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Unit 18 Office equipment Lesson 69 Office equipment Telephone Computer Printer Fax machine Photocopier Answering machine Word processor.

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2 Unit 18 Office equipment Lesson 69

3 Office equipment Telephone Computer Printer Fax machine Photocopier Answering machine Word processor

4 This machine is used to make copies from newspapers, books or reports. photocopier

5 This machine is used to record telephone massages when the receiver is absent. Answering machine

6 This machine is used to send massages including words, pictures, designs and maps Fax machine

7 This machine is used to print reports, pictures, designs, and maps onto paper. printer

8 Computer Word processor Used to type materials, save them for future use and make changes if necessary

9 Reading comprehension: 1.Read the text of Lesson 69 fast and choose the right title for each part and fill them into proper boxes 2. Tell the four pieces of office equipment how to work and their advantages or disadvantages

10 The fax machine How to work Advantages & disadvanta ges the machine “reads” changes … into electronic signals sends signals down a telephone line much quicker a fax can be read by anyone Change …back into… more expensive than posting

11 The photocopier How to work Advantages & disadvanta ges using a mirror, a roller & special black powder make bigger or smaller, lighter or darker and copy onto both sides of the paper. copy a long report and sort and pin the copies together. can produce color copies

12 The word processor How to work Advantages & disadvantag es combines a typewriter keyboard, a printer and a computer the writing appears on a screen & is recorded onto a computer disk you make any changes you wish, check it and print it instead of spending five hours typing the report again, print it in one minute

13 The answering machine How to work Advantages & disadvanta ges leave the answering machine on people who call you up can leave a message. the following morning or after the holiday, you can listen to the messages and take any necessary action. “information line” a telephone with a tape recorder

14 Discussion 1. When should you find out how to work the office equipment? 2. What does “ be rushed off one ’ s feet ” mean? 3. Why is it not surprising that Japan has more fax machines than any other country in the world? 4. As a Headmaster, which of the machines would be useful to have? In what way could they be used? As soon as you start work in an office. Extremely busy, i.e. so busy that one ’ s feet do not touch the ground. It is a country with a highly-developed economy; the Japanese language uses characters not letters.

15 1. Once 你一旦显出害怕的样子,狗就会来咬你。 我们每周回家一次。 他父亲曾经在一家汽车厂工作过。 Once you show any fear, the dog will attack you. We go home once a week. His father once worked in a car factory. Language points:

16 Office can not work properly without … The radio will not work. There is something wrong with it. Flattery may work with some people, but it will not work with him. The ship worked to windward. Yeast makes beer work. 运行, 开动, 运转, 开工 起作用, 有效, 行得通 发酵, 改变 ( 方向 )

17 2. rather … than 这些鞋子穿起来舒服,但并不漂亮。 我喜欢游泳,而不喜欢溜冰。 我决定写信而不打电话。 与其说他是个老师,不如说是个作家。 These shoes are comfortable rather than pretty. I love swimming rather than skating. I decide to write rather than (to) telephone. He is a writer rather than a teacher.

18 I decided to write rather than (to) telephone./telephoning. We ought to check up, rather than just accept / accepting what he says. I love swimming rather than skating. This is rather for father to decide than for you. rather than 而不是, 与其...宁愿,连接两个并列成分 Rather than+ n/prep/(to) do /doing/adj.


20 3. rush somebody off his feet 今天我们办公室里真忙,我是忙得不可开交。 4. make a change/some changes (in) 我们对旅行计划作了一些修改。 5. take any necessary action 在那种情况下,你应该立即采取行动。 We have made some changes in our plan for travel. We were so busy in the office today. I was rushed off my feet. They are rushed off their feet with the sowing. In that situation, you should take immediate action.

21 6. It’s better to do sth. (=sb. had better do sth.) 你最好在去看电影之前先完成作业。 It’s better to finish the work first before you go to see the film.

22 Instead of spending maybe five hours typing the report again, you can print the new copy in one minute. instead of prep. In place of; rather than 代替;宁 愿: Instead of +n/doing/one ’ s doing /prep Instead of 不仅 … 反而 Instead of disturbing her, the news had a strangely calming effect. Instead of saving the credit of the dollar, this can only make things worse.

23 You should be out playing instead of working indoors. It is me that should ask you instead of asking me.

24 Combine v. ( 使 ) 联合, ( 使 ) 结合 n. 联合企业, 联合收割机 n. 联合收割机 这两个小店合并起来成为一个大商店。 两个主要政党已经联合起来组成政府。 The two principal political parties have combined to form a government. The two small shops combined to make a large one.

25 1. 使理论与实践相结合 2. 使氢氧化合 3. 多兵种联合作战 4. 铁路、公路两用桥 1. combine theory with practice 2. combine hydrogen with oxygen 3. a combined operation 4. a combined bridge be combined in 化合成 be combined with 与... 结合着 Combine ... with... 把... 与... 结合起来

26 Progress vi. 前进 ; 有进展 The year is progressing; it will soon be winter again. " 时光不断流逝, 冬天又快到了。 " Modern medical science is progressing rapidly in the countries all over the world. 现代医学在世界各国都进展很快。 Our company cannot progress until we employ more people. 我们公司只有雇用更多的人才能发展。

27 n. 前进;行进 ; 进步;改进 progress in the art of agriculture 农业技术的进步 You have made progress with your English. 你的英语进步了。 in progress 正在进展中 这座亚洲最大的一座跨江大桥正在建设中。 in progress. The building of the largest bridge across the river in Adia is in progress.

28 Obtain vt., vi. 得到,获得 我还没能得到那本书。 The facts had been obtained from thousands of students in their first year of university study by asking such questions as these. 这些情况是通过向数千名大学生在一年级时学习情况的调查 而获得的, 所提出的问题如下。 I haven't been able to obtain that book.

29 (1) + 倍数程度 +adj 或 adv, 的比较级 +than+ 主语 B 主语 A + 谓语 + adj 或 adv, 的比较级 +than+ 主语 B+by+ 倍数程度 关于倍数 的位置与表达程度的用法: one inch He grows one inch taller than I. by twice. The line is longer than that by twice.

30 (2) 主语 A+ 谓语 + 倍数程度 +as+adj/adv. 原级 +as+ 主语 B The size of the room is one third as big as that of that room. (3) 动词 +by+ 分数(百分数) 或 数字(增量或减量) +to+ 总量(增减) 表增长的动词有: speed up/step up/raise/rise/go up/grow/increase 表减少的动词有: speed down/step down/reduce/go down

31 The cost increased much by 20 percent. The population goes up to five hundred million. (4) +the + 度量名词 of+ 主语 B +what 从句 主语 A+ 谓语( be)+ 数量程度 The price of meat is five times the height of rice. (=the price of rice. The length of the road is twice what it was three years ago.

32 1.Rush sb. Off his feet 2.Be useful for … 3.A week or so =about/around a week 4.Make changes 5.Leave a machine on 6. take actions 7.What is more. 8.Work(=use or operate) the office equipment 1 。使某人忙的不可开交 2 。可用于 … 3. 大约一周 4. 做一些改变 5. 让机器开着 6. 采取行动 7. 尤为重要的是 8. 使用办公室设备

33 9. Carry out the work 10. Work on the repairs 11. lay phone wires 12. Send a fax 13. Connect … to 14. Put out 15. Strike a match for 16. Run into the open 17. Make both ends meet 9. 完成这项工作 10. 进行修理 11. 安置电话线 12. 发传真 13. 把.. 与.. 连接起来 14. 熄灭 15. 划火柴 16. 奔向外边 17. 使收支平衡

34 Letter, picture, Design, map and So on _______ Change into Electronic signals _______ Change the Signals back Into letters xinzhou Beijing Send down An ordinary Telephone line

35 Homework 1. Read the text aloud after class. 2. Make sentences with the following: rather … than; make a change; rush somebody off one ’ s feet; take action 3. Write a short passage about how to sell some modern equipment as a salesman.

36 Thank you!

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