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Noun+’s (名词所有格) 表示 “ ……的”.

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1 Noun+’s (名词所有格) 表示 “ ……的”

2 1、我们在单数名词后加 ’S表示某物属于某人。
e.g. Millie’s home is on the ninth floor. 2、我们以 s 结尾的复数名词后面只加 ’ 来表示所有格。 e.g. The two students’ homes are in the same building.

3 3、我们在不以s 结尾 的复数名词末尾加’s 表示所有格。
e.g. children’s men’s people’s women’s

4 Shopping The Class 1, Grade 7 students went shopping in Star Shopping Mall. On the way back to school. the things got mixed up. Mr Wu is asking Amy which things belong to which people. Help Amy complete the answers on Page 33.

5 Possessive adjectives and pronouns (形容词性物主代词和名词性物主代词)

6 Possessive adjectives and pronouns
We use possessive adjectives and possessive pronouns to show that something belongs to someone/something. Possessive adjective I love my toys. You your We our They their He loves his She her It its

7 Possesive adjectives and pronouns :
my mine your yours her hers our ours their theirs its his Pronouns=possesive adjectives + nouns

8 e.g This pen is mine. Yours is in the pencil-box. 2. The books are his. Hers are in the desk. 3. Our classroom is on the first floor. Theirs is on the second floor. Look, this is ours.

9 提示 It’s not far from the centre of the city. it’s = it is
Fish is its favourite food. its 是形容词性物主代词, 意思为: 它的。 提示

10 In the library Some of the Class 1, Grade 7 students bought some books for the exchange student. However, their books got mixed up. Look at the picture and complete their conversation on page 34.

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