reading: 1. When is Easter? What do children do at Easter?
2. When is Halloween? What do children do at Halloween? 3. When is Thanksgiving? What do people do at Thanksgiving? 4. When is Christmas? What do people do at Christmas?

6 Let’s play a game! 游戏规则: 选择一个你喜欢的数字,每个数字后面有一个问题,如果你回答正确,你可以得到相应的贴画,也许你会非常幸运,有的数字后面没有问题,你同样可以得到相应的贴画,同学们,加油吧!

7 Let’s play a game! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

8 Answer the question: Is Easter on 31st October? No , it isn’t.

9 Answer the question: Do children eat chocolate eggs at Christmas? No, they don’t.

10 You are lucky!

11 True or False At Halloween, children get chocolate eggs from their neighbours. F

12 True or False At Christmas, Father Christmas gives presents to children. T

13 Answer the question: When is Thanksgiving? It’s on the fourth Thursday in November.

14 You are lucky!

15 True or False Dragon boat festival is a western festivals. F

16 Answer the question: What do people do at Christmas? People usually give presents to each other.

17 Post-reading: Work in groups and choose a festival to describe. Then give a report.(小组合作,根据自己收集的资料,选择一个最喜欢的节日进行阐述,并展示。)

18 Read and judge: True or False F
1 Easter is on a Saturday in March or April. 2 At Easter, children usually eat chocolate eggs. 3 Halloween is on 31st November. 4 Children get candy from their teachers on Halloween. 5 Thanksgiving is a holiday in China. 6 People give presents to each other at Christmas. T F F F T

19 Let’s chant: 1.Hey. It’s winter. There’ll be
Christmas gifts and cheer. And soon, It’ll be a new year. 2.Hey. It’s winter. We’ll celebrate. Thanksgiving Day. Come on. Let’s decorate. 3.Hey. It’s spring. There’ll be Easter eggs to find. Where are they all? Over there! Look behind! 4.Hey. It’s autumn. Halloween will be fun. Children will dress up and meet. And say“Trick or treat?”

20 Homework Read the article again. Write an article about one of the Chinese seasonal festival.(★ ★ ★) 模仿课文,介绍一下中国的传统节日。 2.Design a festival you like.(★ ★ ★ ★ ★) 设计一个自己喜欢的节日。

21 Goodbye

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